Top 15 Must-Try Restaurants in Aerocity, Delhi

Top 15 Must Try Restaurants in Aerocity Delhi
Top 15 Must Try Restaurants in Aerocity Delhi

A few years ago, the area around Delhi airport was surrounded by small hotels. Later on, the area developed into a world-class zone consisting of five-star hotels. There are so many posh hotels that you will have a hard time narrowing them down according to your choice. Check out the following list to know more about the restaurants in Aerocity, Delhi:

1 Kampai

If you are looking for a place perfect for a date night, and your significant other love Japanese cuisine, then it is the perfect opportunity to take him/her to this place. You can see fresh sushi set on fire. Once you walk into this place, you will feel like you are in the Cherry Blossom festival in Japan. Combination of wine, gold, & pink, music, and candlelight make it a perfect place.

Must have: Ebi Tempura, Mushroom Gyoza

Location: G-02, Worldmark 1, Aerocity, New Delhi


2 Tara, Roseate House

Would you visit this place if we tell you that it offers Teppanyaki grills and sushi at a rooftop next to a pool? It is a great spot for a romantic meal. This place will make you forget that you are in Delhi.

Must have: Lamb Chops, Tuna Tempura Sushi

Location: Roseate House, Asset 10, Hospitality District, Aerocity, New Delhi


3 Kheer

Kheer is a perfect place to indulge in luxury dining. They offer the best hospitality and food related to Indian cuisine. Since it is located in Roseate House, it is a perfect hotel for business and leisure travellers.

Must have: Jungli Maas, Paneer Ke Kebab

Location: Roseate House, Asset 10, Aerocity, New Delhi


4 Pluck

If you want to get your hands on farm-fresh meals from the in-house vegetable garden, then Pluck is the place to be on Sundays. Their sunny and vibrant atmosphere makes any visit amazing. They have a weekly theme-based menu with live stations from many cuisines.

Must have: Broccoli and Quinoa Cake, Paneer Tikka

Location: Pullman, New Delhi Aerocity, Asset 2, Hospitality District, Aerocity, New Delhi


5 Akira Back

When you want to have a fine dining experience, Akira Back is the place where you must go. It is popular among Koreans who visit India as it is named after a famous Korean chef Akira Back. Go to this place to have delicious Korean classics made with fine ingredients.

Must have: Tuna Pizza

Location: JW Marriott Delhi NCR, Asset Area 4, Hospitality District, Aerocity, New Delhi


6 FabCafe

If you love having healthy, organic food, then FabCafe is the perfect place to visit. Their bread is home-made, and ingredients are fresh. Enjoy their lavish breakfast and shop at Fab India’s retail outlet.

Must have: Desi Egg Akuri, Red Rice Uttapam

Location: Worldmark 3, Near Central Mall, Aerocity, New Delhi


7 Roasted

Roasted is ideal for coffee and tea connoisseurs. They serve some of the finest coffee, tea, and cakes. They have around 34 varieties of TWG coffees and teas from Blue Tokai.

Must have: Pistachio Tea Cake, Cafe Latte

Location: Roseate House, Asset 10, Hospitality District, Aerocity, New Delhi



Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe Delhi Heights is a perfect social place to enjoy a get together with your friends. They are famous for their juiciest burgers.

Must have: Juicy Lucy Burger, Crispy Potato

Location: Shop 11 GF, FF 12, Worldmark 3, Hospitality District, Aerocity, New Delhi


9 Dhaba- Estd 1986

As the name suggests, this place is a highway dhaba themed restaurant serving iconic Punjabi dishes. Their cooking style revolves around Tandoor, Patiala, and Tawa.

Must have: Balti Meat, Chicken Amritsari, Paneer Tikka

Location: Shop 4, Ground Floor, World Mark 2, Aerocity, New Delhi

Dhaba- Estd-1986

10 Plum By Bent Chair

Plum By Bent Chair is India’s first experimental dining and retail outlet. You can shop while you eat at this place. You can purchase the chair you are sitting on or the plate you are eating on. A truly perfect place for Shopaholics.

Must have: Hot Toddy, Truffled Potatoes

Location: The Walk, Worldmark 2, Aerocity, New Delhi


11 K3

K3 is like a food theatre having a live kitchen for Tuscan, Cantonese, and North Indian cuisines. Their beautiful outdoor seating area with live food stations is to die for!

Must have: Nalli Korma, Pork Ribs

Location: JW Marriott Delhi NCR, Asset Area 4, Hospitality District, Aerocity, New Delhi


12 AnnaMaya

AnnaMaya is famous for breakfast buffet and brunch. They make their dishes from fresh ingredients from organic farms in the city. They also have a concept of Food hall that allows you to buy the ingredients that they use in their dishes. Herbs, spices, cheese, and chutneys are also available.

Must have: Baked Garlic Prawns, Millet Biryani

Location: Andaz Delhi, Asset 1, Aerocity, New Delhi


13 DEL

DEL is an all-day dining bistro which is named after the airport code. They have a huge seating surrounding greenery and serene water body. They serve classic dishes from around the world.

Must have: Yin Yang, Paneer KeSholey

Location: Roseate House, Asset 10, Hospitality District, Aerocity, New Delhi


14 The Kylin Experience

The Kylin Experience is one of the beautiful restaurants in Aerocity. They specialize in Thai, Chinese, Asian, and Japanese cuisines. A must visit place with your friends!

Must have: Sushi, Cocktails

Location: Worldmark 2, Aerocity, New Delhi


15 Reve

Reve is a new bistro opened in Aerocity. The cozy vibe with beautiful interiors makes it a perfect place for a get-together. Visit this place to hog on their delicious French food and mocktails.

Must have: La Mer, Pork Normandy

Location: The Walk, Worldmark 2, Aerocity, New Delhi