Top 20 best cafes you must try in Dwarka, Delhi


Every corner of Delhi is packed with cafes, offering exquisite decorations and mouth-watering cuisine. But when it comes to cute cafes, Dwarka seems to be becoming a new hot spot in the city. We have listed some cute cafes that you can visit with your buddies and loved ones for your next food adventure. Have a look at them:

1.After Hours

Are you tired of boring nights after a full day at work? Do not worry; we’ve got you covered. After Hours cafe is one of the best cafes to chill. The outdoor seating arrangements will make you feel relaxed and happy. While your sizzling dishes are on the way, catch up on a game of Jenga to chill out with your buddies. Douse yourself in the indulgence of soulful & refreshing drinks at this cafe.

After hours

2.Cafe Uncover

This beautiful cafe in Dwarka is the best thing for a perfect evening. We mean, look at this place: nice outdoor seating, lovely ambiance, delicious food with classy decor, bah! Indulge in everything from brunch, lunch, and dinner to refreshing summer coolers, shakes, and more. In such a peaceful environment, we would forgive you for thinking that you were elsewhere than in India.

Cafe uncover

3.Cafe Di Milano

In a colorful European ambiance, Dwarka opened the arm of Cafe Di Milano, which has a small roof, an outdoor ground floor, and an indoor part with bookshelves and sunken cushions. The turquoise and blue aesthetics will take you to Greece. Eat their Tandoori dim sum, Chicken Tikka Pizza, oh yes, do not forget to order their special Ferrero Rocher hot chocolate and mocha smoothie.

Cafe di milano

4.Drool Kitchen

Drool Kitchen is one of Dwarka’s finest fine dining restaurants. It is an ideal place to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You will not stop until you are full of their lovely cocktails. Their super cute cottage will provide you with endless reasons to dine. You will love this place to spend quality time with your loved ones. If you and your lover like to celebrate your love by partying, then this place is perfect for you.

Drool kitchen

5.Poker Face Kitchen and Bar

If you and your beau enjoy celebrating your love by partying, then this place is perfect for you. Its retro ambiance will make you feel all the love in the air. Its sizzling hot food & stunning cocktails are a treat for your taste buds! Charming and captivating vibes await you at poker face kitchen.

Poker face kitchen

6.Cafe le Amor

Are you a fast-food lover? Cafe Le Amor has many choices for you. They have a lot of burgers to choose from, such as Smoke House Mutton and The Ultimate Veggie, with French fries on the side. If you are in the mood, you can also enjoy a delicious all-day American breakfast while drinking a cup of delicious coffee. This exquisite little coffee shop has it all!

Cafe le amor

7.Sehat Cafe

Sehat Café is a chilled-out place to enjoy with your loved ones. It is for the people who love eating but are obsessive health freaks. Their walls are attractive because the one-liners on the walls will amaze you. The cafe offers a guilt-free and healthy menu, from whole wheat pasta to detox drinks.

sehat cafe

8.Cafe More Life

Are you searching for a place to enjoy a delicious breakfast? Then this is your place. Cafe More Life is a little cafe with an outdoor seating area. It is a little gem with delicious food and a cozy ambiance that is perfect for a weekend breakfast or a chilly Saturday night under the city lights. They have a large number of books and games, as well as some lovely music, which will fascinate you.

Cafe more life

9.Chai Coffee Biscuit

If you want to enjoy some smooth hot chocolate with a delicious club sandwich, then this is the perfect place to be. It is one of the most popular hotspots in Dwarka, with spacious indoor and rooftop seating areas. Here you can play board games, click pictures and spend some quality time with your loved ones. The cafe offers a lot of varieties apart from chai, coffee, & biscuits like Garden Greens Momos, Punjab Da Kukkad Burger, Garlic rice bowl, and more.

Chai coffee biscuits

10.Crazy Forks

This small shop in Dwarka offers you mouth-watering dim sum and Chinese food. They even serve delicious and affordable Thai food. Their momos are loaded with all the good stuff; it is so juicy that you will fall in love with this place at every bite. Must try their chop suey & chilly chicken. *yum*

Crazy forks


From the beautiful graffiti on the wall to the elegant black and white floor tiles to the decorations, Barcode knows how to set the mood correctly! The soothing aura of this place will make you its die-hard fan. Their huge windows are perfect for gazing at the wilderness and soaking in some much-needed vitamin D. Live music will seal your delicious food with melodic tunes.



If you desire anything related to pav, Fingerlickerz will be your new hangout place. This little gem offers you a range of delicious pavs, from cheese vada pav to butter pav bhaji and more. Their Pav Bhaji is very tasty and will make you lick your fingers clean- they will stay true to their name!

Finger lickerz

13.SG Delicacy

SG Delicacy will steal your heart with its oh-so-yum dosas. This joint has a relish-worthy variety of dosas like Mushroom dosa, Palak Paneer dosa, and more. So whenever you are craving for South Indian cuisine strikes, hop over to this restaurant!

SG delicacy


Hello girls, are you looking for a place to catch up with your BFFs? You should visit this beautiful restaurant. Indulge in their walnut brownie, Macchi Chicken Biryani, and cucumber coolers, along with retro instrumental music in the background. You will experience a happy and wonderful time with your loved ones!


15.Jimmy’s Eatery

Does anyone want to eat delicious pizza? Go to Jimmy’s Eatery in Dwarka. It is a cute little cafe known for serving mouth-watering and cheesy pizzas at affordable prices! If not the fantastic cheese pulls, then its pleasant ambiance will make you click some Insta-worthy pictures. One cannot miss this eatery because of its pretty wall art and bookshelf. Try their Mushroom Sauce Pasta, Spicy Tango Pizza, and Fizz bomb.

Jimmy’s eatery


FreshQo is a takeaway shop that offers a variety of delicacies. You can satisfy your hunger with food that is worth eating! Their excellent quality & service makes this place one of the favourite delivery points in Dwarka. Some of the dishes you must order from here are Choley Bhature, Tandoori Chicken, Paneer Lababdar, and Malai Tikka Roll! *yum*


17.The Playground

The playground is a sports bar in Dwarka. It has pool tables, snakes & ladder wall art, pictures of famous athletes, and a great bar that makes it look like the most incredible sports bar in town! This one caters to a bunch of delicacies- Indian, European, Chinese, and Italian! Whether the tacos you are looking for or some classic burgers, this place is your first choice.

The playground

18.Drool Fresh Bakehouse and Cafe

Do you have a sweet tooth as we have? If yes, then this place is for you. They offer sugary delicacies and top breakfast snacks, making this restaurant a must-go for breakfast with beau. Most importantly, they also offer North Indian, Continental, Chinese and Thai cuisines. We mean, what could be better than this? Hop on their Strawberry Mousse to end your day on a sweet note.

Drool fresh bakehouse

19.Coffee Between Chapters

Coffee between chapters is an artsy cafe that will make you fall in love. They dotted the walls with boxes that acted as bookshelves, as well as a crisscrossed bookshelf covering the entire wall. There is nothing more tempting than a cup of steaming hot chocolate to our belly and our favorite soul novel. Their menu contains a range of chewable foods, but reading may take up all your time!

Coffee between chapters

20.Bella Rossa

Bella Rossa is a cafe that serves Asian, Italian, North Indian, and Continental cuisine. The fairy tale-like ambiance with city lights illuminating the entire room and vines hanging from the ceiling is one of the main reasons people are attracted to this cafe. This place looks like something you would find in a Disney movie! Not just the ambiance, you must also try delicious dishes such as Kali Dal Makhani, Lasooni Dal Tadka, and Paneer Dhaniya Adraki Korma, which are worth trying. So, once you are full, click on the gorgeous picture that you can upload on Instagram!

Bella rossa