Top 20 Best Japanese Drinks

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Japan is an island country in East Asia. It is situated in the northwest Pacific Ocean. Japan is a beautiful country with vibrant people. It has a rich culture and heritage. It is famous for anime and sushi worldwide. The cuisine of Japan is also equally rich. In this article, we will look at some of the best drinks from this cute island nation.

1. Matcha

Matcha is a famous green tea from Japan. It has its origin in China but is also widely popular in Japan. It is a healthy drink with a particular preparation method.

Matcha Green Tea

2.Royal Milk Tea

Royal milk tea is a delicious tea from Japan. It has a thick creamy texture. The ingredients of this tea are simple, milk, water, sugar, and black tea. But it has more milk than water to make it thick and creamy.


3.Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky is a famous drink in Japan produced by different brands. Suntory and Nikka are prominent brand names. It has three variants, namely grain whisky, blended whisky, and malt whisky. These are internationally famous drinks.


4. Mitsuya Cider

Mitsuya cider is a carbonated soft drink brand that produces many beverage products. This drink contains fruity extracts like lemon, peach, grapes, etc. It is a very famous drink that is available all over the place.

170px Mitsuya Cider Bottle

5. Chuhai

Chuhai is a Shochu-based drink with sweet soda. It has several flavors like ume, lime, pineapple, and grapes. It is an alcoholic beverage that comes in a can.

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6. Japanese Fanta

In Japan, Fanta is a super hit drink. Although this drink originated in Germany, it is very famous in Japan. More than 20 varieties of Fanta can be found here. These varieties are exclusive to Japan and cannot be found anywhere else.

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7. Happoshu

Happoshu is a beer-like drink famous in Japan. The proportion of malt is deficient in Happoshu, which makes this beer very light in taste. Ingredients like starch, corn, and soybeans are used to make this beer which makes it healthy.

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8. Aloe Drinks

Aloe drinks are a popular product in Japan. It includes flavored water with fresh pieces of aloe vera flesh. It is available in both sugar and sugar-free options. It is a very healthy drink with lots of health benefits.

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Sakurayu is a very authentic cherry blossom tea from Japan. It is made with two ingredients, cherry blossom, and boiled water. The petals of cherry are specifically prepared and sold in markets. It has a delicious taste.0940c0d9f44d35b9e19b04bddaf93868

10.Melon Soda

Melon soda is a perfect drink famous in Japan. It has a refreshing taste. The flavor of this soft drink is sweet, fizzy, and chilled. It is the best drink to enjoy in summer.



Calpis is a brand in Japan that is associated with producing non-carbonated drinks. These soft drinks are made from water, non-fat dry milk, and lactic acid. Calpis has a flavor similar to yogurt. This drink is available in many flavors.

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12. Sake

Sake is a Japanese wine made from rice. It is made from fermented rice. There are more than 1500 varieties of this wine throughout the country. These are served in many different types of cups. It is one of the most prominent drinks in Japan.

Old Times Sake

13.Japanese Jelly Drink

In Japan, jelly drinks are trendy throughout the region. It contains fruity juice with a thick consistency that makes it unique from others. These drinks are also available as supplement drinks and can be enjoyed anytime.

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14. Shochu

Shochu is an exquisite alcoholic beverage with 25-35% alcohol content. The ingredients used to make this drink are buckwheat, barley, sweet potato, and distilled rice. Locally it is known as ‘burned liquor.’ It has an earthy taste.

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Uroncha is a tea that is a mix of green tea and black tea. It has many health benefits and is helpful in digestion. It has a light and floral taste.

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16. Ramune

Ramune is a soft-drink brand that is very famous in Japan. It comes in a unique bottle that makes it interesting to drink. It is available in more than 56 flavors and is one of the most refreshing drinks.

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17. Amazake

Amazake is a fermented rice drink from Japan. It is a traditional drink with a typical sweet taste. It has a shallow alcohol content which makes it safe for children to drink. It has a thick milky texture.


18. Flavored Soy Milk

Flavored soy milk is a delicious drink from Japan. The traditional soy milk from Japan comes in particular flavors like plum, sesame, matcha, and Sakura. It is a healthy drink too.

13.Soy milk


Kombu-cha is a kelp tea recipe from Japan. It is made from a non-tea plant called kombu seaweed (kelp). It is made with water and has a salty and umami taste. It contains no caffeine.

Tea with Honey


Umeshu is a plum wine enjoyed in Japan. This fruit liquor has a light sweet and sour taste with less than 15% alcohol volume. This drink is easy-to-make and can be prepared at home too.