Top 19 Drinks in Jaipur

Top 20 Drinks in Jaipur

1. Masala Chaach

Masala chaach or spiced buttermilk is a little different from normal buttermilk. While making it, shredded ginger, cumin seed powder, a pinch of chili powder, mint powder, and salt is added to it. Finally, it is strained and served cold. It is a summer heat buster. You’ll feel quite refreshed after this.


2. Lemon Shikanji

Lemon shikanji is made by making a syrup of lemon, sugar, and water. This syrup is made and then stored. Then soda which is a main ingredient of this drink is added to give a cold drink touch to this drink. A little salt or jaljira is also added for a refreshing flavour.


3. Orange mania

Orange mania is a mocktail which has fresh orange juice, a little mirinda and vanilla ice-cream in it. All three ingredients are mixed together and served cold. immensely refreshing drink with a light orange colour.

orange mania

4. Fruit punch

Fruit punch is a mocktail which has a mixture of mango, orange, pineapple juices and vanilla ice cream. All of them are mixed together and well shacked to serve. This drink has a slightly different taste because the mixture of mango juice, orange juice, and pineapple juice is a bit uncommon to drink altogether.


5. After glow

After glow is a drink for health-conscious people as it has juice of watermelon and has a cucumber toppings on it with a flavour of mint. Mostly, people prefer this drink after the gym as it gives them instant energy and freshness.

after glow

6. Raabdi

Raabdi is a Rajasthani traditional hot drink specially for the cold of winters. It is made by Bajra flour mixed with curd. Ingredients are cooked, and it is served piping hot. It warms you from inside the second you drink it. Some people drink this cold and some  of them love to drink it by mixing chaach with it.


7. Amras

Amras is a thick shake of mango and milk or also can be called as the pulp of Mango. It is amongst the favourite drink of people in Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujrat during different occasions. The soothing yellow color in the drink makes it more tempting. Mango, being the king of all fruits has a power to attract people to this drink.


8. Mango kiwi punch

To make a mango kiwi punch, firstly, mango juice is taken, and small pieces of kiwi are added to the juice. It is served freezer cold. While having this drink, when those added kiwi pieces come to mouth, it tastes immensely great and refreshing.

Mango kiwi punch-

9. Thandai

Thandai is another Rajasthani traditional drink which is generally made during the time of Maha Shivaratri, Holi, and sometimes on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. It is made from full-cream milk with the mixture of black pepper, saffron, almonds, poppy seeds, fennel seeds, cardamom powder, and white pepper; All these dry ingredients are grinded into a fine powder and mixed with the full cream milk and is served cold.


10. Makhaniya Lassi

Makhaniya Lassi is traditional Jodhpur lassi, slightly different from Punjabi Lassi. It is made with specially added Rajasthani flavours which makes it different. This drink is topped with chopped dry fruits and thick milk cream. It is served in a glass made of clay sand called ‘Kulhad.’ This drink is quite thick, served cold and is very heavy for an individual.


11. Bael juice

Bael is a traditional Rajasthani fruit. Its juice is mixed with cold milk well shaken. This fruit is a summer season fruit. It gives relief from hot winds called ‘loo’ in Rajasthan. It is always served cold. Bael Juice is very healthy for everyone and old people tend to drink it a lot during summers to stay refreshed and healthy.

Bael juice

12. Rose Sharbat

Rose Sharbat is made from fresh petals of rose. Rose petals are soaked in sugar syrup and cooked on a medium flame. Once this mixture is made, you can dilute water and this syrup and serve it cold. Many people drink this sharbat with cold milk which is also known as ‘Rose Milk.’

rose sharbat

13. Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee is always a top drink for youngsters, even for adults. People enjoy the aroma of coffee with cold milk an ice cream with whipped cream on the top. For a good, refreshing cold coffee, you will always need full cream milk. It is the most common drink for summers.

cpld coffee

14. Kulhad Milk

Kulhad milk is one of the finest hot drinks made with milk. Milk is heated up in a huge utensil known as ‘kadhai’ and is heated till the milk gets a little thick. It is always served with the topping of milk cream and lots of dry fruits. It is served piping hot in a glass made of clay sand called ‘kulhad’.


15. Almond Shake

Almond shake is a thick shake which consists of powdered almonds, saffron, cardamom, and full cream milk. It is a soothing off-white colored shake with high nutrition values. It is usually served with crushed ice for a great taste.


16. Khus Sharbat

Khus Sharbat is made by mixing chilled water in khus syrup. This drink has a beautiful green color. It is a soothing drink which gives relief from the hot weather. It is consumed in summers in almost every household. Khus syrup is also available in the market, you just have to add water and ice in it.

Khus Sharbat

17. Rabdi shake

Rabdi is a famous Rajasthani dessert. When rabdi is added to full cream milk and vanilla ice cream, an amazing rabdi shake is made from it. It is a thick shake with a bright yellow color. It always has a topping of dry fruits and saffron on it which can attract anyone to taste it. It is one of the favourite drinks of people in Rajasthan, and it is served freezer cold.

rabdi shake

18. Boondi jaljira

Jaljira is a drink made from jaljira powder and cold water. It is a great drink for summers which gives you a refreshing boost in the season. It becomes extra ordinary when boondis are added to this drink. Boondi is a crunchy snack which looks like tiny balls and is coated with salt and chili powder. It becomes a spicy-sour drink which is served cold. It is a perfect relief from blasting heat.

Boondi jaljira-

19. Pineapple-apple juice

Pineapple-apple juice is made my grinding both the fruits together for a mixed taste. Salt, Jaljira powder, and chaat masala are mixed with the strained liquid. Then, small grinded pieces of pineapple and apple are added to this juice. This pulpy juice is one of the favourite drinks in the younger generation which is served cold.

Pineapple-apple juice