Top 20 Andhra Style -Tasty Breakfasts

Top 20 Andhra Style -Tasty Breakfasts

1. Green Gram Dosa

A healthy Andhra Breakfast, Full of proteins and good for healthy hairs.


  1. Green Gram – One Cup.
  2. Ginger – Full spoon.
  3. Green Chilly – 4.
  4. 1 full spoon of cumin seeds.
  5. Ghee /oil – 2 spoons.
  6. 2 big onions.


  1. Soak the green grams for 4 to 6 hrs.
  2. Grind the soaked green grams with chopped onions, ginger pieces, cumin seeds, chilly along with water. Make a thick batter.
  3. Heat the Pan, put one spoon of oil on pan and one cup of batter on pan and spread it like dosa.
  4. After 3 minutes, Pour the oil on the edges of dosa and flip to other side, again cook for 2 minutes.
  5. Now take it into serving plate.Decorate with finely chopped onions and chilly.

Green Gram Dosa is ready to serve. Coconut chutney is best combination with it.

2. Punugulu

Punugulu is very crispy breakfast. We can make even with left over idly or dosa batter.


  1. Full cup of Maida.
  2. Rice Flour – One cup.
  3. Curd – Half cup.
  4. 2 green chilly.
  5. Cup of chopped onions.
  6. One spoon of chopped ginger.
  7. Salt (as per taste)
  8. Half spoon of soda.
  9. Oil


  1. Take big size bowl add Maida, rice flour, curd, green chilies, onions, ginger, salt and soda.
  2. Now add water and mix until to make thick paste.
  3. Cover it with plate and keep aside for 40 minutes.
  4. Heat the oil, make the mix into small round balls and put into oil.
  5. Fry the balls till golden color.

Serve with tomato pickle or curd.

3. Fried Idly

Fried Idly is a variety way to have idly. Kids will love it .we can make as snacks with left over idly.


  1. Idly – 4(cut into cubes)
  2. Onion – 1
  3. Ginger – Half spoon.
  4. Curry leaves
  5. Turmeric powder – Half spoons
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Red chili powder – one spoon
  8. Black gram – half spoon
  9. Mustard seeds – half spoon
  10. Cumin seeds – half spoon
  11. Oil – 4 to 5 spoons
  12. Chilly – 6


  1. Heat the pan, add oil.
  2. After oil get heated add black grams and fry till it changes the color.
  3. Then add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Fry 2 minutes.
  4. Add curry leaves and ginger – chilly paste.
  5. After that, add chopped onions. After onions gets fried add turmeric powder, red chili powder and salt.
  6. Now add idly cubes and mix well.
  7. Cover the pan with plate and cook for 5 minutes in low flame.

Serve into serving plate have with any chutney.

4. Gunta Paddu


  1. Raw Rice flour – 2 cups
  2. Bengal Gram flour – half cup
  3. Black Gram flour – half cup
  4. Green gram flour – half cup
  5. Onions – 3 small
  6. Green chilly – 10
  7. Ginger – small piece
  8. Cumin seeds – half spoon
  9. Black pepper – half spoon
  10. Oil to fry


  1. Take a bowl, pour rice flour, Bengal gram flour, black gram flour green gram flour into the bowl and mix with water, make as thick batter .Now keep aside for 3 to 4 hours.
  2. Take batter, add onion pieces, green chili –ginger paste, add cumin seeds, add black pepper and mix well.
  3. Now finally add salt as per taste.
  4. Now take iron pan which have slots, put the pan on the stove and apply the oil on the slots of pan.
  5. Put the flame on low flame put the full spoon of batter in the slot and cover the pan with another plate and let it boil for 5 minutes.
  6. Now flip the balls into another side, again cover and cook for 5 minutes.
  7. After 10 minutes of cook the batter will change like a idly.

Paddu is ready serve. Serve with any chutney powder.

5. Minapa Roti


  1. Black gram – one cup
  2. Salt – as per taste
  3. Water – approximately
  4. Peanuts – one cup


  1. Put the black gram in a bowl, add water and soak for 6 hours.
  2. Next morning clean the black gram and grind the black gram into a hard batter using very little amount of water.
  3. Now soak the Peanuts.
  4. Finally add salt as per taste and add peanuts.
  5. Now take the idly –steam cooker plates.
  6. Take the cotton cloth piece, dip the cloth piece in water and remove the excess water. Now spread the cloth on oil plates.
  7. Now arrange the thick black gram batter on the plates with hands.
  8. Pour the water in the bottom of the cooker.
  9. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes on stove.

Roti is ready to serve. Ghee is the perfect combination for Roti.

6. Oats Dosa


  1. Black gram – full cup
  2. Rice – full cup
  3. Oats – full cup
  4. Oil – for fry
  5. Salt – according to taste


  1. Wash the black gram, rice and soak for over the night.
  2. Grind the soaked grams using water and make a batter and kept aside for 2 hours. Meanwhile soak the oats for one hour.
  3. Add the soaked oats into the black gram batter, mix well and add water if needed.
  4. Finally make a batter like dosa batter.
  5. Put the batter on non – stick pan and spread over the pan like dosa .
  6. You can decorate with chopped onions as per taste.

Enjoy the healthy breakfast.

7. Semolina Upma


  1. Semolina – one cup
  2. Fenugreek seeds – half spoon
  3. Black gram – half spoon
  4. Cumin seeds – half spoon
  5. Curry leaves – half cup
  6. Green chilly – few
  7. Salt
  8. Oil
  9. Ginger – small piece


  1. Take the pan and add oil.
  2. Add fenugreek seeds and black grams, mustard seed and cumin seeds.
  3. Let them fry some time.
  4. Add curry leaves and ginger pieces.
  5. Add full glass of water and mix well.
  6. When water starts to boil add semolina very slowly.
  7. We should the stir the continuously after adding the semolina.
  8. Cook for 3 minutes on low flame.

Upma is ready to serve.

8. Fenugreek Chapatti


  1. Fenugreek leaves – Full cup
  2. Wheat flour – Full cup
  3. Salt
  4. Carom seeds
  5. Turmeric powder
  6. Cumin powder – Full spoon
  7. chilly powder – Full spoon
  8. Oil


  1. Put the pan on stove with low flame, add oil, add fenugreek leaves, turmeric powder, cumin powder, chilly powder, salt and carom seeds.
  2. Allow to cook for 6 to 8 minutes.
  3. Take the wheat flour adds water and makes soft dough.
  4. Mix fenugreek curry in the wheat batter and mix thoroughly with hand.
  5. Make small chapatti with the dough and fry with oil.

Fenugreek chapatti is ready to eat with tomato pickle.

9. Spicy Pongal


  1. Rice – half cup
  2. Green Gram – half cup
  3. Pepper – one spoon
  4. Cumin powder – one spoon
  5. Ginger – half inch
  6. Salt
  7. Curry leaves
  8. Oil
  9. Pepper


  1. Wash the rice and Green Gram thoroughly.
  2. Take the pan, heat the oil, add Cumin powder, pepper, curry leaves, and ginger pieces.
  3. Cook for 2 minutes.
  4. Take the pressure cooker, pour  one cup of water, add rice and Green Gram into cooker.
  5. Cook all items till 5 whistles.

Now serve into plate and seasoning with ghee.

10. Flattened Rice Upma


  1. Flattened Rice – 2 cups
  2. Oil – 6 spoons
  3. Mustard seeds – half spoon
  4. Curry leaves – hand full.
  5. Green chilly – 4 to 5.
  6. Green peas – Half cup.
  7. Lemon juice – Half cup.


  1. Wash the Flattened rice with water and drain the water.
  2. Fry mustard seeds, peanuts.
  3. Fry them for 3 minutes in oil.
  4. Add onions, curry leaves, green chilly.
  5. After 2 minutes add green peas and stir properly.
  6. Sprinkle salt and turmeric powder.
  7. Let them cook for few minutes.
  8. Add the Flattened rice and lime.
  9. Boil for 5 minutes on low flame.

Hot Flattened Rice is ready to serve.

11. Atta Dosa

Very nutritious and less time required Recipe.


  1. Wheat flour – Full cup
  2. Butter milk – Full cup
  3. Green chilly – 4
  4. Carrots – 2
  5. Cumin seeds – one spoon
  6. Oil – 2 spoons
  7. Salt – according to taste


  1. Take wheat flour, add Buttermilk to it and make a thick batter like dosa.
  2. The batter should be runny.
  3. Add carrot pieces, cumin seeds, and chili pieces, salt and mix well.
  4. Keep the batter aside for 10 minutes.
  5. Take the pan and heat it.
  6. Put full big spoon of batter on pan and spread over it.
  7. Add oil on sides of dosa.
  8. Cook for 2 minutes and flip the Dosa.

Now hot Atta Dosa is ready.

12. Andhra Style Vada


  1. Black Gram – one cup
  2. Ginger pieces – full spoon
  3. Green Gram – one cup
  4. Chopped onion – half cup
  5. Oil – 2 cups
  6. Salt – As per taste
  7. Baking soda – Half spoon
  8. Green chilly pieces – 3 spoons


  1. Soak the Black grams and Green grams for 6 hours.
  2. Now grind the grams coarsely.
  3. Add baking soda, green chilly pieces, salt, onion and ginger.
  4. Heat the 2 cups of oil.
  5. After oil get heat and put the batter into oil as small balls.
  6. But put one whole in every ball.
  7. Fry them till it turns golden color.

Serve with coconut chutney.

13. Semolina Bobbatlu


  1. Maida – 2 cups
  2. Sugar – 2 cups
  3. Ghee – Half cup
  4. Semolina – One cup
  5. Cashew nuts


  1. Fry the cashew nuts in ghee.
  2. Add Semolina to the ghee and fry for 5 minutes.
  3. Now add water and cook the Semolina till it becomes thick paste.
  4. Add sugar to it. Cook till sugar melts.
  5. Take Maida, add water to it and make dough and keep dough aside for 15 minutes.
  6. Make chapatti with dough.
  7. Take small amount from Semolina paste and cover the Semolina batter with chapatti. Again press the ball into small chapatti with hands.
  8. Fry it on the pan with ghee.

Tasty and healthy Semolina Bobbatlu ready to serve.

14. Andhra Bondalu Recipe


  1. Maida – 2 cups
  2. Rice flour – 2 cups
  3. Curd – one cup
  4. Salt – for taste
  5. Onions – 2
  6. Ginger pieces – one spoon
  7. Green chilly – one spoon
  8. Oil – 3 cups


  1. Take bowl, add Maida, rice powder and curd, mix well and keep aside for half an hour.
  2. Add onions, ginger, chilly paste and salt and make a thick paste by using water.
  3. Heat the oil and make small round balls with hand and fry in oil until it becomes orange color.

Delicious Andhra Bondalu is ready to taste.

15. Jonna Roti Recipe


  1. Jonna powder – 2 cups
  2. Hot water – 2 cups
  3. White sesame seeds – 2 spoons


  1. Take powder, salt, sesame seeds, water in a bowl and mix, make thick dough.
  2. Make small balls with batter and expand the balls into roti with hand by pressing with fingers.
  3. Use oil to avoid stickiness. Cracks shouldn’t be visible on roti.
  4. Take the pan and put the roti on pan, fry on both side with oil.

Healthy recipe is ready to be served.

16. Tamarind Rice


  1. Cooked rice – 2 cups
  2. Tamarind juice – 1 cup
  3. Salt
  4. Turmeric powder – half spoon
  5. Jaggery powder – half cup
  6. Fenugreek – one spoon
  7. Mustard seeds – half spoon
  8. Red chilly – 4
  9. Curry leaves – half cup
  10. Peanuts – half cup


  1. Cook the rice and keep aside, let it cool.
  2. Put pan on stove and add oil. Let it boil for some time.
  3. Add tamarind juice, let it cook for 5 minutes.
  4. When juice starts to boil add salt, turmeric powder, Jaggery powder, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, red chilly pieces, peanuts.
  5. Let them cook for 5 minutes in tamarind juice.
  6. When juice becomes thick, turn off the stove.
  7. Pour the juice into the rice and mix evenly with hand.

Finally add curry leaves to decorate and take into serving bowl.

17. Masala Omelette

Omelette is the one of the tastiest and easiest breakfast and very healthy breakfast for growing children


  1. Eggs – 3
  2. Onions – 2
  3. Tomatoes – 2
  4. Green chilly – 4
  5. Cumin seeds powder – half spoon
  6. Oil – 6 spoons
  7. Gram powder – 3 spoons


  1. Take a Gram powder in a bowl, now add eggs in the Gram powder and mix properly.
  2. Now add chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, chopped green chilly and mix.
  3. Now add salt and cumin powder.
  4. Mix the batter well.
  5. Now put the pan on stove and pour the egg batter on pan and spread over the pan.
  6. Sprinkle the oil on the sides on Omelet. Cook both sides evenly.

Now transfer the Omelet into serving plate and decorate with curry leaves.

18. Ragi Balls

Ragi balls actually rural foods which give instant energy for hard working people. Good diet food for diabetes patient.


  1. Ragi flour – One cup
  2. Cold water – 2 cups
  3. Salt – Half as per taste


  1. Take a ragi flour in a pan and add salt to the flour.
  2. Keep the pan on stove and put flame on medium.
  3. Slowly add water to the flour and stir continuously with the wooden spatula so that lumps are not formed.
  4. After 5 minutes of boiling, batter will become thickening.
  5. But need to stir continuously. After 5 minutes of cooking the batter, it will become thick like chapatti dough.
  6. Now switch off the flame. Let it cool for 10 minutes.
  7. Make small balls with dough using hands. We can make hands wet to avoid stickiness.
  8. Now put balls into serving plate and decorate with curry leaves.

Ragi balls are ready and one can have it with any curry or chutney.

19. Soft And Puffy Puris

puris are famous not only in all over  the India. But making soft and puffy puri is little bit difficult. Now we will learn making puffy puris in simple way.


  1. Wheat flour – One cup
  2. Oil –for deep fry
  3. Salt – as per taste


  1. Take the wheat flour, salt and oil in a bowl.
  2. Mix all evenly and make stiff dough using hot water.
  3. Cover the dough with wet cotton cloth for half an hour. So we get soft puris.
  4. Now make small balls and press into puris either by puri machine or hand.
  5. Now heat the oil and deep – fry the puris one by one and let them fry till to change color.
  6. Put the puris in the tissues paper. So that excess oil will be absorbed.

Now serve the puris with potato curry which is perfect combination.

20. Bisi Bele Bath

The Bisi Belle Bath is rich in fiber which is rice item. One of the south Indian favorite. Dish of course time taking process.


  1. Rice – 1 cup
  2. Red gram – half cup
  3. Tamarind – one cup
  4. Onions – 2
  5. Turmeric powder – Half spoon
  6. Potatoes – 2
  7. Green peas – 2
  8. Bengal grams – 2 spoons
  9. Black gram – one spoon
  10. Red chilly – 5
  11. Fenugreek – One spoon
  12. Granted coconut – 2 spoons
  13. Cinnamon powder – 2 spoons
  14. Cashew nuts – One spoon
  15. Ghee – 5 spoons
  16. Salt – As per taste


  1. Wash the rice, red gram and put in pressure cooker by adding 5 cups of water.
  2. Make juice from tamarind. Boil the potatoes.
  3. Now take a pan and put on stove, put one spoon of ghee, add red chilly, cinnamon, grated coconut, fenugreek seeds, and black grams and fry them for 5 minutes.
  4. Grind them into powder.
  5. After heating, add ghee.
  6. Fry onions in the ghee, add potatoes cubes, green pea and let them fry some time.
  7. Now add salt, tamarind juice and remaining spicy powder.
  8. Cook for few minutes.
  9. Now add cooked rice into tamarind juice and cook for 15 minutes.
  10. Finally transfer the rice into serving plate and decorate with cashew nuts and curry leaves.

Recipe is ready to serve.