Top 20 Condensed Milk Recipes

Condensed Milk Recipes

Condensed milk is made from cow’s milk from which water has been separated. Condensed milk is divided into two parts:

  1. Sweetened condensed milk
  2. Unsweetened condensed milk

Both act as same basis. Everyone has a sweet tooth, which gets watery by seeing the dishes. Condensed milk is  not only used for sweets dishes but can also be used for marinating. We can also make soups, salads, ice-cream, cakes, and what not by adding condensed milk in dishes. It not only enhance the flavors but also makes the dishes more divine or we can give any dish a twist by completely changing its flavor from sour to sweet.

So, here are 20 condensed milk recipes:

1. Blackberry Ripple Ice-Cream

This ice-cream is creamy and one can impress anyone by making this at home. Condensed milk, cream, vanilla extracts, and blackberries are used to make it. The creaminess and sweetness of the milk is so relishing. The berries add a sour taste to the ice-cream, but is well balanced by the sweet cream and condensed milk. The ice-cream can be swirl over to create marble effect or can be scooped in waffle cones.


2 Cherry Ripe Slice

As the name suggest, it is a cake. Ingredients are flour, caster sugar, butter, sweetened condensed milk, and pink liquid food coloring. Cherry ripe slice is an excellent evening snack. Crisp wafer and the soft creamy texture are really mouthwatering. The aroma of flavor and richness of condensed milk is yummy to eat and is a treat for all.


3 Neapolitan Fudge

Neapolitan Fudge is creamy and juicy. Simpe in cooking, this dessert is thick and soft in texture and the real raspberry adds to the flavor. The condensed milk further puts creaminess and sweetness to the fudge. It tastes good when chilled. This delicious fudge is refreshing and can be made with more fruits and wafers.


4 Avocado Ice-Cream

Avocado ice-cream is a healthy ice-cream which awesome taste. The ice-cream is made from real avocado, and condensed milk. This Tangy taste of the avocado and the addition flavor or mint leaves is a great appetizer. Coconut can also be added to get a good aroma. Having nutrition content, ice-cream is must enjoyed during dinner.


5 Apricot Mousse

Apricot Mousse is a dessert based on dry fruits. Having a pleasant aroma, this dessert is easy to make. This mousse has nutrition value and is an energy giver. The sweet apricot and thick condensed milk goes well together and provide an everlasting taste. Most of the restaurants sell this dessert, but one can make it at home as well.


6 Fresh Bean Casserole

Fresh Bean Casserole is luscious recipe which is easy to cook. This dish contains a whole lot of freshly chopped beans (which is very good for health). This 40 minutes recipe can be made with your variation; we can add mushrooms, garlic, onion, and tomatoes and to add a twist to this recipe here we can add unsweetened condensed milk. By adding the unsweetened condensed milk, this recipe changes it taste,. Its smooth velvety texture is just exquisite.


7 Tamale Frittata

Tamale Frittata is a mix of both Italian and Mexican dish where word Tamale stands for seasoned meat and Frittata stands for omelette which is served with additional ingredients like cheese or meat. For this dish you need is just eggs, meat (tamales), cheese, and few ingredients like onions, tomatoes, and coriander for garnishing. Then we all need to do is barbecue and then bake it to make it more crispier. This dish can be cooked using unsweetened condensed milk. By adding this additional ingredient, we are adding more creamy texture to it as eggs already have their taste and of course the meat is so tender. Now, you can make sure how lip smacking this cheesy dish would be.


8 Turkey Tetrazzini

Turkey Tetrazzini is classic recipe that all people of all ages would love to eat. This dish can be made in just 45 minutes and the recipe is very easy. Just take two turkeys, mix them with creamy, cheesy, smooth sauce made with cheese and unsweetened condensed milk and then bake with boiled spaghetti. If you want to please your stomach try out this dish, you will definitely get satisfactory results.


9 Eggnog – Fresh Toast

To start a delightful morning all you need is this recipe; it will definitely made your morning good. Just beat eggs, unsweetened condensed milk, sugar with some spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and dip the bread slices into this mixture. Toast them and then see the magic, and the golden brown crispy bread will make you fall in love with it.


10 Smoking Almond Blue Cheese Dip

This cheesy dip is something which one can’t stop eating. This dip with unsweetened condensed milk adds extra silky texture to the dip. It is a mixture of mayonnaise, sour cream, vinegar, and cheese with smoked almonds. These smoked almonds give this dip a smoky yet a classy flavor.


11 Costa Rican – Eggnog

This drink is so light and relaxing that it can make everyone’s energy restored. This drink is part of Latin America’s time and is usually made during Christmas. You just need to whisk egg yolks with unsweetened or sweetened condensed milk and add spices like cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, etc. to make it more flavorful and tasty. This mild and cold drink can make you happy.


12 Hot Chocolate Oatmeal Sauce

Chocolate is everyone’s favorite and making a drink with chocolate and adding grains is like  one’s dream come true. To make this simple recipe, first you need to blend oats with water and then add unsweetened condensed milk with spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, etc. At last ,add melted chocolate to it. Adding unsweetened condensed milk will enhance the taste and flavors. The flakey texture of the oats and mellow taste of chocolate adds marvelous delight to our taste buds.


13 Lemon Bread

Lemon Bread is everyone’s favorite, be it children or adults. Everyone loves to eat lemon bread. This is an easy recipe which includes all-purpose flour, lemon, eggs, condensed milk, and lemon zest. This tangy, sweet-sour recipe will make your mind go crazy.


14 Meatball Kebabs

All non-vegetarian lovers are in love with kebabs. There snack is kebabs only and there’s no one who would not like meatball kebabs. Now the recipe of meatballs remains the same but you all must be thinking how condensed milk is used in this recipe. Condensed milk (unsweetened) helps the meat to stick with all the ingredients. This is a perfect mouthwatering dish which will excite your taste bud.


15 Cranberry Salad

Salads are very healthy  and  can be eaten at anytime. Salads are very easy to make; they don’t require lot of efforts unlike others, just put your favorite greens in the bowl ( like lettuce, beans , sprouts , capers, cucumbers , tomatoes , onions , lemon juice), cranberries,  and toss them with the best seasoning.  In salads, dressing is the most important thing. In this salad recipe, dressing includes cranberries juice, unsweetened condensed milk, and cheese and at last give it a toss.

SL Make Ahead Thanksgiving Sides November 2017 Classic Cranberry Salad

16 Ham White Bean Soup

Soups are a way healthy dish to have once in a day as it does not involve any kind of fats. This soup has a velvety texture due to beans, all-purpose flour, and the unsweetened condensed milk used. This soup also include tender ham which goes well with this soup. This soup is called white because of its sauce.


17 Almond Milk

Milk being rich in all terms is required for a healthy body. Every mother wants that their children should drink milk to get calcium but they always fail to make their children love the milk, but after serving this drink your children will definitely not go away from milk and adding almonds sharpens the memory which is just wonderful. All you need is crushed almonds, milk, cloves, cardamom, and condensed milk (sweetened) and blend it all together. This can be served as warm or chilled.


18 Mango Pudding

Mango is heart stealer of everyone. This method is so yummy and palatable that one cannot describe it in words; you have to taste this mango recipe. This recipe includes mangoes, curd, and condensed milk. The common thing between theses 3 ingredients are that all have creamy smooth silky texture and all together combines to give a really exciting taste.


19 Coconut Sorbet

This recipe includes only three elements that is water, coconut ,and sweetened condensed milk. For making this hearty and refreshing dish you just need to mix all three of them in a baking tin and then set it for freezing for at least 4 to 5 hours and serve it chilled.


20 Mocha 

Coffee acts an energy booster to the body. For this recipe you all need are biscuits, coco powder, walnuts, coffee powder, and condensed milk (sweetened). Mix all the ingredients and freeze it till they are chilled totally and serve. The coffee infused flavor in all the ingredients makes this dish delightful and appealing. It can be served with whipped cream on top.