Top 19 Restaurants In Rajouri Garden, Delhi



Garam Dharam

This is a Desi themed restaurant which is very different from others in the market. It is centered on Dharam Paji. From cutlery to furniture, everything is different and desi styled. One can see movie posters of like Dream Girl, Sholay, etc on the wall. You can have mocktails like Banta, Shikanji, Aam Pana, etc. Dharam’s famous dialogues have been written all over the wall and old songs are played all the time.Approx. the cost for two: 1,300


The California Boulevard

A very sophisticated and classy place to have your dine out. It makes one feel like they are not dining in Delhi, but in California itself. The music, art, people, fashion, everything is Hollywood like. It is sure to give one a lifetime of experience. Not to mention, food is simply delicious. Approx. the cost for two: 2,000


Sky Bar

If one wants to experience luxurious dining with great service and ambience, then this is the place for it. The terrace area is so beautifully decorated and maintained that one can stay there all day. This place makes you feel special and good. The white and blue themed terrace does give you a taste of Greece. Approx. the cost for two: 2,300



As the name suggests this place has been decorated with pure junk. One can find old tv, radio, car and truck parts, nuts, bolts, ad almost all kind of junk. What makes this place unique is that their food is completely healthy and doesn’t let you have any kind of guilt about going out and enjoying your time. Approx. the cost for two: 1,400


The Royal Turban

Just like the name, this place make one feel royal too. It’s a North Indian and Chinese cuisine restaurant. It’s a perfect place to come and hang out with family and friends. The food and music that they offer is of utmost taste and lip-smacking delicious. Approx. the cost for two: 1,250


Ampm Café & Bar

It instantly got its fame when it was launched. It’s one of the most hyped places of Rajouri market. One can always see young people chatting and enjoying their time. They have a terrace too. One need not worry about prices as they are quite reasonable. Approx. the cost for two: 1,400


Lights Camera Action

It’s a good place to hang out for any movie buff. They offer you a different kind of menu with very creative and classy names of dishes. It’s a very innovative way to incorporate the movie world in a restaurant. One can notice Hollywood series posters whose names have been translated in Bhojpuri. Approx. the cost for two: 1,300


Pind Balluchi

This place has been established for people who hunt for North Indian food. Their menu includes everything from the states of Punjab and Rajasthan. Their food, drink, and music are absolutely  add-on for your already great experience. Approx. the cost for two: 800


Pirates Of Grill

It is a place for buffet. They have large range of food to choose from. Whether in starters section, or main course section, or desserts section, everything is delightful and pleasant to taste. Approx. the cost for two: 1500



While everyone is busy now a days opening themed base restaurants, this place took the game to a whole new level. They have made their interior to resemble the inside of a train. Innovation can be seen in everything, whether it’s in food or menu or ambience. Approx. the cost for two: 750


National Highway 44

As everyone knows NH44 is the longest highway in India. So, one can almost find every cuisine of Indian states here. Be it Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, and what not. Not just this, all the cuisines are being perfectly cooked and tastes exquisite. Approx. the cost for two: 1,100


Drama Upside Down Bar

A very unique concept is presented at this place. All the things have been designed as upside down. It’s the latest addition to the Rajouri Garden market. It has multiple cuisines and is a four storey building. It also has a terrace which is in great demand these days. Approx. the cost for two: 1,400


BBQ Beach

Everything has been designed and constructed perfectly, keeping in mind tiniest of details. The ambience resembles a beach. They also have buffet system, which is reasonable and is enticing. Approx. the cost for two: 1,500



It is a European café. It’s a terrace café and has wide range of food and drinks to choose from. One can also have private parties and their music is refreshing. It’s a kind of place you can visit with family and friends to have a lovely time. Approx. the cost for two: 1,500


The Burger Club

The Burger Club is a very nice place just to grab a quick bite or hang out with friends. Unlike any other Burger places, their menu is different and let you choose from different American style burgers. Approx. the cost for two: 650


Lord Of The Drinks Chamber

Apart from the famous Iron Throne, this place has a lot to offer. Keeping in mind the drinking needs of individuals, they have created for us a wide optioned drinks menu, be it Cocktails or Mocktails. One is sure to have a great time here.Approx. the cost for two: 1,650


Global Food Factory

If you are a foodie who likes to experience new food and adventurous one, then this is the perfect place for you. It caters to almost all kinds of famous world cuisines and makes sure that you have an exquisite experience tasting those dishes. Approx. the cost for two: 1,800


Café Foto Club

As is suggested from the name, this place has been designed with all sorts of camera related stuff. It has Polaroid pictures, vintage cameras, even their fork holders are made from camera lenses. Apart from this, they offer tempting food and an enjoyable experience. Approx. the cost for two: 1,400



It’s a Chinese and Thai restaurant. It gives you a taste of authentic Chinese food. This place is worth the money that you will spend. These days there are very less places that can offer you such good Chinese food in such a low rate. The ambience of this place is dull lights which add to your experience. Approx. the cost for two: 1,100