Top 19 Dessert Parlors In Chennai

Just finished dinner and craving for something sweet? Need a dessert to cleanse your palate after a delicious heartwarming dinner? Or would you like to hang out with your friends in a small quaint place and have a conversation with them that you’ll remember for years? There is only one answer to all of the above questions- it’s the sizzling DESSERT! Can’t stop thinking about the luscious chocolate sauce on top of your ice cream? Or can’t stop thinking about the perfectly glazed doughnut? If you are a crazy dessert lover like I am, this is for you! Check it out:


The Table

The Table delivers happiness in a small mason jar. Created by Chef Shriram Rajendran- who previously worked in Leela Palace and had training in Le Cordon Bleu- wanted to bring something fun and fresh to the markets! So he created The Table and set to make this brand a household name.

The menu consists of various desserts like Chocolate Mud, Red Velvet Cream Cheese, Molten Orange Tart, Tiramisu and of course the crowd favorite, Oreo Chocolate Melt. These are just a few of the items they have to offer.

The store is located in P.H.Road, Maduravoyal, Chennai- 600095 but if that’s too far for you, then you could just head on to any departmental store or bakery, and it will be available!

These desserts are available at such low prices that you will never feel guilty about purchasing one and satisfying your inner demon. Go on!



Want to have a lolly waffle in the best part of Chennai along with the cool and soothing breeze? Westfield is the place you need to visit. Westfield lets you customize your waffle/pancakes/crepes so you can have your perfect dessert! You can drizzle with either chocolate sauce or Nutella sauce on your crepe and add crazy toppings like nuts or try something new like the blueberry filling or go back to the traditional way of having chocolate Belgian waffles with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Their speciality is the lolly waffle. Waffles on a stick for just Rs. 80! ISN’T THAT CRAZY??

So head on over to Besant Nagar Beach and visit their kiosk for a memorable dessert.


The Chocolate Room

This parlor is dedicated to the chocolate lovers out there! The chocolate room is a café-cum-dessert parlor that originated in Australia and slowly moved on to other countries till it came to our very own Chennai!

Located in Velachery and Nungambakkam, the chocolate room tries to live up to its name and serve all their dishes with chocolate in them from Chocshakes to even Chocktails!

The Chocolate Room has newly announced a choco pizza which is currently not available in Chennai, but hopefully will be introduced very soon . So stop drooling and head on over to The Chocolate Room, to try out their luscious chocolate dishes to get into a choco-coma.


Cream And Fudge

Want to have the creamiest and the most satisfying ice cream ever? Visit Cream and Fudge! The customer gets to choose what ice cream they want along with the toppings to make the perfect flavor of ice cream you would’ve ever tasted! The winner of six sigma awards, Cream and Fudge has been around for quite some time, since 2005 and they have satisfied many customers’ tummies.

Cream and Fudge has numerous outlets in Chennai, including, Nungambakkam, Besant Nagar, Porur, Velachery, Ashok Nagar and Neelankarai. So go on and visit cream and fudge to have an incredible time.



Here’s another sweet treat for the chocoholics everywhere! Located in Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam, Chocoholic is known for its chocolate inspired dishes. It is also a café, so people who need a break from sweet desserts can try their café food. They have crazy dishes under the ‘extremes of extreme’ like the chocolate family, fruit volcano and the chocolate meal.

The restaurant is not very pocket-friendly, but are the good things in life inexpensive? Do visit Chocoholick for a good time!


OCD (Oreo Compulsive Disorder)

So this is a new concept. OCD is a twist added to the traditional oreos. Started in February, this takeaway/ delivery service has added a lot of smiles on the people’s faces. The concept of ‘gifting is caring’ has made OCD the go-to spot for gift giving.

To receive this pretty blue box with the oreos, a special order needs to be placed. Just call +91 9445454330 to place an order and you will receive this box of happiness!


Cupcakes Amore

It says it all in the name. These cupcakes are perfectly handcrafted and made with love. Cupcake Amore has over 15 types of cupcakes in their shop, and if that’s not enough, they also serve quiches, doughnuts, pizzas, and coffee.

Cupcakes amore is known for its cupcakes and estate coffee and have mastered the perfect Southern Indian Brew. Located in different locations including, Alwarpet, Adayar, and other places, even offers birthday orders or event orders!



Now, let’s come back to the roots. Ice creams. Ibaco is known for its creamy, delicious, smooth ice creams and as you all know, for its ice cream cakes! A byproduct of Hatsun and Arun icecream, Ibaco was started in 2011 and offered numerous flavors to the customers along with their preferred toppings.

The infamous ice cream cakes include Choco Vanilla Chateaux, Butterscotch Almond Amore, Choco Caramel Waltz, Caribbean Cookie Castle, Mango Italian Fiesta and the Fruit and BlackCurrent Drizzle. Walk into your nearest location and enjoy a scoop of ice cream you will never forget.

Head on over to T.T.K Road for the scoop of ice cream that will make you fall into a trance.


Donut House

Okay, let us get into the business. Doughnuts are life, aren’t they? One of the best locations to get the perfect doughnut is the Donut House. Donut House was the first exclusive Donut House in Chennai that baked fresh gourmet doughnuts. Started in 2011, Donut House has created each doughnut in their menu differently and intricately. All their doughnuts cost Rs. 60/- and have super saver combos and the best of all, burgers shaped like doughnuts.

Also, you could try their hot and cold beverages that are perfect for any time. So, go crazy over Donuts!


The Cupcake Company

The Cupcake Company is the classiest shop ever. The little cupcake shop holds over three retail outlets in Chennai and offers the best of all cupcakes. The richest and most scrumptious cream on top of the perfectly baked muffin is the only thing you need to brighten up your day. They make the best cupcakes for any occasion be it, birthday, valentine’s day, bridal shower, birthday shower, etc. and they personally deliver it to you!

They have various products from cupcakes to sauces and even popcorn! Oh and when you head on over there do not forget to try their cakes shakes! They are so yummy and creamy. You will for sure have a shake-gasm.


Krispy Kreme

This famous doughnut chain has finally arrived to Chennai! This long-awaited store offers the crispiest and the most delicious doughnuts! Their signature dish is their Perfectly Glazed Doughnut which is like a dessert from the heavens. They are freshly made and hot from the fryer and are paired perfectly with the Krispy Kreme coffee.

When you visit their store, you will truly understand the expression, ‘melt in your mouth.’


Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory

The restaurant’s ambience perfectly pairs up with the food and desserts they serve. Known for their desserts, Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory experiments with chocolate and serves up the best inventions ever. Feeling Sinful? Try their Sinful experiments and satisfy your inner conscience.

Their best dessert is the OMG. Trust me on this. It is decorated in the most peculiar possible with sparklers in a huge bucket. YOU WILL HAVE TO TRY IT.


Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream And Sorbet

The brain child of this venture is Deepak Suresh. This establishment that was started in 2012, uses the local and fresh product to get the best ice creams that are enjoyed by one every day. Their artisan ice creams are so smooth and have the perfect level of sweetness. They’re known for their under baked which is Vanilla ice cream with under baked Chocolate Cake, and it is heavenly.

And if you think that’s not impressive they have other dishes that will blow your mind like the Mud Pie, Cocoa Cake, Ghee Cake, Five Bean Vanilla Raspberry and much more! I promise it will be worth it.



This establishment has come all the way from California to spread smiles to the people in India. They are not only for their fresh frozen yogurt but all for these yogurts being nonfat, low carb, gluten free, no sugar added, vegan and much more!

They have cookies and cream, cake batter, chocolate, strawberry, red velvet, and this is just their signature yogurts. Go there and you get joy in a cup.



Swensens has come all the way from America to India to serve the best ice cream to the best people. Opened in three locations, Besant Nagar, Nungambakkam, and Aminjikarai they serve the best quality ice cream and our known for their sundaes!

Their sundaes include Hot Fudge, Banana Split and much more! Visit your nearest location and satisfy your taste buds.


The Padrino

This newly opened restaurant is opened in Mylapore serves the finest Italian Gelato! This Godfather themed restaurant also serves the silkiest pasta. Their Gelato is out of the world. It is the go-to spot for Gelato.

Other than the Gelato they serve other desserts like Tiramisu, Panna Cotta and more. Go on and join the establishment to feed your soul.



This high-end dessert establishment has the most exquisite ice creams to offer. Their presentations itself can make your jaw drop. Opened in two locations, Velachery and Nungambakkam, HaagenDazs has been in India for a quite a while now. It a tad bit expensive but certainly worth your money.

Their best dish and signature dish would be the chocolate fondue which serves more than four people and includes Cookies, Ice Creams, Fruits, Nuts, brownies, and even Waffles. And their other dish that is majestic looking is the seventh heaven that includes seven ice cream flavors with fruits and chocolate sauce. Every Chennai citizen must visit HaagenDazs at least once, or you will regret for it.



This is the go-to destination for Waffles with Ice Cream. Movenpick has mastered the art of Swiss ice cream making and has brought it to Chennai. Located in Nungambakkam, Movenpick ice cream is made with the best and local ingredients. It’s best dish and the most classic dish in the menu is the waffle and Swiss ice cream.

Their menu also includes Panini’s, Pancake with Ice Cream, Caramelitas and much more! Indulge in their ice creams and be satisfied with life.



Cream Stone

Now we’ve come to the last destination for the go to dessert parlors. Cream stone is the hangout spot for the best quality ice creams. Opened in various locations, Neelankarai, T.T.K Road, Anna Nagar, OMR and more, they have served the best quality ice cream and is perfect for the end of the meal. They have a variety of flavor for every month and this month being Kala Jamun, and the previous month one being Tiramisu.

Their best sellers are the Death by Chocolate, Devil Brownie and Chocoreo. They have many concepts like kids’ concept and diet concept to satisfy all age group. Never miss an opportunity to visit this place. Cream Stone is the so-called ice cream heaven.

So, I hope through this long article; you will have many places to visit and different places to try and hopefully never have to wander aimlessly in search of desserts ever again.