Insanely Satisfying Company Lunch Ideas

insanely satisfying company lunch ideas

Have you been charged with organizing a company lunch? Do you want to be sure it is a wild success for all who attend? Planning a company lunch isn’t like planning a meal at home, as there are many considerations to be aware of. There could be several employees with dietary restrictions that you need to be mindful of, staff may not want food that is too rich and heavy which leaves them sluggish after work, and it needs to be visually appealing.

To help make planning a little smoother, here are some insanely satisfying company lunch ideas to add to the menu.

Host a Pizza Party

Not every company lunch needs to be formal and serious, perhaps you are trying to create a more social and relaxed vibe. If that’s the case, then the menu needs to reflect the mood of the meeting and nothing says casual like a pizza party.

Pizza is also a great option if you need to offer different choices. You can have traditional pepperoni pizza, meat lovers pizza, vegetarian pizza, and cheese-free pizza, and there may even be gluten-free pizza that you can serve. You can book the order in advance so that it arrives at a specific time and have it delivered right to the office. Employees can eat together in a breakroom or at their desks; it depends on the structure of the lunch and if it will include a meeting component.


Take Grilled Cheese to the Next Level

Sandwiches are often a popular option, but instead of the typical cold meat sandwich, why not lean into a classic instead? Grilled cheese can be a huge crowd pleaser, especially if you elevate it and serve gourmet grilled cheese. To make it gourmet simply add ingredients like bacon, crab meat, artisan cheeses, spicy mustard, green apple slices, sliced red grapes, and so on. Even changing the kind of bread you use will transform the flavour profile.

Grilled Cheese

Put Together a Pasta Bar

Light lunches are often popular but it’s not the only option. If you want to serve something more substantial and filling, you can create a pasta bar. You can set up a whole pasta station in the breakroom where employees choose their pasta (don’t forget a gluten-free option), their sauce, protein, extra toppings, and cheese. Employees will love how personalised it is and you can bet they will be full for hours to come.

The other great thing about a pasta bar is that it encourages a buffet-style meal. Generally speaking, these can be easier to host.


You Can Never Go Wrong with BBQ

You can talk about insanely satisfying company lunch ideas without mentioning BBQ. This is a crowd-pleaser for good reason, as some of the tastiest dishes are those done on the grill. You can go as basic or fancy as you like and remember, BBQ isn’t just about meat, there are also plenty of vegetables that taste spectacular on the grill.

Whether you plan on doing the grilling or you hire a caterer to do so, BBQ is more time-consuming than some of the other options, so factor this into the plan.

Wraps are Quick, Easy, Tasty, and Can be Enjoyed at Desks

For a grab-and-go style of lunch, wraps are a great choice. Fill them with cold items and they are quick and easy for employees to take to their desks and eat. This too is a casual lunch idea, but one that is quite filling and tasty.


Book a Venue That Has Experience with Corporate EventsIf your company doesn’t have the space necessary to host the lunch on-site, or you don’t want the hassle of bringing in a caterer or having to source the food yourself, then it’s wise to book a corporate event venue. Look for one that is conveniently located, has experience hosting corporate events, is within budget, can seat all your employees, has a quiet or private space for groups, and has an impressive menu that allows for customisation, so you get exactly what you want.

A Company Lunch That is a Huge Success

Each of these menu ideas will ensure that your next company lunch is not only simple to plan but is also a huge success where everyone loves the food choices.