Top 20 Desserts Around The World Must Have

Desserts Around The World Must Have

If you have a sweet tooth, then you will agree that Dessert is the most relishing thing. The moment you put in your mouth, it just gives a heavenly feeling. The satisfaction of a meal comes when it ends with a delicious dessert. But it is not necessary that it is to be enjoyed after a meal only, a sweet lover will find all excuses to have dessert.

No matter where you live, every place has its particular dessert recipes that will just blow your mind. And it also helps to keep you healthy like lowering your blood pressure, to make a mood for romance, to keep you active, etc. So, which one is your pick?

Let’s make you a tour of top 20 desserts around the world that you should taste.

1 Pavlova Australia

It is an Australian dessert named after Australian Prime ballerina Anna Matveyevna Pavlova who danced like a feather in her feet. So this clears that this is a light, fluffy dessert. Also known as Australian fruit pie, it is soft in the centre, crunchy with a meringue edge and filled with toppings of whipped cream and fresh fruits. Pavlova just fulfills the desire of a yummy sweet dish.


2 Belgium Waffles Belgium

The aroma of vanilla emanating from the creamy batter is so seducing that you just can’t cross without having a bite of it and trust me every bit is worthwhile. These are Belgium waffles made with yeast batter crunchy on its side and fluffy on the middle flavored with whipped cream, fresh sliced strawberries or crumbled bacon.  This traditional dessert of Belgium will just make you its fan forever.


3 Gulabjamun India

It is s classic dessert and is the most loved sweet in India seen in festivals and celebration meals. It is a round spongy ball made with freshly curdled milk ball drenched in rose flavored sugar syrup and often garnished with almonds to add flavor to it. The ball just melts as soon as you put it inside your mouth. The taste just get awesome when you team it up with kheer. So when in India, Gulab Jamun is a must.


4 Apple Pie America

An apple pie is always a favourite dessert for all who loves sweet, and if it’s the one from American, then you should not miss the chance to have it. It is the delicious taste of flaky, buttery crust enchanting with sweet tart, cooked sliced apples. So treat yourself with fruity pastry whipped cream along with a cup of coffee.


5 Gelato Italy

Once in a lifetime, everyone wishes to visit Italy because of its enticing beauty, impressive architecture and irresistible food. So, their dessert has to be on the list. So what can be better than having a Gelato? Gelato is anicy dessert made with abase of milk, cream and sugar flavoured with fruit and nut sauces and added flavourings. Less air, lower in fat and richness of flavour makes it exclusive from other frozen desserts. Like the place, I bet you can’t resist it too.


6 Thai Mango With Sticky Rice Thailand

Thailand is an exotic place, the moment you are there you just get drenched by its charm, and so is its dessert. Thai mango with sticky rice also known as KhaoNieow Ma Muang is a glutinous sticky rice teamed with salty-sweet coconut milk served with tender fragment slice of mangoes. A pure heavenly Thai classic that you must taste.


7 Baklava Turkey

You will be the happiest person on earth if you have a sweet tooth because there are such amazing desserts all around the world that just makes you feel like in heaven, one of such is Baklava. A Greek dessert made of crispy golden brown phyllo and filled with lots of chopped nuts seasoned with lemon scented syrup or honey. Now, who doesn’t to taste it?


8 Maple Taffy Canada

It is a classic Canadian winter treat and can commonly be seen at regular outdoor activity in winter carnivals and maple syrup festival when trees start producing their sap. A boiled maple syrup poured in a clean and fresh bed of snow which turns it to a sticky taffy. Once you taste it, it is sure to be one of your favourites.


9 Quindim Brazil

Brazil is a vast country, and each region has its distinct cuisines. But one thing that is famous all over Brazil is Quindim- A bright yellow delicious custard made from sugar, egg yolks and ground coconut presented as an upturned cup with the clinquant surface. A hot cup of cappuccino and a Quindim- life just can’t taste better than this.


10 Mont Blanc Angelina

One thing just fabulous about dessert is that you will find them loaded with cream or fresh fruits or lots of crunchy nuts. Mont Blanc of Angelina is one such and is holding its reputation since 1903. It is a pureed sweetened chestnut topped with whipped cream which almost looks like a brain. Its fluffy taste just gives you more reasons of loving desserts.


11 Churros Spain

It is the Spanish version of fried dough served with hot creamy chocolate to enhance its taste.  Also known as Spanish fritters, Churros are famous all over the world and found in different shapes and size like long thin or thick and looped. Although they are most commonly eaten for breakfast and afternoon snacks until you are a dessert lover you can have it anytime you wish.


12 Castle Pudding England

Just like its historical significance, England is also rich with the delicious dessert. Castle pudding is a traditional British sponge pudding made with flour, eggs, milk and sugar and baked in dariole mode. Plain in its look but superbly tasty with a dollop of strawberry jam. When served hot the jelly melts all over giving a fruit burst with every bite. Don’t you have the desire to taste one of those?


13 Brigadeiro Brazil

Every dessert that is granulated with chocolate is just like a cherry on the top. If you agree, then you gonna love Brigadeiro. Made with cocoa powder, condensed milk, and butter with chocolate sprinkles covering the outer layer, it is more than just a fudge ball.Incredible in taste and an appealing delicacy, it was created in 1940.brigaderio

14 Syrniki Russia

Syrniki is a dessert that is cooked all over Eastern Europe. It is a fried quark cottage cheese pancakes garnished with sour cream, variance, jam, honey or caramelized fruits. They also contain raisins for extra flavor. The little soft pillow pancakes of cheesy goodness are popular for their simplicity.


15 Pastellitos Argentina

Argentinian food is a cultural blender of Mediterranean influences. With a reputation for their love of food, this dessert -Pastellitos should be once in life.  It’s a fried flower shaped pastries stuffed with sweet potato or quince.


16 Pastel De Nata Portugal

With its pure taste, Pastel de Nata is a Portuguese pie of egg tart. To add flavour to it essence of lemon cinnamon and vanilla is used and often sprinkled with powder. The golden brown confections complement the colour resemble of beautiful Portuguese architecture. Specialty all over Portugal this tiny little delicious pie should be tried whenever got a chance.


17 KuriKinton Japan

Japan harbours a strong love for sweets. Its popularity is so much that people are considered to have a second stomach for dessert. So how can there not be a dessert of flavour and delicacy from this place? KuriKinton is the specialty of Japan prepared by crystalized chestnuts and Japanese smashedsweet potatoes mixed with syrup of candied chestnuts. It is also a part of OsechiPyori, the traditional Japanese New year feast.


18 Tiramisu Italy

Italian desserts provide a please to your mouth and stomach. One of such is Tiramisu, a great coffee flavored custard that just as soon as put it your mouth. With gorgeous treat blending of bold cocoa and expresso with tasty cheese and wine, layered with lady finger biscuits Tiramisu means “a pick me up.” So, do we need to give a second choice to pick it?


19 Skyr Cake Iceland

Skyr is an Icelandic cultured dairy product with the consistency of strained yogurt with a milder flavor. It has been a part of traditional Iceland cuisine over a thousand years. It is a no- bake cake decorated with fresh berries, shaved chocolate, pistachios and fresh flowers. No added sugar is added to make skyr cake, but in case you have a sweeter tooth, there’s always room for it. Skyr cake is terrific in taste with a light texture and low fat.


20 Cream Brulee France

Also known as burst cream and Trinity cream, it is a dessert of creamy custard base with contrasting with toppings of hard caramel. It is smooth, soft and delicious. A simple yet stunning dessert of crisp burnt sugar crust. Infused cream, egg yolks, sugar and simple mixture of vanilla- it is a finesse dessert that one should never miss the chance to taste it.

cream bruleeWith so many good desserts around flavoured with various toppings, it is something that is so hard to resist.

I read somewhere that “Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance.” Isn’t it really true???