Top 20 Cuisines in Kozhikode

Top 20 Cuisines in Kozhikode
Top 20 Cuisines in Kozhikode

1Hotel Paragon

It is the number one in Malabar cuisine and much famous for its Biryani and even for prawns and mango curry. The standard of food quality is quite good. As a matter of fact, the service here is efficient and clean, and it is more of a functional restaurant than a deluxe one. Also, the menu is wide and includes a lot of Kerala and its foods. It is one among the taste of Calicut.



It has taken up a notch when speaking about the quality and varieties of food they serve. A welcome group from Paragon group and the menu includes include Continental, Asian, and other varied cuisines. For starters, people recommend the French cream soup. Also, the Mango fish curry with appam is quite good, and you should also try Karimeen Pollichathu. A perfect ambiance for hanging out and the live music just adds to the bustling vibe of the joint.


3Bombay Hotel

It is one of the oldest hotels in Calicut and so had fame for its best biryani ever back then. Now, it is famous for Mutton Cutlet and Mutton biryani and even specializes in Fried Spring Chicken which people loved to the peaks. Also, you can never miss this place for evening tea, and there are so many kinds of snacks you can ever imagine.


4Mezban Restaurant

This has Chinese, Indian, Asian, Seafood and even International Cuisine. It is known as the Family joint. The taste makes you enjoy each and every bite of it. Mezban is famous for its Veg Biryani and no one would miss a bite of it. It is also a good place to arrange your kid’s birthday party which will reach your expectations. Even the staff will never let you feel that you are a stranger to them.


5Kingsbay Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is a place for homely food and has a peaceful and loving environment. The Chicken cuisines are pretty good and everything from the service to the food is great and is worth every penny. It is indeed famous for Malabar biryani and a lot of seafood starters and hence known as the Seafood Paradise.


6Topform Restaurant

This breezy restaurant serves classic Indian and Malabari dishes and biryani specials. For the past 25 years, they have been serving the customers with wide variety of mouth-watering delicacies. The Kozhikode Biryani is the best in whole Calicut as well as in Northern Kerala and their special offerings in Fish curry and other non-veg items are also loved by many. A great place for people to meet due to its calm and appealing environment.


7Burger Lounge

It is the leading burger shop in town with great taste and in fact the burgers are in big size with less than the expected price. Burger Lounge always tries to understand the customer’s needs and earn the loyalty of the people by fulfilling their needs with a vast variety of quality items and constantly looks for new inventions.


8Malabar Palace

It is an Indian restaurant in Malaysia catering delicious Indian food. This old restaurant serves the best traditional Calicut food and is known for its Malabar parottas and Calicut style biryani. It is a perfect place for all lovers of Indian Cuisine where you can experience an exciting burst of tantalizing flavors and spices.


9Zain’s Hotel

Zain’s is where many people go for their biryani fix. There is a good reason why one cannot get a seat easily over there. It isn’t just the biryani but the dishes emerging out of the Zainab’s kitchen turns out to be the best of Mappila cooking. The specials include putty with local fish stew and wheat pathiri. The quality of the food leaves you nourished and satisfied.


10Rahmath Hotel

This hotel has the best Beef biryani compared to many other places and also people love its Chicken and Mutton Biryani too. It is also the place where you can get authentic Malabar Dum Biryani and the best Mutton stew. The low price and the awesome taste of their dishes make anyone instantly fall for it.


11Punjab Di Rasoi

If you are a Punjabi, then this is the place for you as everything here is in Punjabi touch and you get a wide variety of Punjabi dishes and hence the name is justified. A classic restaurant for those who are in search of Punjabi food, but they also serve Kerala dishes. It aims to satisfy its customers to the best possible extent and is also away from non-vegetarian gourmet culture.


12Mayflower Restaurant

A simple family restaurant serving International dishes with noise free atmosphere and lovely ambiance. The place is quite romantic and is a perfect spot for people to spend quality time with their loved ones. An array of delicious Malabar food and the seafood awaits you where the customer gets to choose preferred fish type. Other than biryani and seafood, they serve Arabic dishes too. The service and its great ambiance make your dining experience as good as possible.



This restaurant has got a good view of the peaceful nature from the open air portion. It is a perfect spot for people who like to enjoy food while dwelling in the open air region. They serve Indian and Asian cuisines and is also suitable for vegetarians. The local dishes are at a reasonable price which will be appealing to tourists from all parts of the country.


14Hotel Dakshin

A Pure Vegetarian restaurant you can’t miss it, a perfect veg dishes attached with spirituality. This restaurant has a variety of food items such as dosa, upma, idli, etc, in South Indian food, noodles of Chinese food, and other Indian food items. People of Kozhikode are very health conscious because of this Veg food being in more demand than any other food in Kozhikode.


15Hotel Saravana

This hotel offers a good vegetarian experience from dosas to paneer butter masala or mushroom curries. Though Calicut offers predominantly a good amount of non-vegetarian restaurants, it also has a decent share of vegetarian restaurants and this is one among them. The food here is mostly of South and North Indian and so contrary to the normal situation, the crowd management is in a good shape.


16Salkara Restaurant

It is a part of the Paragon group, and it maintains the similar taste and standard of food. Biryani and meals are just like Paragon. The Salkara’s irresistible appeal comes from the quality and the taste of the food served in this restaurant. The food here uses the classic recipes popular during the 70s and 80s in the Malabar satisfying its customer in the best possible way.


17Rahmaniya Hotel

This place has got all your favorite chicken whether you are taking back for lunch or bringing back home and for preparations, these use only chicken from the farms in which chickens are bred by natural feeds only and have fashioned it with due perfection. It is famous for Kethel chicken fry and chicken fry and is the most affordable place in the city.


18Hotel King Fort

The hotel welcomes you with enough space and serenity and this economical multi-cuisine restaurant proudly offers you its Arabian cuisine with a variety of items in it to its valued customers. Their purpose is to provide its customers a variety of food with quality and hence it is one of a kind.


19ZamZam Restaurant

This restaurant has got the best taste in every sense, and they try to maintain maximum quality to the best possible extent by using only hygienic, neat and clean raw materials. You can get the best Crispy fried chicken here. Also, Biryani rice and Spicy Malabar Chicken is so yummy and is worth trying it.


20Sagar Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants serving traditional Malabar foods, and is a place for good fish items as well as Biryani. The management is quite good, and the taste and quality of the food never leave anyone without satisfaction.