Top 20 Snacks Found In the Streets of Kollam

Top 20 Snacks Found In the Streets of Kollam

Best Kollam Snacks

Kollam or Quilon is a large city in Kerala. It has a long coastline consisting of the Arabian Sea and the Ashtamudi Lake. It is a land of cashews and spices. There are small tea shops around every corner of the city.

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1. Uzhunnu Vada

The main ingredients of Uzhunnu vada are Urad dal, rice flour, ginger, curry leaves, chilly, etc. It is soft inside and crispy outside. It is round with a tiny hole in the middle. It is a nutritious snack.

best kollam snacks

2. Parippu Vada

Parippu means Dal. Pea’s dal is the main ingredient of Parippu Vada. It is a crispy snack. It is round in shape and is crispier towards the border side and is bulging towards the centre. It is a favorite snack of Kollam. Parippu Vada along with black tea is a popular food of communists in Kerala.It is one of the best kollam snacks available.

best kollam snacks


Ulli Vada

Ulli is Onion. Ulli Vada is made with gram flour. Onions are stuffed inside it. Onions are cooked till it reaches a golden brown color. Then it is dipped in gram flour and fried in hot oil. It is a crispy and one of the best kollam snacks available.

best kollam snacks

4. Mutta Bajji

Mutta is the egg. Mutta Bajji is made with gram flour. Boiled egg is sliced into half. The half egg is dipped in gram flour and is fried in hot oil. It goes well with a tomato sauce.

best kollam snacks


Mulaku Bajji

Mulaku means chilly. Long green chillies are used to make Mulaku Bajji. Seeds are removed from the chillies.It is made with gram flour. It is a long thin Bajji. It is a yummy snack to have with sauce. Mulaku Bajji is one of the best kollam snacks to get on the streets of Kollam.

best kollam snacks

6. Vazhakkai Bajji

Vazhakkai Bajji is made from raw banana. Banana is sliced into thin form. The sliced banana is dipped into the batter and is fried. It is a non-spicy snack which is a tasty delight for our mouth.

best kollam snacks


 Pineapple Bajji

Pineapple Bajji is made from pineapple. Pineapple is sliced into thin forms and is mixed with the batter and cooked. It is a delicious snack to have with Tea.

best kollam snacks

8. Brinjal Bajji

Brinjal is sliced and is mixed with batter to make the Brinjal Bajji. It has a different delightful taste.

best kollam snacks

9. Neyyappam

Rice, ghee, jaggery, etc are the main ingredients of Neyyappam. It tastes a bit sweet. It is round and is bulging towards the centre. Coconut pieces are also added to make it tastier. In some temples, it is given as a religious food to have for the devotees.

best kollam snacks



Alboori looks like a brown Uzhunnu Vada.It is made from raw rice, grated coconut, jaggery, etc. It has a dark brown shiny coat on the outside, and the inside is somewhat soft. It doesn’t need any side dish. It is bit sugary. In some other places, sugar is withered on top of it.


11. Bonda

Bonda is also called Undampori. It is made with wheat flour. It is a round, ball-shaped snack. It is hard outside and is soft towards the centre.

best kollam snacks

12. Sukhiyan

Sukhiyan is also known as Modhakam. It is made with different kinds of flours. Pre-cooked beans are stuffed inside it. It is a round yellow snack. It is a nutritious snack.


13. Pazham Pori

Pazham Pori or Vazhakkappam or Ethakkappam is made from ripe plantain. The plantain is sliced into thin form. Then it is dipped in the flour and put into hot oil. It is very easy to cook this snack. Even a beginner can cook it.

best kollam snacks

14. Vettu Cake

Vettu Cake is a type of cake with a small cut in the middle. It looks as if two pieces of cake are glued together. It is a tea cake. Egg and all purpose flour are the main ingredients. It is found in almost all the tea stalls.

best kollam snacks

15. MadaKku Boli

Madakku Boli is a sweet. It is also made from egg and all purpose flour. Madkaku is a Malayalam word for fold. It is yellow in color and is folded in shape. It is a crispy snack to have in the evening.


16. Murukku

Murukku is found in different sizes and shapes. There are many kinds of Murukku. Some of them are Rice Murukku, Garlic Murukku, Gram Flour Murukku, Chilly Murukku, etc. It is very crispy.

best kollam snacks

17. Samosa

Samosa is a common snack found throughout India. But Kollam Samosa is crispier than any other Samosa. Vegetables or meat is stuffed inside the Samosa. It goes well with tomato ketchup.

best kollam snacks

18. Pappada Vada

Pappada Vada is made from Pappads. Pappads are dipped in the rice batter and are cooked in hot oil. It is a very yummy crispy snack.

best kollam snacks

19. Unniyappam

Rice flour, jaggery, and banana are the main ingredients of Unniyappam. It is a small round shaped snack. Some temples cook this snack and give it as a Prasad.

best kollam snacks

20. Achappam

Achappam is a fried cookie. Plain flour, rice flour, egg, sugar, and salt are its contents. It is made with a specially shaped vessel that has holes in it (ach). The vessel is dipped in the mixture of ingredients and is put into hot oil. It is mildly sweet.

best kollam snacks

I have listed only a few of the snacks. There are many other snacks available in the streets. In the evenings, the tea shops are occupied by people to enjoy the tea with these snacks. I am sure it will give you a good food experience.