Top 20 Barbeque Hunch Of The Nagpur City

Top 20 Barbeque Hunch Of The Nagpur City
Top 20 Barbeque Hunch Of The Nagpur City

Barbeque is an outdoor meal, usually a form of social entertainment at which meats, fish, or sometimes fruits, along with vegetables, are roasted over a wood or charcoal fire. The term also denotes the grill or stone-lined pit for cooking such a meal, or the food itself, the day long marination of yogurt infused with traditional spices and then grilled upon on a hot barbeque and roasted to its core. Barbeque is the core of the origin of the most ancient style of cooking which is cooking on fire.

Not only Nagpur is famous for the stunning breakfast places or saoji or its temples, some of its barbeque is  worth a try. Let us now have a close look towards those grilling places.

1. Barbeque Nation – Nagpur 

One does not realise how much food is too much food until one walks into the barbeque nation. The barbeque nation is a pioneer to live grill concept into Indian restaurants, the space is big, there are live grill/tandoor at the table to cook the veg and non veg appetizers which are provided half cooked and then the customers can cook them as per their taste and a required cooking by applying various dressings, sauces or oils. The place gives you an unforgettable experience and whole lot of food. When you are done eating barbecue you can have the main course that is rice roti or the curries which has again divided into veg and non-veg buffet. If you are ever visiting this place that it is highly recommend you to not have anything heavy before going in here because that’s what makes this place more enjoyable and able to eat all you want, also you cannot forget the amazing lip-smacking delicious desserts that comes in more than 10 varieties in fact, the kulfis which feature 7 to 8 different flavors. Barbeque nation is a perfect example for grilled meat or roasted food. On weekdays the lunch and dinner buffet cost different and on the weekends the rate is different for both the meals. The seasonal menu keeps changing each month and as per the season.

Location: Eternity Mall, 2nd Floor Eternity Mall, Amravati Rd, Variety Square, Sitabuldi, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440012


2. Absolute Barbecues 

A unique ‘do-it-yourself’ dining experience where diners grill on the Table, their choice of Meat, Seafood and Vegetable starters served on skewers to their preference. This place offers you unlimited starters or snacks with multiple varieties to choose from veg and non veg. There is also very good parking space and security to take care and assist you while parking. One can also celebrate your birthday is in here they have various plans if you are having a birthday celebration. There has a small bar to serve you drinks with a live kitchen attach so you can see every action going there and customize your food as per your own convenience. The ambience is always Joyous and happening there is 24/7 people. People visit here for the sizzling barbecue meat and roasted veggies but what steals the attention is there. The superb star desert which comes in 10 to 15 varieties, there is a separate shelf for the desert with consists of various types of ice creams, pastries, cakes, gulab jamun, halwa and kulfis which again has its options. The staff is cordial, courteous and kind they help you all the time and are very responsible. You can always reserve a table before leave, they give you various offers to choose from also if you book from the official website then you have 25% less on your first bill, the average is 1400 for 2 people visiting.

Location: 15, Survey NO. 962, Street, 24, W High Ct Rd, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010


3. BBQ Time Takeaways & Restro 

This may not be as big as the competitive establishment but decent an effort to provide unlimited barbeque food. This place is small but provides unlimited food with great taste the service is said to be fast and prompt. The price has value to the amount of food that is produced and served. All you have to do is just walk in and eat. The management is really polite and all the produce and ingredients used is really fresh and treated with expert hands. There are various cuisines that are Indian, Chinese and Thai that are served also tandoori fish, chicken and sometimes the house special momos are worth eating, BBQ is a good place to go for a dinner with family or friends with a pocket friendly attitude. The working hour of this place is from the midnight to 11.30 p.m. of the next day.

Location: 3 Shraddhanand Pet Square, Shraddhanand Pet Square, Abhyankar Nagar Rd, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022

bbq time takeaway

4. Barbeque Hut 

Barbeque Hut Restaurant is a unique idea and gastronomic hub for all barbecue lovers. They offer a variety of real authentic BBQ dishes; they have their own BBQ chefs and well-trained and certified chefs. At Barbeque Hut, they believe in supreme customer satisfaction, timely service and best food. Barbeque Hut is listed as one of the most popular food delivery platforms in India. Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, and Barbeque Hut offer their own lunches and takeaways. The BBQ Hut has a large rooftop area for small private parties, gatherings with friends and family, corporate events, birthday parties, children’s parties, and family reunions. You can get it all under one roof. They also serve Chinese and European dishes.

Location: Plot No – 880, Zone No – 8, Khadgi Mohalla, Beside Heera Plaza Central Avenue Road, Telephone Exchange Square, Mangalwari, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440008

bbq hut

5. Singh’s Barbeque & Curry 

Singh`s BBQ & Curry is a nature-rich, local barbecue restaurant that explains the generosity of quality and quantity of food. It’s a quiet and efficient place for non-vegetarian mouth-watering grilled food. The food prepared in here is fresh and filling. The service can be a bit slow and intimidating, but when you get to your table the taste will no longer dissatisfy you, very strict policies and hygiene are maintained, and the food quality is always consistent and good. The chicken tikka as well as fish roast is really most liked, the delicious barbecue starters and the chicken biryani, in fish must try fish garlic tikka and garlic fish and you cannot leave this restaurant without having bhuna mutton and chicken tangdi this restaurant has value for money that is why they won’t disappoint you on taste and you will feel happy for paying each penny worth for the food that you taste in here. So, this place is highly recommended to have BBQ if you ever visit Nagpur.

Location: Plot No. 25, Hirvi Nagar, Opp. Savarkar Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440008


6. The Arabian Barbeque 

The Arabian barbeque is aninvigorating and a decent place to have BBQ with family. They provide good food, reasonable pricing and no additional taxes on billing. The place is a good location for organising a farewell party, a birthday or a get together. They have introduced various new option into their menu recently they have veg and non veg rolls wrapped with freshly made rumali roti. The crew there is committed to cook excellent mouth-watering delicacies and also to provide a good relation and service with wonderful communication skills with their customers. The places are quite spacious the menu is called the treasures from the Arabian barbeque, the meals are 699 per head it is free for the kids who are 4 years or less. the starters, main course and everything is divided into veg and non which courses, the place is maintained and hygiene is absolute taken care of and there is always light music playing so it is a good place recommended to eat decent barbecue in a comfortable time frame.

Location: Jaripatka Rd, Indora, New Indora, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440002

arabian bbq

7. Mehfil Barbeque 

This location is local, classic and very authentic; they sell barbecue food at very affordable prices say 50 bucks per stick the chicken or any meat that you order, the place also sells Biryani which stays really compatible with the barbecue cooked. The nonveg produce is said to be juicy, tender and really moist it’s been marinated for hours and treated with absolute care, it’s an optimal place to experience local barbeque, the finger licking food will not disappoint you. There is decent parking space if you visit and people go in here late in the evening to enjoy late dinners and have a good time with friends.

Location: Mangalwari Bazar Rd, Koradi Colony, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

mehfil bbq

8. Toss Chinese and Barbecue 

Check out this kid-friendly restaurant, where they serve-up a delicious menu which includes halal food, all-you-can-eat and vegetarian options. Indulge in delicious Chinese cuisine here. Food delivery is a plus for this restaurant. Many Toss guests claimed to be served with good chicken legs, chicken noodles, and chili chicken. Don’t miss the opportunity to order delicious coffee. Friendly staff welcomes you all year round. Visitors say the service here is professional. You will pay a lower price for the food. The food presentation of this place is attractive and refreshing ambience is good to take your family and friends, the Chinese food has good impact also the roasted chicken bites are popular. The food prepared in here is fresh properly cooked and tasty, TOSS always has a room for improvement and values customer feedback.

Location: 280, Central Bazar Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

toss chineese

9. Biryani & Barbecue Multicuisine 

Biryani and BBQ are both a magnificent combination and food in this restaurant. There are over 100 options to choose from, including kebabs, grilled barbecue, parathas, noodles or biryani. Food is plentiful, royal and generous. Although the place is small, the food is flavorful and worth it. money. And it has a Google rating of 4. People say this place is famous for its efficient service, great taste and cuisine. Try our signature biryani, chicken lollipop and lamb kebabs.

Location: Shop No. 302, 3rd Floor, Food Court, Empress Mall, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440018

Biryani Barbecue Multicuisine

10. Chill N Grill 

Whether you’re looking for a place with great city views or a luxurious place to spend  time with your loved ones, the hunt is just over. Chill N Grill, one of Nagpur’s best rooftop restaurants, can meet all your needs, from delicious food, great views and beautiful atmosphere to refined service and affordable prices. Chill & Grill Restaurant & Lounge offers stunning rooftop dining, as well as a separate lounge serving acclaimed glass houses and gourmet food. So, what are you waiting for? Come anytime from noon to midnight and enjoy all of these food in one place! Chill N grill is a modern easy-going restaurant which serves international food, it provides you miles apart from your habits will eating you can taste great cook pasta, lasagna and biryani. Musicians in here perform live in the evening and set the mood and if you carefully observe the crew works just like the professionals. The place is called chill and grill because the place is really and relaxing and the grill stands for the array of marinated food which is grilled to perfection and served to you. iI is all together a great place to spend a wonderful evening and eat sophisticated food on the prices that may look a bit extra but the food is so internationally and perfectly cooked that it is worth it, some of the the best sellers are roasted chicken, grilled mushroom, lemon fish, steak sizzler and grilled chicken pasta.

Location: Poonam Arcade, Residency Rd, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Chill N Grill

11. The Highway Smokehouse 

This smokehouse has table barbeque and buffet with unlimited starters and unlimited buffet including veg and non veg kebabs, curries, rice dishes and desserts. It is a total barbecue restaurant near the airport where food is said to be really nice and presentable. Ambience is settling and the owner along with his team is welcoming and attentive, kind and helpful. This place is a good choice to organize parties or get together, the presentation of food is good this place is recommended to go if you want to eat steaks or love desserts or in fact biryanis.

Location: 4 7, Wardha Rd, opposite Hotel Airport Centre Point, Ujwal Nagar, Manish Nagar, Somalwada, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440025

The Highway Smokehouse

12. Barbecue Restaurant 

The oldest yet the tastiest barbeque the Nagpur has ever eaten. Here the meat is marinated in traditional spices and cooked in the traditional age-old tandoor, the food on sticks is really tasty Juicy and lip-smacking people walk in here again and again to eat and relieve the road traditional food, the highlight of the restaurant is that it remains open in the evening and for dinner hours only. It is a fast and busy restaurant. When you visit here do not forget to eat tandoori chicken, fish Amritsari, handi chicken, chicken Afghani, butter chicken, dhaba chicken, fish Anarkali, and keema masala. The roasted delights will jazz in your taste buds and you will just leave this restaurant was so much happiness and satisfaction. Every person who has been living in Nagpur has been here because this place is golden and remarkable, you cannot afford to miss it as it is the origin of Nagpur barbecue food.

Location: Plot 2B, Mount Rd Ext, Tent Line, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Barbecue Restaurant

13. Grillify Nagpur

New and hottest takeout now serving one of the best shawarma, Kathi wraps and barbequed meat of the town. A place in Nagpur where you can get freshly prepared Veg and Nonveg Barbecue, Shawarma, Rolls and Biryani. The operational hours being 3.00 p.m. to 11.00.p.m the outlet serves excellent grilled meal. A lovely place for non-vegetarian lovers. Everything looks delicious while you wait for your food, the locals say that before you order do ask for chef recommendations, he will explain well every dish and also recommends the best. In order to have a transparency and engagement with its customers they have made a glass compartment their people could witness the cooking and grilling of food and interact accordingly. The quality of meat is neat and all the ingredients used are local and fresh, the marination on the meat is really flavourful and delicious and gives your food a smoky effect in your food which seems really rich. Some of the must try dishes are – tandoori chicken tikka/barbecue, Corn Seekh Kebab, chicken tikka egg roll, pahadi chicken kabab and kalmi chicken.

Location: 43F5+VHH, Shraddhanand Pet Square, Laxminagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440020

Grillify Nagpur

14. BBQ Ride 

A new and innovate way to serve barbeque food that is serving barbeque on wheels. This ride takes pride to say that this is the 1st barbeque bike one can find. This is a non-vegetarians delight, everyone is suggested to visit this place and witness the grill on wheels. The menu is neat and the prices are reasonable and in which one gets authentic smoking BBQ taste. The service is quite good and warm and the ride with juicy chicken and vegetable platters made available. The local guides say this is a must-visit and it stands 4.6 on the Google rate. The place is open on all the days from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. ,the crowd of youngsters is mostly seen in here. Some of the dishes that you should try here are bbq grilled paneer, BBQ smoky mushrooms, juicy chicken wings and barbecue boneless strips.

Location: Nagpur, Tanishq, Shraddhanand Pet Square, Laxminagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra

BBQ Ride

15. The Barbeque Station 

This is a barbecue restaurant which would serve street food style grilled BBQ meat and vegetables. As compared to the price the food is nice and reasonable. You are going to love the tandoori items here, they have varieties of option to choose from whether it be fish, chicken, mutton or the vegetables and etc. Everything that is grilled is juicy, moist, fresh and prepared in good marination, they do not use food colours and they keep everything natural. The staff is really co-operative and is welcoming. The eatery operates every day except Tuesdays, the timings for the restaurant are 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., some of the grilled food items that are the best sellers are grilled prawns, boneless talafia, boneless chicken masala tikka and garlic tikka.

Location: Sadar mangal bazar, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

The Barbeque Station

16. Desi Barbecue 

Though this may be a small place but it definitely makes a big difference. Having featured in local newspapers many of the times and loved by the local food bloggers this eatery makes a mark. They have a limited menu but whatever is served is served is the best. The stall opens everyday 5 p.m. onwards and works till late in the night. Everything is freshly barbequed as per the order and the meat is said to be juicy, spicy and worth tasting. Desi Barbecue has been and listed as one of the best tikka place in the town, they assure you that you will taste the reral barbeque flavour in their food. Serving both veg and non veg with salad on side and the incredible and refreshing green chutney makes everything better for you. The meat is well marinated and the hygiene is been taken care of. Some of the dishes that will win your heart if you eat in here are garlic chicken, paneer masala tikka, hariyali tikka, Street chicken kebabs and tandoori chicken tikka.

Location: Surve Nagar, Near Mangalmurti Square, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022

Desi Barbecue

17. Taj Barbeque 

Getting its spot on the opening of the IT park, trghis helps the joint an absolute healthy customer base. The food in here gives you a smoke-y taste with freshly prepared meat in some ground and humble ingridents. The menu is a two paged menu with its limilations which conveys “less is more”. Taj serves half and full portions of the food as per the customers wish. They have biryani, tangdi special tandoori special, fried chicken and as well as combo specials for saving money. A total pocket friendly place with a 5.0 Google rating. Some of the food you can really taste in here are chicken tangdi kabab, chicken breast and the famous combo.

Location: 1, IT Park Rd, Subhash Nagar, Trimurtee Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022

Taj Barbeque

18. Barbeque Rasoi

A barbecue restaurant with kid friendly options that serves North Indian, Chinese, Kebabs and Mughlai food. The place is really cordial and simple. This is an outlet where you can take your family to have a chilled out family dinner which is also suited for small occasions as in a get together. The food is healthy as well as tasty. As concerned, the staff is pleasant, helping and cares for customers satisfaction. The operational hours of the restaurant is from 3:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on all the days and the service is quite prompt. The families walk in here again and again to have the meat curry with the hot Naan, the paneer tikka, smoked kulcha and biryani which is Love by the customers and ordered in majority.

Location: Shanti Nagar Main Road (opp. Ratan Tower, beside Indore restaurant, Prem Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440002

bbq rasoi

19. The Kebab Factory 

The kebab factory provides you with delicious and mouth-watering kebab and barbecue food. Open on all days from 8 a.m. till 11 p.m. you can have everything in here, the food is zumbo sized and is really generous and gracious in its taste. This eating joint is known for its customers appreciating the generosity, good portions fresh quality of food, ingredients and heartful staff.  You need to do yourself a favour and walk into this place to have one of the best non veg snacks that are unmatched and just impeccable, the food just melts in your mouth and gives you a lasting taste. The menu and the flavour are remarkable with affordable pricing, the lip-smacking kebabs and tikka will definitely steal your heart. Some of the best sellers from the factory are chicken tandoori, chicken tangdi kabab, Butter chicken, paneer butter masala, mutton chaap, paneer malai tikka, cheese corn tikka and egg biryani.

Location: Shop no, Galaxy-Mersh Complex, 11, Pratap Nagar Main Rd, Pratap Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022

The Kebab Factory

20. Swad Punjabi Barbeque and Curry 

North Indian and Mughlai food is worth a try here. A nice, decent and an affordable place to take your family to eat the authentic Punjabi grilled food on the barbeque. Restaurant operates on all the days from noon till midnight and as a hospitality nature. You don’t want to miss the iconic food being cooked and roasted on tandoor. The bestsellers are the choor choor naan, tandoori chicken, paneer tikka masala and chicken seekh kabab.

Location: Opposite to Mecosabagh ground, Clark Town, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440013

swad punjabi