Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Gurgaon

Chinese food is a significant part of Chinese culture. Chinese food has impacted numerous different cooking styles in Asia and some, with alterations made to take care of neighborhood palates. Gurgaon has various restaurants for Chinese food; here is a list of the 20 best restaurants for Chinese food in Gurgaon. All these restaurants are a must-try.

1. The Bamboo House

The flavor of bamboo house Chinese food is tasty and reasonable. You will find this spot better among numerous Chinese outlets. Cooked with low consumable oil and the excellent taste of authentic Chinese food. If you are a Chinese food freak, you will love this restaurant. The quantity is sufficient, and the cost is reasonable.

2. The Chinese Panda

Chinese food can be the answer to many issues. With pocket-accommodating costs, one can devour dated energetic oriental admission alongside family or companions. With fun live gigs and free Wi-Fi, they keep their supporters very much involved. This eatery has insides that are easy-going and faintly lit. The food here is delicious and a must-try.

3. China Club

With a vast amount of Pan-Asian choices, China Club treats its Chinese significantly in a profound way. They have terrific food, and the staff is accommodating and generous. This restaurant is a must-visit for all. The ambiance of the place is fantastic.

4. Dragon Ball 

Dragon Ball serves authentic Chinese with a hint of Desi Tadka to give an extraordinary taste to clients. They have a wide variety of food items, including Momos, Soups, Fried Fingers, noodles, etc. This is a pure veg Chinese restaurant. The food is delicious and mouth-watering.

5. Yo! China

This easy-going eating café is situated at Good Earth City Centre, Gurgaon. The walled block eatery has two stories with orange seats and wooden tables. The spot is roomy enough with comfortable and sufficiently bright eating space. The food here is terrific, and the staff is courteous. This is a fantastic Chinese restaurant.

6. Sidewok Restaurant 

Decor is a bit understated; however entirely in line with the theme. It always keeps in anticipates of the warm, dry plate on your fingertips and the smells of a great meal in every breath, worth every penny spent.

7. Dimsum And Co. 

Dimsum and Co. are one fine put in to request food quality Chinese food. They never disappoint with their quality and quantity. The food is delicious. They also have helpful staff. The ambiance is peaceful and calm; this is the ideal restaurant to enjoy fantastic dim sum.

8. Eest

Relish the otherworldly kinds of Asia at EEST with three certain foods – Chinese, Japanese and Thai, with the menu made to catch the quintessence of every area. Is one fine submit to request food quality Chinese food. Outwardly striking in each design, this rich café highlights a great collection from Expat Asian gourmet experts, utilizing customary fixings and strategies.

9. Wai YU Mun Ching

It’s simply that it’s a usual spot with an extravagant menu. Food taste and the amount was additionally delicate. The public involvement in tidiness, show, and immense energy of Chinese food is likewise there.

10. Asia Kitchen By Mainland China

The spot offers bona fide Chinese foods. Superb food, excellent help, extensive air, pleasant staff! Each thing is terrific. The style and its relieving mood are the key highlights. Faint lights, roomy and perfectly enhanced inside. This restaurant is a must-visit.

11. Bercos 

Bercos offers an extraordinary feeling, delicious food, cordial staff, flawless assistance and Coronavirus conventions followed; everything at Bercos is excellent and fulfilling. In general, the food is enticing, slobber commendable, and worth biting the dust for. It is a terrific Chinese restaurant.

12. Master Koi’s

This spot is a diamond on the off chance that you are searching for Asian food. The food is delicious, with kinds of galangal, turmeric, and chilies. The zest and flavors are inspiring. The staff is generous and courteous. This restaurant is a must-visit.

13. Golden Dragon

This spot has an old feel and not most lively of the energies however, to have a relaxed feast with bunches of prattle and no loud music alongside good Chinese food obviously, then this is your place. The food quality is excellent, and the ambiance is at par.

14. Yum Yum Cha

Yum Yum Cha is an imaginative chain of cafés that spotlights on the cutting-edge side of Japanese and Chinese cooking. Their menu is refreshingly innovative and originally handles Asian food in an original manner. Your sense of taste goes through a rollercoaster of momentary flavors, arranged as you have never tasted them before beginning with their faint momos.

15. Big Wong 

A little and comfortable spot to eat. Great place to have Chinese however, extremely restricted assessment for veg individuals. It is a bit costly; however, worth the effort. The food is excellent here, and the service is prompt. They have a positive vibe. This restaurant is a must-visit.

16. Chilly China

This is an authentic Chinese Food Unit in Sushant Lok 1 region giving Chinese Items at exceptionally alluring and pocket cordial pocket. They cook a portion of the remarkable foodie things with the most extreme taste while keeping up with legitimate cleanliness and your food comes steaming hot and new in exceptionally great taste.

17. Asia Seven

They serve an assortment of authentic Asian food. The buffet platter has various choices for veggie lovers and non-vegetarians. Asia Seven, as the name recommends, is a credible Asian café. The spot serves sushi, dim sums, and a decent assortment of dishes. The staff is gracious and the help is fast. You can attempt a lot of dishes here and you will partake in everything. They have reviving beverages which go well the cooking. The taste is flavorful and it’s a spot worth visiting, particularly if you like Asian food.

18. Yangkiez

The amount and quality both are great. The food is hot and new. The varieties of momos like chicken momos, baozza momos, humdinger momos both chicken and veg, chocolate momos, makhni momos, schezwan momos, thai momos etc. They have varieties of beverages, soups, and different things also, and all are heavenly. They merit each penny. The food is terrific.

19. Wangshi’s

This is a terrific Chinese restaurant and have exceptionally delicious food. It is small but would cater to all your needs. They also provide a calm and peaceful vibe. The service here is prompt and have a wide variety of dishes.

20. Fork With Stick

As usual, fork with stick won’t ever dishearten. Fun and liberal part incredible meticulousness and consistency. Delicate noodles with unique sauce blend. Momos and dimsums had a liberal measure of stuffing, and bean stew sauce are marvelous. They have fantastic service and this is a must-try restaurant.