Simple And Easy Dishes For Bachelors

Simple And Easy Dishes For Bachelors

Gone are the days when cooking is confined to the parameters of womanhood. With the growth of migration, a bachelor living in the hustle of a new city cannot survive if he prefers his male ego over his stomach. You can eat food outside but for how long! Ultimately one craves for the home food. So, if you are a bachelor landed to an alien place in search of food, clothing, and shelter, then this section can surely provide you with the solution to your initial need. Here are the recipes of Top 20 super delicious yet easy dishes for bachelors who can now get the flavor of their mommy’s food into their kitchen. All you need is some basic Indian spices, access to the closest grocery store and dedication for cooking.

So, let’s dive into the luscious brook of mouth watering belly-timber.

1 Veg Biryani

The method to cook this dish is as simple as its name. You only got to have different vegetables and raw rice for preparing it. We put diced carrot, peas, beans, capsicum and onion into the cooker but being a bachelor you may not have this stock. What to do now? 1st option- run to the grocery store (too lazy?) 2nd option- look into the refrigerator and dice whatever is available. You can chop even potatoes or soya chunks. Now cook the veggies and rice together and then add salt, spices, and water into the pressure cooker. Close the lid and wait for the magic. Your tasty vegetable rice is ready for your consumption now.

veg biriyani

2 Pizza in a ‘Desi’ avatar

Pizza is the favorite food of every youngster. But, have you ever wondered that you could prepare a mouthwatering pizza all by yourself? The traditional pizza demands for heavy stuff like olive, pepperonis and so on, but since ours is a ‘bachelor pizza’ it requires only three main ingredients- pizza bread, cheese (any of your choice) and paneer. You can also add veggies. The taste will enhance if you can find some vegetables from your refrigerator. You are now all set to create the magic. Just cook the vegetables with chopped paneer and then over the pizza bread add tomato ketchup and grated cheese over the pizza and microwave it for 4-5 minutes. Pizza in a Desi avatar is ready. Grab your piece and let loose yourself in the cheesy fountain.


3 Egg Feast

Cooking an egg is as simple as boiling the water. It is no secret that most bachelors are alive due to their dependency on the egg. But, have you ever thought of converting your favorite egg dishes into a complete meal? The steps are very simple. You can stuff the simple scrambled egg or sunny- side-up between two buns or doing open sandwiches with veggies and cheese. Enjoy the delightful egg feast.


4 Moong Dal Cheela

Easy to make, yummy to taste, these cheela’s are the best choice for the guys there, living alone. It follows a very simple recipe; you only got to fetch some ‘moong dal’ and the very basic veggies like onion, tomato, and chili. Grind them together to form a batter and then spread and cook the cheela like a dosa. The healthy and tasty moong dal cheelas are all set to please your belly. Yes, mouth watering food can still be healthy enough for anyone to eat.


5 Sago Khichdi

A very nutritious and a healthy dish, Sago khichdi is a good alternative for the bachelor’s menu. If you are a bachelor then it is axiomatic that you would have entered the expert level in making khichdi. So, you can modify your usual khichdi by using sago or Sabu Dana instead of rice and a completely new and delightful dish is ready to be served.


6 Pan Roasted Chicken Breast with Tomatoes and Beans

This simply fashioned food is a good bite for the bachelor’s missing the homemade chicken items. The method to cook this is as simple as its name. You only have to do pan-searing of the chicken breast and team it with roasted tomatoes and white beans. Tomatoes and beans do away the old Indian notion of rice-chicken or chapatti-chicken.  They give you the feel of a full meal. Cook it on weekends and treat yourself to the pleasant saucy flavors of the chicken.

pan roasted

7 Bread Upma

Bread Upma is a subtle Sunday morning breakfast dish. If you are bored with the usual bread-butter, you consume then give the bread a good twist with this recipe. You have to scramble bread and add the usual onion, chili, tomato, and some spices into the frying pan. When the bread turns mushy, the bread upma is ready.


8 Veg Sandwich

If you are in hurry and hungry then ‘veg sandwich’ is the word. Dice as many vegetables are available with you and put in between the bread slices. The taste will enhance if you apply green chutney on either side of the bread and the tasty veg sandwich is ready.

veg sandwich

9 Oats Uttapam

Oats Uttapam is prepared by grinding the bread slices and oats like a powder and adding rice flour, semolina, and curd. Once you mix them together, add water and bring it to dosa batter. Cook the Uttapam like a pancake and relish it with green chutney or tomato sauce.



Desi Eggless Pancakes

Pancake is a very common American breakfast which can be easily cooked by any bachelor by giving it some ‘desi’ touch. Pancakes are usually made using plain flour/maida, but bachelors can make pancake wheat flour. You only have to combine flour, baking powder, cinnamon powder, sugar, salt, water, milk, oil, butter and vanilla essence and whisk it gently. Spread the batter in a pan and cook till it turns golden brown. Your fluffy, eggless pancakes are ready. Enjoy topping it with maple syrup, caramel sauce or honey. It tastes delicious.


11 Chicken Corn Soup

What can be better than a hot chicken corn soup after a busy and tiring day? You just have to boil corn in chicken stock and add some corn flour to it. When the soup is thick, close the stove and serve hot with chili sauce.


12 Cheese Sticks

Are you a cheese lover? Then try this recipe and let yourself in the delicious cheesy delight. Coat the bread strips with the beaten cheese, butter, and egg white and bake it until they turn light brown. The tasty Cheese sticks are ready to eat.


13 Vegetable Hakka Noodles

If you are crazy for Chinese cuisine, then Vegetable Hakka Noodles is will be amazing for you. Stir  and fry the vegetables and put the already boiled noodles into it. Toss it well and add salt, soy sauce, vinegar and chili sauce. Hakka noodles are ready. Enjoy!!

veg hukka

14 Potato Fritters

When you are all alone on a rainy day, treat yourself with hot, crispy aloo pakoras or potato fritters. Just mix finely chopped potatoes with rice flour, cornstarch, coriander powder, turmeric, chili flakes, and salt. Then, fry the potatoes in the oil until they turn light brown, turning them occasionally. The crispy potato fritters are ready for your munching.


15 Mango Smoothie

Tired from the sweaty summer days? Here is a recipe that will quench your thirst. To make this drink, blend mangoes, cream, sugar, lime juice, mint leaves in a blender to make an even and fluffy smoothie. Then add ice in the delicious mango smoothie. This drink is really delicious and a perfect drink for summers.


16 Indian-style Pasta

Though originated from Italy, Pasta’s can be easily found in any Indian supermarket these days. Toss the drained pasta with the usual vegetables and serve hot as a side dish or enjoy it as a light meal. You can also add chili sauce, tomato sauce and fresh coriander leaves as toppings.

Indian-style Pasta

17 Poha

Pohe is a quick breakfast or snack food made of flattened rice. Onion and Potato along with mustard seeds and curry leaves go very well with Pohe. . Poha is served with coriander chutney or tomato sauce . This simple dish is an ideal breakfast for bachelors.


18 Fun-filled Fruit Salads

If the name of salad tends you to think of a boring green leafy bowl, then it’s time to reshape your prior notion. A fruit salad can be as tasty as any other sweet dish. The only thing required is to select the fruits of your choice. Dice them and season it with chaat masala, honey, and lime juice.

fun filled

19 Kheer

Missing the special occasions when mom used to make kheer for you? No missing anymore because this recipe will help you to relive those special moments. All you need is milk, sugar, and rice. Heat the milk and let it come to boil, then add the drained rice and sugar. Stir and simmer the milk and let the rice grains cook. Your Mommy’s style Kheer is ready.


20 Cold Coffee

Addicted to caffeine? Let’s make a super delightful cold coffee. Nothing can be simpler for a bachelor to create a heavenly cooler. Set the blender and put milk, coffee powder, sugar, vanilla ice-cream and blend it on high speed. You can directly drink it from the container (LOL…) or pour it into a glass with some topping of your favorite Oreo biscuits.

cold coffeeHappy cooking…!!!