Into The Streets Of Kolkata

Into The Streets Of Kolkata

Kolkata is the called the City of Joy. Have you ever wondered why? Is it because of the literature,or Satyajit Ray or football? Yes, all of it, but the real happiness for Kolkata person...

Top 20 Easy Halloween Food Recipes

Halloween is a celebration of fun activities and good food is all your guests want with some amazing drinks. Make these delicious recipes to feed their hunger and you are going to be an...
Top 20 Food To Eat And That Causes Gas

Top 20 Food To Eat And That Causes Gas

Human digestive processes often result in gas. On the other hand, touch may be painful or uncomfortable and may also have an offensive odour. While belching and passing gas are both perfectly normal ways...
top 20 must have indian chicken dishes

Top 20 Must Have Indian Chicken Dishes

The main ingredient, chicken, is an all-time favourite in any kitchen. It blends in with any flavour that’s added, and the result is simply incredible.  With a lovely blend of herbs and spices, chicken...
Top 20 Almond Flour Recipes For You To Try

Top 20 Almond Flour Recipes For You To Try

Almonds are very beneficial and good for the brain. Have not this we all have heard from our elders? Yes, we have, and it is true that almonds are indeed very nutritious. To get...
top 20 best foods that increse metabolism

Top 20 Best Foods That Increase Metabolism

Fat burning capacity is the body's metabolic rate. All bodily processes, from respiration to digesting, require energy from the body's organs. The calories in the food we eat provide us with this. So, when...

20 Things To Eat Under 100/- In Connaught Place, Central Delhi

In the heart of the capital city lies a gorgeous structure that, over the years, has emerged as a hub for shoppers and foodies alike. This is the iconic Connaught Place. From popular restaurants...
top 20 best foods to stop bloating

20 Best Foods To Stop Bloating

Bloating is a problem where your stomach feels full and tight, frequently because of gas, that causes significant discomfort or can cause pain to the way you look. Everyone wants to stay healthy and...
21 Best Chocolate Recipes That One Must Try At Home.

21 Best Chocolate Recipes That One Must Try At Home

1. Bittersweet Chocolate SouffléBittersweet Chocolate Soufflé is desert which melts in the mouth bursting into chocolate and caramel cream thereby delighting your senses. It has a great taste which drives your taste buds crazy....
20 Best Places To Eat In Bhubaneswar

20 Best Places To Eat In Bhubaneshwar

1.New Aroma- plot no 139, Lewis Nagar, BJB Road New Aroma is a restaurant with tribal style wall paintings, a thatched roof and retro-styled lanterns. The ambience is aimed at traditional Orissa. Those who...

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top 20 Maharashtrian Cuisine Dishes

20 Maharashtrian Cuisine Dishes – A Must Try For A Foodie

1.MalvanisagotiMalvani food has always been well known for the unique masala used. The masala used here is very different from rest of the Maharashtra....
top 20 Best Street Foods To Try In Maharashtra

20 Best Street Foods To Try In Maharashtra

Street Food has always been a distinct part of Cuisine of each and every state in India. Indians love street food mostly because it...