Top 20 Best Nicaraguan Dishes


Nicaragua is a Central American country with beautiful seascapes. The country is rich in architecture and monuments. It is famous for lots of lakes and volcanoes. It has a great culture and historical significance. The people are super friendly. This place also has a vibrant cuisine. There are lots of delicious dishes that are unique to this place. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best dishes that should be tried in Nicaragua.

1. Gallo Pinto

Gallo Pinto is considered the national dish of Nicaragua. It is prepared with rice and beans and has an authentic taste. It is enjoyed with cheese and plantains. It is a popular breakfast dish.

1. Gallo Pinto

2. Tres Leches

Tres Leches is a very famous milk cake recipe from Nicaragua. It is prepared with three different milk, mainly evaporated milk, condensed milk, and whole milk. This creamy and airy cake has a delicious taste and is served with strawberries.

2. Tres Leches

3. Carne Asada

Carne Asada is a very authentic and delicious recipe in Nicaragua. It consists of charcoal-grilled meat. It is a delicious meal served with rice, salad, and plantains.

3. Carne Asada

4. Indio Viejo

Indio Viejo is a trendy Nicaraguan beef stew recipe. It contains beef ribs, tomatoes, and orange bitters. It has a delicious taste and is prepared on special occasions.

4. Indio Viejo

5. Chicharron

Chicharrón is a popular pork rind recipe in Nicaragua. It consists of raw pig skin that is seasoned and fried. Olive oil and salt are also used in this dish. It has a crunchy texture and is a savory snack.

5. Chicharron

6. Rondon

Rondon is a clear seafood soup from Nicaragua. It has a very refreshing taste. It is prepared with coconut milk, crab, fish, vegetables, and plantain. It has a great flavor and a fresh aroma.

6. Rondon

7. Arroz a la Valenciana

Arroz a la Valenciana is a Valencian styled rice dish recipe from Nicaragua. It is prepared with rice and meat along with butter, tomato sauce, and white wine. It is a vibrant and authentic recipe.

7. Arroz a la Valenciana

8. Nacatamal

Nacatamal is a marvelous Nicaraguan tamales recipe. It consists of corn dough stuffed with chicken or pork wrapped in banana leaf. Vegetables and rice are also included sometimes. It has a refreshing taste and an authentic aroma.

9. Baho Vaho

9. Baho (Vaho)

Baho is a traditional dish in Nicaragua. It is prepared with steamed beef, plantains, and yuca in banana leaves. The beef is marinated before steaming. It has a great and refreshing taste.

9. Baho Vaho

10. Tajadas

Tajadas is a fried plantain recipe popular in Nicaragua. This dish is prepared with ripe plantains that are sliced and deep-fried. It is topped with shredded cheese.

10. Tajadas

11. Quesillo

Quesillo is a famous corn tortilla cheese recipe in Nicaragua. This unique dish is served in a small plastic bag and eaten as ice cream. Banana vinegar, sour cream, and soft cheese make it a perfect dish.

11. Quesillo

12. Sopa De Cola

Sopa de Cola is a very famous oxtail soup enjoyed in Nicaragua. The oxtail pieces are simmered in water with spices and vegetables. It is cooked in a large metal pot over an open fire. It has a delicious taste.

12. Sopa de Cola

13. Salpicon

Salpicon is a very delicious minced meat recipe from Nicaragua. It is prepared with minced beef, onion, and bell peppers. This dish is served with hot rice, fried plantains, and fried cheese. It is enjoyed on holidays.


14. Vigoron

Vigoron is a very delicious yuca and cabbage salad recipe from Nicaragua. It includes crispy pork skin too. It is traditionally served on the banana leaves. It has a refreshing and delightful taste.

14. Vigoron

15. Cajeta

Cajeta is a very famous fudge recipe from Nicaragua. It has a very delicious taste and comes in three flavors; milk, coconut, and papaya. They are readily available in markets.

15. Cajeta

16. Sopa de Mondongo

Sopa de Mondongo is a traditional and famous tripe soup recipe from Nicaragua. It is prepared with tripe, onion, bell peppers, and carrots. It has a delicious aroma and an attractive color.

16. Sopa de Mondongo

17. Pollo a la Plancha

Pollo a la Plancha is a very delicious chicken recipe from Nicaragua. In this recipe, only chicken breasts are used. Some spices are added to make it more flavorful. It is enjoyed with plantains, salads, and rice.

17. Pollo a la Plancha

18. Tostones

Tostones is a widely popular fried green plantains recipe from Nicaragua. The unripe plantains are sliced and deep-fried to attain a crispy dish. It is enjoyed as a side dish or snack.

18. Tostones

19. Berenjenas Rellenas

Berenjenas Rellenas is a popular stuffed eggplant recipe from Nicaragua. The eggplants are chopped in half. They are roasted and stuffed with ground meat, rice, and veggies. It has a mouth-watering taste. It is enjoyed with sauce.

19. Berenjenas Rellenas

20. Carne Pinchada

Carne pinchada is a meat recipe from Nicaragua. It consists of meat cooked and served on a stick. The meat is marinated in alcoholic sauce to give it a fantastic flavor. It has a delicious taste and is famous snack food.

20. Carne Pinchada