Having Chai? Here Are 20 Different Varieties Of Chai You Didn’t Know

20 Different Varieties Of Chai You Didn’t Know

Having chai? Here are 20 different varieties of chai you didn’t know

Chai or tea, the beverage which comes to our rescue when we want to take a break from the huffing and puffing of our daily lives. It’s so inviting and feels good, isn’t it? Well, most of us know about the traditional tea, but there are endless varieties of chai worth sipping at least once in a lifetime.


Masala Tea

The very famous Indian masala tea. It has all the chat-pata spiciness you need as it is prepared using different Indian spices like cardamom pods, ground cloves, cinnamon sticks, ginger, peppercorn. You will find different versions of masala chai all over India. For example, in northern India, you will discover that the cinnamon over powers the taste of other spices whereas in southern India ginger becomes the main essence of the tea.


Lemon Tea

For us Indians, lemon tea is like a good old friend. Lemon tea is noticeably made out of lemons and is famous for its tangy taste. Usually, a few pieces of ginger and pudina add an extra flavour to this tea making it the perfect beverage to savour upon when having a cold.


Green Tea

Green tea is usually known for its numberless health and medicinal benefits. Green tea is the ‘chai-to-go’ if you want to lose those pounds and lose them fast. It increases your metabolism and helps in digestion. Taking this tea twice a day will reduce the risk of various cardiovascular diseases and also lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s.


Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a special Chinese tea created using a unique technique. The plant is made to wither under sunlight and oxidised. Oolong tea is prepared in various aromas and flavours. It can either be sweet and fruity or can have an intense roasted aroma, all left to the choice of the consumer.


Black Tea

It is called black tea as the withered leaves of the shrub used for preparing this tea black in colour. It may look similar to Oolong tea but black tea is more strongly oxidized than the Oolong tea. The flavour of this tea clings on for a long time when compared to other teas like Green tea and Oolong tea.


White Tea

White tea is processed from the not-so-fully grown buds and tiny leaves of the plant. These leaves are then merely dried in the sunlight and not as strongly oxidised as the black tea leaves. White tea doesn’t have a strong taste and it is not actually white in colour. It gets its pale yellow colour from the hairs present on the buds of the tea plant.


Red Tea/ Rooibos Tea

It is sometimes also called as “red bush tea”. It is an herbal tea prepared from Rooibos, a unusual herb which has needle-like leaves. The preparation of this tea is similar to any other tea, using milk and sugar. Sometimes a spoon of honey and a pinch of lemon are also used in preparation to make the flavour more intense.


Blooming Tea

Blooming tea is a rare variety of tea which involves a very special preparation method. The leaves of tea plant are bundled around dried flowers forming a bunch. This bunch is then steeped in hot water, and then the leaves unfurl giving a nice aromatic taste and also, not to forget the fragrance. This tea is served in transparent cups making it more visually appealing.


Apple Tea

Apple tea is the beverage people who live in cold weathers prefer to drink to keep themselves warm as there is an abundance of apple there. One can prepare this tea just by brewing dried apples in water. Extra bonus when you add a bit of cinnamon and lemon to it.


Jasmine Tea

Jasmine is a scented tea prepared using blossomed jasmines. The resulting tea is lightly sweet. This tea is more famous for its fragrance rather than for its taste. The tea is processed, and jasmines are present over the tea in layers for scenting. The tea absorbs the jasmine scent and gets a sweet taste.


Turmeric Tea

Turmeric tea is an excellent alternative to green tea as this has countless health benefits. Since turmeric is the main ingredient, you have nothing to worry about your health. This kind of tea has anti- inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. The list of health benefits of turmeric are limitless, aren’t they?


Kukicha Tea

Unlike other teas, Kukicha tea is not made from the leaves but made using the twigs of the plant. Hence, it is also known as twig tea. It has a unique and intense aroma and flavour as it prepared using the parts of the plant which give out more taste than the usual leaves.


Coconut Tea

Coconut tea is just green tea or black tea with a twist of coconut flavour in it. Usually, people who would like to have more coconut in their diet drink this tea. Exclusive to its taste, you can also mix coconut oil in your normal tea and it just melts, and you can go ahead and take a sip.


Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is made using the flower of Hibiscus which is usually crimson in colour. One should not confuse this with red tea as both are completely different. Hibiscus tea is another herbal tea which is generally savoured upon to gulp in those health benefits it gives like reducing high blood pressure.


Caramel Tea

If you like your teas sweet then this one is for you. Many people disapprove of this tea as it doesn’t really have many health benefits as it is made using caramel. But in a room full of people, if you’re the one who asks for extra sugar then go for ‘Team Caramel Tea!’


Chocolate Tea

When we can put caramel in our tea, then why not chocolate. In fact, some studies have proved that chocolate tea is better than green tea with its added benefits (but again take it in moderation!). The antioxidants present in this tea help reduce the risk of heart diseases.


Star Anise Tea

Star-anise tea is prepared using the star shaped fruit of a kind of tea plant. This tea brings back that balance in life when you are really stressed out. This tea is believed to improve health and longevity of life.


Yerba Mate Tea

This tea is made from the leaves of holly tree in South America. This tea is the energy of coffee, medicinal perks of tea and the excitement of chocolate, all in one cup! It improves mental functions of your brain and makes you feel better.


Mango Tea

Another one for the ones with a sweet tooth. This tea is usually served chilled and in tall glasses with some ice cubes. The mango tea tastes so exquisite and is no less than the sweet desserts they offer you in high-end restaurants.


Spearmint Tea

Spearmint tea is made using spearmint leaves. The leaves are in the shape of a spear and hence the name. This tea is prominent for its ability to treat PCOS, poly cyst ovarian syndrome found in the female endocrine system. This tea manages to bring hormonal balance to your body and helps your body perform its duties well.

So, the next you want to have coffee, order one of these astonishing beverages and feel heaven on your taste buds.