Top 20 Lip Smacking Halwa Recipes You Must Have

1.Simple Rava HalwaOne of the most popular breakfast recipe prepared in India is the Rava Halwa or the Sooji Halwa. Fried Rava mixed with sugar makes the most delicious snack and oblation for God....

Top 20 Fruits Which Everyone Should Eat In Winters

1.TomatoThere is a misconception that Tomatoes are vegetables but the fact is that the Tomato is not a veggie it is a fruit. The benefits of Tomato is uncountable. It is the fruit which...
top 20 energy giving foods

What To Eat When You Need Energy? Here Is A List Of Top 20

What is the primary purpose of food? To give us energy obviously! But sometimes, it so happens that the kind of food we eat is not sufficient to provide us with enough energy. There...
20 Types Of Chutney To Spice Up Your Meal

20 Types Of Chutney To Spice Up Your Meal!

1.Pineapple PachadiPineapple Pachadi is a fruit Chutney, where the pineapple is the hero of the dish! Usually, you'll find chunks of visible Pineapple in the Chutney which makes it better. The Chutney has a...

Top 20 Healthy Fruit Drinks / Smoothies

These are the best 20 healthy fruit drinks.1.Chocolate And Banana ShakeThis delicious chocolate and banana shake is a good option for a smooth digestion and other stomach troubles.Ingredients:Bananas, Dark Chocolate, Sugar and Honey.Take all...

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top 20 Maharashtrian Cuisine Dishes

20 Maharashtrian Cuisine Dishes – A Must Try For A Foodie

1.MalvanisagotiMalvani food has always been well known for the unique masala used. The masala used here is very different from rest of the Maharashtra....
top 20 Best Street Foods To Try In Maharashtra

20 Best Street Foods To Try In Maharashtra

Street Food has always been a distinct part of Cuisine of each and every state in India. Indians love street food mostly because it...