Top 20 Best Sandwiches That Can Never Be Left Uneaten


1 Tomato Cucumber Sandwich

This is one of the simplest sandwiches to make. As the name says, Tomato and Cucumber are the basic ingredients which make up the most part of this sandwich. They are topped in between two bread slices along with sauces of one’s choice. This is usually served in a raw state to gulp the natural taste.


2 Grilled Bombay Veg Sandwich

 Bombay is considered to be the center place or you can say the famous place in the list of street food. The street food we talk about has to be something that consumes less cooking time. So nothing can be better than sandwiches. Now when we talk about the grill, it is nothing but simply hard pressing the sandwich for all things to get packed up on pan leaving behind roller lines on the surface to look yummy enough. The ingredients include our normal veggies as per one’s choice.


3 Vegetable Mayo Sandwiches

The current trend is accepting western culture along with food habits. Hence many have moved to using Mayonnaise.  This is nothing but processed cheese. Now you can imagine the perfect combo of veggies and cheese.


4 Curd Base Sandwich

 To remain inclined to the Indian base and also to satisfy the older curd lovers, here we have this amazingly yummy Curd Sandwich. This is a perfect blend of veggies and curd mixed together to form a thick layer on bread. It is usually served with tomato ketchup to get that sweet and sour taste. It is preferred to be eaten uncooked. It can be called a Raita Sandwich.


5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is something that cheese lovers wouldn’t afford missing. This one is a perfect blend of cheese and bread cooked or grilled together to look brown. Not all can love this one as nothing is stuffed apart from cheese.


6 Veg Cheese Sandwich

 Another common name in the list of sandwiches is Veg Cheese Sandwich. It is a simple veg sandwich with a  lot of cheese. It is served raw to retain the salad taste. It can be counted amongst healthy ones.


7 Onion Garlic Cheese Grill

 Here’s something that Onion lovers would always go for. The Onion Garlic combo is always a preferred veggie combo to get the spicy feeling along-with the yummy mouth watery taste. These two go well with cheese resulting in an awesome dish loved by all.


8 Paneer Bhurji Combo

 This name reminds us of the Egg Bhurji. But to our pleasure, you can call it the veg version of the same. It is made by grating Paneer cubes to look like Bhurji and later stuffed with cheese to form a thick layer of the bread slices. Paneer lovers cannot afford to miss tasting this one. When served with various sauces, the satisfaction is worth the hunger.


9 Aloo Masala Grill Cheese

Many people love potato bread combination as it is the most basic Indian combination to form a dish full of wonders. When a potato is mixed with a variety of spices, the color and taste are worth the effort in making a perfect stuffing for the sandwich. You just have to place this stuff in between slices and allow them to cook in presence of cheese, giving them a flavor and look like never before.


10 Mushroom Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Slightly moving ahead of the Indian bases, we introduce an uncommon sandwich not so popular in olden times. Although this one is emerging in the recent times. The mushroom is left to boil decently, later mixed with spices to make it slightly flavorful. The cheese acts as a base of the mixture. The grill is a must to make them all fit in perfectly right proportions in the slices.


11 Corn Cheese Sandwich

 After all the spicy talks, it’s time to introduce something that leaves your mouth sweet forever. Corn is sweet when eaten raw. Its sweetness lessens when cooked. So it now depends on the person whether to go for raw or cooked corn as stuffing. Like mentioned earlier, cheese is must to perfectly form a thick texture.


12 Chocolate Sandwich

 The name itself will make your mouth water. Imagine the impact of seeing hot chocolate flow in your dish alongside your hands! This one is made by stuffing hot chocolate in between the slices to spill pour the stuffing even on edges and surface making it look yummy. Nothing can be more tempting than this. No-one can stop licking their fingers even after they have finished eating the smallest bite.


13 Pizza Sandwich

 This can be listed as the hybrid sandwich. It has been designed to fulfill the wish to have Pizza. Not always can Pizza be eaten or found. This is when Pizza Sandwich serves the purpose. It is cooked keeping in mind the tactics of making Pizza.


14 Veg Burger

 This is the English version of Veg Sandwich. The only difference is the look and feel of the dish. It is made by stuffing in the tikka of all veggies roasted to look brown.


15 Royal Veg Sandwich

This one has to be rich in veggies as the name needs the justification of being royal. You can add various combinations of vegetables. The right proportion of spices is the most important thing here.


16 Mumbai Special Cheese Sandwich

 Again we come back to our age-old street food.  Mumbai special cheese sandwich has some undefined charm that cannot be experienced anywhere else. . It is a perfect blend of chat ingredients to leave you to lick your fingers.


17 Chilly Cheese Sandwich

 Some people are spice lovers. The real fun of having spicy food is the one originated from chilies. So here we go, Chilly Cheese Sandwich to serve your quest for spice. The cheese used here acts as a compensator for the extra spice.


18 Tomato Onion Club

 Now it’s time to club few usual but tasty ingredients to come up with dishes like never before. This one is of that kind. Tomato and Onion do go hand in hand with each other. Their togetherness is well known due to Pizza. Same is the case with this sandwich, the only difference being cheese as the mediator.


19 Aloo Tikki Sandwich

 Moving ahead to simpler sandwiches, we have this Aloo Tikki sandwich which is nothing but placing the Tikki made of various veggies especially Aloo in presence of grated spices along with the roasted bread in between the bread slices. The grill on top would help enhance the look and taste.


20 Club Sandwich

 The name says it all. This one has no limitation for the use of ingredients. It’s purely consumer’s choice. One can add innumerable combos as a part of the same sandwich. This is usually done in the presence of a lot of cheese as the medium.