Top 10 American Rice Dishes That Will Satisfy The Gourmet In You!

Top 10 American Rice Dishes That Will Satisfy the Gourmet in You
Top 10 American Rice Dishes That Will Satisfy the Gourmet in You

There is no denying that rice is the most embraced staple of the world. There might be a wrong notion that rice is mostly eaten in Asia, but the truth remains that it is also consumed by other countries like America. There are also rice-growing regions in the American regions. A typical American meal depending upon the meal might comprise one vegetable side dish and one starch side dish. ( This starch dish will include rice. Now let’s see the top 10 American rice dishes that will appeal to your taste buds.

1Creamy wild rice mushroom soup

This soup is the epitome of comfort dish. This is not only sumptuous but also healthy. It has the traits of a food that you can get in a popular local café and is loaded with vegetables and healthy whole grains. Enjoy the taste of it in a weekend! Have this heavenly dish on a winter night, and get immersed in its taste! This rich food can be prepared in one pot. This soup doesn’t need any protein to enhance it.


2Calas or Rice doughnuts

Calas, being a New Orleans dish, are dumplings made up chiefly of cooked rice, eggs, flour, yeast, and sugar. The dumplings are cooked until it is very hot, producing a crunchy, brown crust. This ancient New Orleans dish can be used for brunch. You can also make use of the leftover rice and form these rice doughnuts.


3Gumbo fried rice

Gumbo is widely prevalent in America and most loved by Americans. This dish has a rich flavor to it. Several people are confused between Gumbo and Jambalaya. While Gumbo is a strong stew that is served accompanied with rice or on top of rice, Jambalaya is a stew that is prepared in the same pot that cooks the rice. These two dishes are the typical identities of New Orleans.

34Hokkien fried rice

You may second when it is said that making fried rice can help you in removing all leftover items in the fridge. While you are having a busy time, this dish can be completed in a jiffy with leftover rice. But that doesn’t imply that you can ignore fresh rice. Even fresh rice can be used for Hokkien fried rice. This is famous rice has a thick sauce added and blended with fried rice and egg. The sauce can be anything from mushrooms, vegetables, meats etc.


5Hoppin’ John

 This recipe is an exquisite dish consisting of black eyed peas and cooked with rice. It has the essence of smoked pork and is filled with seasonings. It is also fondly called as Carolina Peas and Rice in North and South Carolina. Although any dried pea is a major contender to Hoppin’ John, the black-eyed pea is the most conventional. So you got it! It has essentially black-eyed peas, pork and rice as its ingredients.

And there are different types to the traditional Hoppin’ John. While some prepare rice and the black-eyed peas in a single pot, some prefer simmering them individually.


6Loco moco

 Loco moco can also be considered as a comfort food. It comprises a pile of white rice topped with fried egg, a juicy hamburger patty and is given the final touch with gravy (the gravy is your choose, for example, you can use mushroom gravy). You can even go highly creative with Loco moco. This dish is a great one for breakfast. Sometimes, you can use brown rice in place of white rice.


7Arroz con granules

 This is a typical dish of Puerto Rico, and it comprises of yellow rice, pigeon peas, and pork cooked in a pot jointly. The elevated experience to this dish is the delicious sauce prepared with garlic, tomato, onion and peppers. It is very simple to make and can be enjoyed at any time of the year. There are several versions of this recipe. Sofrito gives the much-needed flavor for this great dish. One can even use cumin, bay leaves, lime juice, etc. for garnishing arroz.


8Red beans and rice

Red beans and rice is a popular dish of Louisana Creole culinary style and is prepared from red beans, vegetables, pork bones and spices. This is generally prepared on Monday with some leftover items from Sunday. It is served along with rice. The reason for preparing it on Monday seems to be related to the fact that beans have a propensity to taste better the second day and Monday is a relatively busy day.



Jambalaya is a renowned dish that has its origin in New Orleans. The spicy taste of this recipe is its strength. This dish consists primarily of meat and vegetables blended with rice (long grain rice being the best because the short one tends to mush). This is not only flavorful but is also sumptuous. Everything is made in one pot. You can add sausage (while you can add mussels too, but sausage is most preferred) and season with cajun. In fact, there are two styles of making Jambalaya: with creole or cajun. This hearty one-pot rice is a cousin of Jumbo, as discussed earlier in this article.


10American Fried Rice

American fried rice is also referred to as Khao Pad American. This is served along with fried chicken, croutons, hot dogs etc. It is fried in tomato sauce, and you can also have ketchup. This fried rice tastes amazing when served hot. Though named American, it has a distinct Thai experience. However, it consists of ingredients that we relate with American food. It gives a sweet and sour taste with the smell of butter.


Now that you saw the different types of American rice dishes, they will definitely appeal to you for their variations and taste. The key is in preparing these bowls of goodness with the right ingredients and understanding their significance.