Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Ahmedabad


1. Mainland China

It is one of the authentic Chinese restaurants providing spicy and tasty food with welcoming staff. People who visited this place recommend the Chao soup and Veg Manchurian over here. It is also the place for dinner due to the classic dishes they provide at optimum prices. They also have the facility of buffets in all week days including appetizers, main course, and desserts according to your choice of items.

Mainland China

2. Nonya Hyatt

This restaurant is an elegant pan-Asian restaurant in one of the top upscale hotels in Ahmedabad with a terrace and tea bar. These features make it suitable for all the dating people giving you a quality time with your loved ones after a long routine stress on you in the day. It also provides Hunan cuisine which is one of the eight traditions of Chinese cuisine of hot and sour flavor with the fresh aroma of the dishes.


 3. Crazy Noodles

This restaurant offers you a limited menu of right choices at light pocket prices and comfortable sitting arrangement. People would recommend the Chilli Garlic Noodles, Spicy Fire Mushrooms, and Cottage Cheese. The place is suitable for those who have mixed feelings about both Indian and Chinese items. Here, even the desserts would steal the show and so if you order the correct course of a meal, then you are all set to go for a memorable dining experience.

Crazy Noodles

4. China House Hyatt Regency

This place offers Chinese and Asian cuisines and also Seafood items.  The prices are a little expensive but if you are looking for peaceful and sober ambience with some authentic Chinese dishes, this is the place to go. The presentation of the food is in a classic style and so it does justice to the popularity it has at that expense

China House-Hyatt Regency

5. The Turban

If you are looking for flavors other than taste and also some small variations in the proportion and spices to take the dish to a different level than the routine ones, then this is the place to go. This restaurant has a peaceful atmosphere with royal looking interiors and people recommend the Karari Roomali Roti, Veg 65, and Ravioli Butter Masala.

The Turban

6. Max Kitchen

It is one of the Mughlai restaurants in Ahmedabad with North-Indian and Chinese Cuisines and is also a casual dining spot suitable for people who have a busy routine schedule. Also, many customers have mixed feelings about this place and rely on it for any kind of Chinese food and this restaurant produced better results from the experimentation of new Customer reviews.

Max Kitchen

7. Nanjing

This restaurant sits on the top floor of C.G. Square mall and the location gives an edge as it is accessible to many people who visit the mall and with the outlook of this place, no one would miss it. The decor is a piece of art with soothing background music to the customers and an atmosphere of yellow and orange lights fulfilling everyone’s fantasy with an ambience of love and peace.


8. Gloria The Restaurant

Gloria is the place for all kinds of buffets with correct options like starters, main course, and desserts and mock tails too. The atmosphere is relaxing and soothing to the customers with friendly service as the staff here are courteous and caring.

Gloria-The Restaurant

9. Wok On Fire

It is one of the recent Chinese outlets in Ahmedabad and a preferred dining spot for many right now. This restaurant offers you a variety of Chinese cuisines in ethnic style and even Asian food with starters and rolls and a collection of many desserts and mocktails or mojitos which are in frequency with the food satisfying you in every way possible.

Wok On Fire

10. Hong Kong

This Chinese restaurant is one of the places that provide South-East Asian food and according to customer reviews who visited this place; the recommended items are Dim Sums, Mongolian Noodles. It also features in meat cravings and Pan-Asian delicacies.

Hong Kong

11. The Global Kitchen

This restaurant offers many kinds of Cuisines which are Italian, North-Indian, Mexican, and Thai other than Chinese. The menu has a variety items and the customers love the taste and the presentation they provide and this place shows sophistication with an upper-class inside look. It is suitable for office meetings at dinner or when you are meeting guests. Regular customers of this restaurant would recommend the Pesto Pasta, and Risotto balls.

The Global Kitchen

 12. Brick Kitchen

People love this place. The Khow Suey is the one you should not miss and regarding about the taste, it goes up a notch. One thing about this place is that staff concentrates on their presentation skills and seriously take the feedback of the customers. The starters and the main course are flawless in taste and appearance.

Brick Kitchen

 13. The Chinese Factory

It is one of the restaurants for all kinds of Chinese dishes at reasonable prices and also at correct hygienic and quality levels. People who visited this place would recommend the Manchurian items and rice.

The Chinese Factory

 14. Rustyard Social Adda

This place is the combination of delicious recipes and ambiance for the quality of food and service they provide. The lightings, interior decor, and the theme of the seating arrangement will make your day and allows you to have a memorable dining experience.

Rustyard Social Adda

15. Capsicum

The menu of this restaurant offers a variety of items from all different cuisines including cocktails, Soups and fast foods like Pizza, Pasta, and Manchurian items. The dinner arrangement at this place seems like a marriage wedding with all the live counters as you wait for your stuff preparation. It is a preferred spot to visit in groups so that everyone can have their favourites and for the decent quality and ambience.


 16. Teppenyaki

It is one of the food stalls in Alpha one Mall serving Chinese food without any added colors or variants, keeping the taste in an authentic way. The recommended items over this place are fried rice, noodles, and momos.


17. Page One

Page One is a family restaurant feeling for the appealing ambience and staff. At this place, you should get Baked Marconi with Cheese and taste this heavenly food for it is worth it. Coming to the main dish, people would recommend the Kaju Curry and Gulab Jamun for the dessert.

Page One

18. Patang The Revolving Restaurant

Patang is one of the landmarks for those who don’t just go for the food but for the overall memorable experience and the important thing is that it sits on the banks of river Sabarmati and is one of the finest restaurants in Ahmedabad. The food is also delicious and also a buffet choice is available with many options for starters, main course, and desserts. Also, the quality of food and services are up to the people’s expectations.

Patang-The Revolving Restaurant

19.  Ikobo Sizzlers

It was the king of all Sizzlers due to the quality and service they provide and their close attention to the customers which made a bookmark in everyone’s mind when it comes to speaking of Chinese food or restaurants in Ahmedabad. It also has the consistency of taste over many years. In this place, people prefer the Chicken and Veg Club Sizzlers and Fried rice.

Ikobo Sizzlers

20. Yanki Sizzlers

This restaurant offers Continental and Italian Cuisines despite Chinese ones. At this spot, people would recommend the Yanki and Chinese mushroom Sizzlers and also a Russian Salad. The ambience of this place gives a cozy dining experience and also, the quantity of food they serve is satisfactory to many persons at those prices.

Yanki Sizzlers