Top 19 Varieties Of Dosas In Tamil Nadu

Top 19 Varieties Of Dosas In Tamil Nadu

Dosa is thin crispy made from rice batter and black (urad daal). It is said to be an indispensable South Indian  classic dish. Dosa is one of the favourite South Indian Dish served with different types of Chutney. It is one of the best dishes of  Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is also popular in other different parts of India,  like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Here are 19 dosas that you must try:

1Sweet Banana Wheat Dosa

This dosa is especially for the kids; it is made up of jaggery, rice flour, wheat flour. Also it includes ripe Bananas. It has a light and fluffy in taste. It is special recipe made on festive occasion. As it is less spicy, kids love it and are the favourite one. Banana Dosa is a love for kids.


2Mysore Masala Dosa

Mysore Masala Dosa is well-known by the name of Masala Dosa; it is said to be a speciality of Karnataka.  It has a filling of mashed potatoes and curry leaves. It is the first choice of every Indian while having a South Indian food. One of the best and most delicious varieties of dosa. It is served with chutney and with a spicy pickle.


3Paper Dosa

Paper dosa is thin crispy dosa rolled like paper, it is ultra thin and can be made easily at home. It is best served with hot sambar and a coconut chutney, crisp taste with chutney gives you an amazing flavor. An all time favorite South Indian Dish for Kids. Paper Dosa is delicious in taste.


4Ali Pota Dosa

Ali pota is an interesting version of dosa, and spongy, the name of the dosa means ‘scooping into.’ A mouth-watering delicious dish is made like Soft Dosa. It is served with tamarind or puli chutney to bring up the real acidic flavors. The softest and delicious


5Oats Masala Dosa

This is one of the best dosas of South India. When it comes to health, Oats Masala dosa is the best tasty South Indian. Those who are health conscious. It is not only rich in fiber, but also best for the diabetes once. It is best served with Chaat Masala. Kids usually love it and though it is healthy too.


6Neer Dosa

As the name describes Neer it means ‘water dosa,’ it comes from the Dakshin Kannada Region. It is prepared with watery rice batter and served with coconut chutney. It is also plated with veg sagu, veg korma, potato korma. It is a easy and quick recipe to make.


7Prasadam Dosa

It is said to be the best dosa. It is prepared in a uniquely it is served as prasadam to the God. The prasadam dosa calls for ginger and sonti. It is well tasted with ginger chutney. Prasadam Dosa had an amazing taste and served to all.


8Davangere Benne Dosa

Davangere Benne Dosa owes its origin from Davangere, Karnataka. Benne means butter; this is a mouth-watering dish, it is made with fresh home-made butter. It is easy to made and served with a delicious chutney or butter.


9Godhambu Dosa

If you are health conscious, then this Dosa is best for you as it well known also by the name wheat dosa. Try this instant wheat dosa recipe. It can be cooked in a few minutes and easy to make. It is a perfect nutritious dosa. A perfect evening time snack.


10Rava Masala Dosa

Rava Masala Dosa is very crispy in tasty. As the name describes rava, it is made up of Suji with mashed potatoes, chopped onions, curry leaves and red chillies. As compared to other dosas this one is rugged in texture, though it served with chutney. It is delicious in taste.


11Ragi Dosa

A health conscious dosa, it has a netted texture with a slight brown in color, it has a comparison with Rava dosa.  It is a perfect choice for vegetarians, as ragi is health-friendly dosa it is rich in calcium. It is best enjoyed with potato filling or with a coconut chutney. You can enjoy it without chutney as well.


12Kal Dosa

It is one of the best dosa that can be presented as a delicious breakfast. It includes ingredients like paraboiled rice and urad daal. Unlike other dosas, Kal Dosa is a bit thick and soft with a netted texture. It is best with kara chutney. It is yummier with Kara Chutney.


13Uppu Huli Dosa

A very well-known and delicious dish of Mangalore and Udupi usually served as a breakfast. The word uppu means salty, and huli means sour. It includes tamarind and red chillies in batter, Uppu Huli Dosa is Reddish in Texture. The dosa has a combination of sweet, tanginess and spicy flavors. It is less time consuming once the batter is ready. It is well plated with chutney as well as yogurt or honey.


14Navratan Dosa

Navratan Dosa has a eminent place in the Family of dosas, just like it’s name. The dish includes vegetables, fruits, and nuts. A royal Navratan dosa is a healthy treat when it is well plated with coriander chutney and hot sambar.


15Egg Dosa

Egg dosa, it ia a another name of Mutta dosa . It is an appetizing non-fermented South Indian recipe. An innovative dosa made up of rice, lentil crepe topped and half-fried egg. It has a thin, crisp layer of dosa. The taste of egg dosa is delicious and the topping is lip-smacking.


16Open Masala Dosa

Open Masala Dosa is said to be the best dosa from Mangalore. As the name itself defines, the spices are arranged as the topping of this dosa. Compared to another dosa, it is slightly thicker than the other. It is dish up with sambhar and tomato chutney. It is amazing is taste, and the South Indians love it. It includes a spicy topping.


17Steamed Dosa

Steamed Dosa is also well-known by the name of Set dosa, it is prepared without coconut oil, therefore it is one of the healthy dosa. Set dosa is less time to consume and easy to make. It includes a soft texture and has different flavors. The one who loves this will enjoy it with potatoes, tamarind or coriander chutneys which are prepared with chillies, onions and curry leaves.


18Pesarattu Dosa

Pesarattu is a famous dosa from the origin of South India; it is prepared with Moong Dal, Pesarattu Dosa is a healthy breakfast for all. It is well-known by the name of MLAPesarattu dosa. It includes daal and has a filling. The dosa is crispy and tastes delightful with a coconut chutney.


19Brown Rice Dosa

Brown Rice is nutritious for health and so as dosa which is full of nutrition, the best dosa those who are health conscious. One of the best cholesterol free dosa. It is plated with coconut chutney.