Top 20 Best Recipes Of World

world best


Mustard Stuffed Chicken

The Mustard Stuffed Chicken is famous recipe of the world. It is made with the ingredients like Chicken and Cheese. The Chicken is roasted well so that the texture becomes crispy. The non-vegetarian cannot resist eating it. It is served hot in the main course.


Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani is a very popular dish. The desi style of making Chicken Biryani is famous everywhere. The dish is a main course dish which is loved by all. The Biryani is very rich in Indian Spices like Garam Masala. The dish is served hot with the pieces of Chicken.


 Cheese Macroni

Cheese Macroni is a western dish famous all over in the world. The dish is loved by children as well as an adult. The cheesiness of the dish is the power of the dish which no one can resist eating it. The dish is baked in the microwave.


 Roasted Chicken

Chicken dishes are popular in every part of the world, but the Roasted Chicken is very popular. The boneless chicken is roasted. Then it is served crispy to the consumers.


Roasted Potatoes

Potatoes are all time favourite of all kind of people. And when the Potatoes are roasted with the Masalas it becomes tastier. Then the dish is served hot as a snack.


 Mexican Rice

The Mexican Rice is the type of Biryani in which Basmati rice is cooked with some Veggie like Onion and Jeera. Then the rice is given the special Mexican flavor. Then they are served with Yoghurt or Salad.


 Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala is a main course dish which is made up of Garlic, Ginger, Chicken, etc. The Chicken is marinated with the Masala and cooked. The recipe is famous all over the world and made differently.


 Potato Chips

Potato Chips is the dish available at every street of the city. The Potato Chips is the snack which satisfies your hunger at any time. The snack is the favourite time pass dish of people.


Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a common thing which is eaten by all in the world. The Ice Cream is available in many flavours and of many types. The Ice Cream is the dish which is generally eaten in summers but in many place it is enjoyed in the winters also. The Ice Cream is the dish or thing which is loved by all.



The Pizza is another fast food of western side and is famous all over the world. The Pizza is made up of the Pizza base and flavour accordingly. The Pizza is available easily anywhere anytime. It is an instant dish.


Cheese Burger

Cheese Burger is the total western dish which is loved by the youth. It is the famous fast food which is available easily. The slice of Cheese is the big bumper surprise. The crispy Bun is also very tasty and inviting.


Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake is the adorable cake of all the time. The Cheesy Cake is loved by all whether it is children or adult. The dish is baked in an oven. When the Cake is cut, the melted Cheese comes out and no one can resist eating it.



There are many types of Noodles like Hakka Noodles, Chilly Garlic Noodle, Cheese Noodles, etc. The recipe is the Chinese and made all over in the world. The dish is made according to the choice of consumers.


Pan Cakes

Pancakes are the type of baked Paratha which is made up of the ingredients like Flour, Cheese, Egg, melted Butter, Milk etc. It is the dish which is made instantly at any time. The dish is loved by the children. The Cakes are served hot as well as at the room temperature. The dish is very popular all over the world. It is very easy to make at home also. The dish is very delicious that no one can resist eating it.


Pani Puri

The Pani Puri is the popular street food of India which is famous all over the world. The dish is made up of the Tikha and Mitha Pani and the Puri. The water is Masaledar and served in the Puri. The snack is very good.



The Coffee is a drink which is famous worldwide. The Coffee is generally preferred in winters. The drink is made in two ways, the first one is hot Coffee and the second one is cold Coffee. The Coffee powder is made up of roasted Coffee Beans.


Vegetable Biryani

The Vegetable Biryani is the recipe which is made all over the world. The dish is very healthy as well as tasty. The Biryani is made up of the ingredients like seasonable vegetables and Basmati Rice. The dish is served as the main course. The Biryani is made special by adding Garam Masala into it. The Garam Masala increases the taste and gives the dish a desi flavour.


Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll the very popular street food in the world. The Roll is made up of the Meda and the Paneer, Capcicum, Tomato and Onion are stuffed into it. Then it is served with the Chutney.



Momos is the famous Chinese dish. The dish is steamed. There is a special Sancha for making the Momos. The stuffing of Momos is made by the Veggies and then it is packed and baked in steam. The dish is served with the two types of Sauces, the one is red which is made up of the Red Chilli and the other one is White Sauce.


Hot Dog

Hot Dog is the traditional type of sandwich. The Bun of the dish is big and the big Aloo Tikki is stuffed inside it. The Sauces are spread over it to make it tasty. The dish is very popular as a street food.