The World’s Top 20 Underrated Foods


Hey foodies!

We are back with a mouth-watering read. What’s on the menu today? The world’s hidden food treasure. Ride with us and drive through some underrated and unknown cuisines across the globe.

Let’s begin the journey through the world’s top 20 underrated cuisines:

1. Francesinha Sandwich

The Francesinha sandwich hails from Portugal. It’s a three-tower monster-sized sandwich with a twist, as the name “Little French Girl” suggests. One layer gets loaded with sausages, another with cured ham & last with beef steak. Wait, there’s more—a twist wrapped in melted cheese, sizzling tomato sauce, and beer sauce accompanied by hot, crunchy French fries. If you are trying at home, feel free to experiment.

2. Migas

Migas is a Spanish term that means crumbs. It was invented in the Andalusia region and is preferred mainly during monsoon days. Why so? Due to an easy-to-cook recipe with a handful of ingredients. To prepare, all you need is chips, garlic, and coriander. Any leftover vegetables will add a punch to this simple yet lip-smacking dish.

3. Neenish Tarts

Who doesn’t like sweets? Our article is also incomplete without them. The tiny buttery tart includes jam at the base, mock cream in the middle, and at the top, two colored icings, which makes it heavenly. So forget about calories for a day and enjoy tarts with both hands.

4. Haggis

Disclaimer: The recipe can sound terrific; fasten your seat belt. Ready? Haggis is known as Scotland’s national dish. These need oatmeal, suet, and sheep’s relinquished parts like the heart, liver, and lungs. Fine mashed potatoes and tulips increase the pride of Haggis. Scotland’s Haggis can’t be complete without some whisky.

5. Poutine

French Fries enthusiasts, this is especially for you. This fantastic dish only requires three key ingredients. First and foremost, French fries. Secondly, cheese curd is an element primarily found in Canada. Both are hot, sensual brown gravy. A mystery; these mistakenly happened on a customer request, but some incidents occur for the best!

6. Laap

Nutritious cum flavorful is how Laap can be best described. Also known as “larb,” a meat salad, not only Meat, but you even get the salty taste of the fish sauce with a tangy citrus flavor loaded with herbs. Get your hands dirty and enjoy Laap with glutinous rice.

7. Tablet

It’s a dish name, not the tablet gadget! Scottish tablets are the all-time favorite of the local people. While cooking at high flames, it adapts a hard exterior look. But as you take a bite, it melts within a second. Don’t you believe it? Try it; Scots love to bake at home!

8. Nanaimo Bars

Here’s another dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. The highlight is that you don’t have to be concerned about the baking process; yes, you read that correctly! The delicious square bars have a coconut base mixed with a crunchy wafer and healthy nuts. Without the chocolate ganache on top of the thick custard, bars are not Nanaimo Bars.

9. Kabuli Pulao

Kabul-Kabuli Pulao: can you relate? Bingo, it’s arrived from Afghanistan’s capital city, Kabul. Overall, this is a rice dish that is steamed patiently alongside the Meat. Raisins and vegetables like carrots enrich the pulao. It has many modern variants, e.g., veggie pulao, dry fruit pulao, etc.

10. Injera

A dish with countless nutrients is what Injera is! In regions of Africa, you can find teff flour to cook Injera. Just like roti in India, Injera is the flatbread of Ethiopians. The plate is garnished with – pieces of Meat, sauteed flavorsome vegetables, and spices. Each bite is taken from the hand to have the combined pleasure of varied flavors.

11. Tsebhi Birsen

Tsebhi Birsen dish arrived from the Eritrean region of East Africa. A vegetarian soup prepared from red lentils. Fewer ingredients and pure hard work is the specialty of Tsebhi Birsen. Tada! A perfect blend of spices and tomatoes! Indulge yourself in a hot, healthy soup.

12. Kusksu

Another soup on the bucket list, though opposite from the previous one. Kusksu stew demands a lot of vegetables, i.e., tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, onions, and beans, specifically seasonal broad ones. If you can find Maltese cheese, you’ll experience the divine taste of Kusksu.

13. Kothu

For a reason, Kothu is the most beloved street food. You can describe it as “Roti Bhel” with an international touch. To your amazement, this is a Sri Lankan dish. It requires roti, an onion, an egg, a chili pepper, and Meat if you like. Heat It! Mix It! Grab It! Yes, it’s that simple!

14. Fish Amok

You can bet that Fish Amok’s taste plus its presentation style will win one’s heart at first instance. Classic steamed rice delicately cooked Besides that thick gravy in a bowl created from banana leaves. This paste contains the pukka magic, which includes fish (of your choice), eggs, fish sauce, sugar (palm preferably), Nhor, and certain spices.

15. Fesenjan

Chicken! Chicken! It’s a breakthrough for your regular chicken dishes. Fesenjan is a beloved Iranian stew curated from chicken meat (you can pick other meats as well). For an hour, the Meat cooks gently to enrich the flavor. The secret is in the base ingredients: freshly toasted walnuts, orange skin, and pomegranate syrup sauteed precisely with onion and garlic.

16. Tumpeng

Tumpeng is also known as Indonesian cone-shaped rice. The reason behind the cone shape is due to its serving style. With rice, the plate has Meat, numerous vegetables, eggs, peanuts, anchovies, etc. It is a traditional belief that Tumpeng depicts a sincere relationship with supreme power; that’s why a group of people always began eating from the bottom. Just as eating from the top means- you are breaking the rice cone, so is the relationship with God.

17. Koshari

Koshari, Koshary, or Kaushari is one of the renowned street food of Egypt. tweaked in umpteen layers of pasta, Egypt’s staple, brown lentils, dressed with garlic vinegar, crunchy onions, and tomato sauce. The ideal healthy vegetarian recipe for satisfying both the mind and the body.

18. Fasolakia

“Don’t judge a book by its cover or its contents.” Greek Fasolakia is a traditional green bean dish. Beans which we ignore at every possible event, right? Well, they have added a unique touch to the giant beans. With love, stir in olive oil (the secret of rich taste), mashed tomatoes, and potatoes, and you can sprinkle carrots and other vegetables.

19. Rösti

Fancy yet simple to cook with just two ingredients in hand. All you need are potatoes and ghee, butter, or oil. Grate the potatoes, mix nicely with the butter, and leave them on a pan. People often love to have crunchy rosti with eggs, cheese, or even Meat sometimes. Also, Rösti is famous for its impressive tale.

20. Lamington

Ending on a sweet note, all the way from Australia, unwrap parcel named Lamington. Grab a massive bite of this soft, spongy cake covered in chocolate and rolled gently in coconut powder. A 100% match for your afternoon snacks, special occasions, or midnight cravings.