Top 20 Best Snacks To Have In Vadodara

Top 20 Best Snacks To Have In Vadodara
Top 20 Best Snacks To Have In Vadodara

Vadodara, earlier known as Baroda is one of the famous cities in Gujarat. This city is popular for its rich culture and heritage. Vadodara known for Banyan (Vad) trees which are available in abundance in the city. This is a cosmopolitan city wherein people of different parts of India reside like people from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and even Bengal.

Such diversity in Vadodara is reflected in its food. The city is having a great variety of delicacies and people love it here. In short, we can say that this place is for ‘Foodies’. Snacks of Vadodara are very famous. People spend a lot of time with their families in various food outlets to enjoy the authentic taste of the city. So here is the list of top 20 best snacks to have in Vadodara –

1. Sev Usal

Undoubtedly, this dish in Vadodara is the most popular snack. Not only is it considered a snack but also people relish sev usual at any part of the day. Sev Usal is unique to Vadodara. One will hardly find this dish in any other city of India. It is basically sev made up of besan mixed with spicy gravy and a curry of peas. It is then garnished with spring onion and lemon and enjoyed with pav.

Sev Usal

2. Dabeli

Dabeli is also known as the ‘Gujarati Vadapav’, instead of vada, smashed potato with special Dabeli masala is put between two pavs. This is offered with sweet and delightful chutney. This snack is also very famous in Vadodara. People love to have it during evenings.


3. Various Delicacies Of Egg

People of Vadodara are crazy about eggs. The city is having a different kind of obsession for eggs and is having many varieties of it. Egg biryanis, Anda-Pav, Cheese omelettes are some egg preparations that people enjoy in the city. One should definitely try the different forms of eggs found here as it is something unique to this city.

Various Delicacies Of Egg

4. Fafda & Jalebi

Another famous snack of Vadodara is Fafda and Jalebi. It is an exclusive delicacy of Gujarat and is relished by ‘Barodians’. Fafda’s are long and thin fried strips of besan which is complimented by a pleasing and famous sweet ‘jalebi’. The Papaya’s chutney with it is responsible for enriching its taste and flavor.

Fafda & Jalebi

5. Sandwiches

Sandwich is something which is very famous in Gujarat. You will get a diverse variation in types of Sandwiches. Cheese sandwich, Potato sandwich, Masala sandwich are some of the popular varieties. The stalls of sandwiches are spread throughout the city. One can enjoy a lovely delightful sandwich of their choice as a perfect snack there.


6. Dhokla

How can one forget Dhoklas when talking about best snacks available in Vadodara? Dhokla is something which is considered both a snack as well as a breakfast item. It is a very delicious preparation which is prepared by fermantted batter of rice, chickpea flour and urad dal. A Gujarati thali is incomplete without a dhokla as a side dish.


7. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is also a very famous snack of Vadodara. Bhaji means Vegetables. It is basically a spicy mix of different vegetables enjoyed with Pav. The Pavs are fried with butterand and then served with the Bhaji to make it super delicious in taste. People of Vadodara love to enjoy this delicacy.

Pav Bhaji

8. Poha

Poha is another famous dish which is found all over India, and Vadodara is no exception. In Vadodara Poha is served with sev and fruits like Pomegranate and Banana which is unique yet a tasty and wholesome way to have this dish. This dish is both a snack as well as a breakfast in Vadodara.


9. Bhajia

There are varieties of Bhajia available in the streets of Vadodara. People enjoy to have it as a snack. Bhajia is a layer of besan over a potato or a chilly. It is relished with onions and chutney. People in Vadodara generally eat bhajia along with a cup of tea as a snack.


10. Vada Pav

Vadodara is near Mumbai and was once a kingdom of Maharashtiran King Sir Sayajirao Gaekward. So it is obvious that the city possess a taste of Maharashtra. Hence, Vada Pav is very famous snack of Vadodara despite it being a popular dish of Maharashtra.

Vada Pav

11. Ragda Pattice

This dish is basically a chole tikki dish of India in Gujarat, especially Vadodara. Smashed potato fried and mixed with chole curry, onions and sweet chutney is what a Ragda Pattice is. It is also a popular snack of Vadodara.

Ragda Pattice

12. Farsan

The local name of snacks in Gujarat is Farsan. It includes a variety of sweet and salty snacks like gathia, sev, leelo chevdo, bhakarwadi and what not. It is found in every household of Vadodara and is generally home-made. These are also enjoyed with tea in TV serials in households of Vadodara.


13. Thepla

Thepla is a unique roti made up of methi and wheatflour. It is enjoyed with ‘Gaud – Keri’ which is a tasty sweet mango pickle typically found in Gujarat. Thepla is offered as a breakfast, snack or a side dish of a particular meal. This delicacy is also loved by the people of Vadodara.


14. Kulfi

Vadodara is very near to Rajasthan. The  nearest city of Rajasthan is Udaipur. Hence one will find stalls of ‘Rajasthani Kulfi’ all around the city offering different kind of kulfi like chocolate kulfi, mango kulfi, strawberry kulfi etc. People enjoy these kulfis in the evening as a snack and also as a desert after dinner.


15. Kachori

Kachori found in Vadodara are different from the Kachoris in North India. Here the Kachori are comparatively small. The stuffing is prepared of sweet and salty masala. These are garnished with variety of sauce as per one’s liking and taste


16. Samosa Chat

Samosa Chat is also a popular snack in Vadodara. Samosa served with variety of sauces, chole, sev and onions becomes a Samosa Chat. There are certain famous outlets in Vadodara offering this delicacy. A huge crowd is gathered near the stalls to enjoy this unique preparation in the city.

Samosa Chaat

17. Pani-Puri

The western name of Gol-Gappa is Pani Puri. This dish is favourite to each and every state of India. The stalls offering Pani Puri also offers other dishes in Vadodara like dahi papdi, bhelpuri, puna-misal and many other preparations of chaat and papdi. People enjoy all these items as a snack in Vadodara.


18. Chinese Dishes

People of Vadodara are also crazy about variety of Chinese preparation. Hakka noodles, fried rice and Manchurians are popular in Vadodara. One can easily see many food vans in the streets of Vadodara offering these famous Chinese dishes and people enjoying them with their families.

Chinese Dishes

19. Puff

People in Western India call Pattice as Puff. Puff is another popular snack of Vadodara. It is offered by various food joints. A variety of Puffs are available with them. Some of the most famous puffs are Paneer puff, Chinese puff, Aaloo Puff and Pizza Puff. These unique varieties of Puffs attract various people across the city during evening time.


20. Lassi & Faluda

Lassi, a famous drink of Punjab is also very popular in Vadodara. There are different kinds of lassi available in Vadodara which has the capability to fill your apetite. In Vadodara, Lassi is served with a twist i.e. it is offered with Faluda which makes it very flavorsome and filling. Mango Lassi, chocolate lassi, strawberry lassi are some of the famous lassis which are popular in the city.

Lassi & Faluda