Top 20 Different Touches given to Paneer Dishes

Different Panner Dishes

1 Paneer Butter Masala with Cheese

The cheesy touch given to yummy paneer is all you need to have. I don’t think there is anyone who hates paneer. The food has something special in it that simply enhances your mood. Paneer Butter Masala is one of the most famous paneer dishes. The addition of cheese in this dish is simply amazing. What you need to do, is simply stuff the paneer with cheese and deep fry it. Then add the deep fried paneer in the tangy gravy. If you love paneer, then you can’t afford to miss such an amazing dish.

2 Kadhai Paneer Dry Restaurant Style

We all try paneer dishes in our homes, but they never taste like the paneer dishes we all love eating in restaurants. Kadhai paneer is very famous among children. The restaurant touch given to this dish is simply fantastic. For giving your paneer the restaurant touch, you need to do simply boil all the ingredients used to make the gravy. These include tomato, onion, ginger garlic, etc. After boiling them,  blend the boiled ingredients in a blender and then deep fry the mixture. See, the recipe is very easy, and the taste is similar to that of a restaurant’s kadhai paneer.

3 Potato And Paneer Kofta

The combination of paneer and potato is not very common. We’ve usually found both together in rolls. However, the scope of this combination is not limited to rolls only. You can make a yummy dish by combining both. The dish- potato and paneer kofta, is simply yummy in taste. What you need to do is, boil the potato and paneer, then mix them with all the spices and make small kofta balls. After that, deep fry the balls and add them in the tangy gravy. You can garnish the dish with chopped coriander leaves.


4 Grilled Paneer Cubes

The name of the dish is Grilled Paneer Cubes instead of Paneer Tikka because they are different dishes themselves. The way of making this dish though, is similar to that of paneer tikka. The only difference here, is that the paneer is stuffed in order to enhance the taste of the dish.


5 Tawa Paneer Masala

The dish in the photograph lets you know just how tasty it is. It looks amazing and tastes otherworldly too. The recipe for the dish is very easy. The name is suggestive of the process by which it is made. What you need to do is, simply cook the paneer on nonstick tawa or pan, instead of a nonstick kadhai. The tawa adds a lovely touch to the paneer dish. You can garnish the dish with chopped coriander leaves.

tawa-paneer- masala

6 Paneer Khurchan

The special aspect of this dish is that it is neither a gravy nor a snack. The dish can be categorised as a delicious semi dry curry which adds a delicate touch to its taste.


7 Achari Paneer Tikka

The achari flavour given to paneer tikka is simply mood enhancing. The paneer tikka is a very famous paneer dish. One can experiment with making paneer tikka tastier if it is given an achari touch successfully. If you love paneer tikka, then you must try this dish.


8 Mughlai Shahi Paneer Korma

The Mughlai touch given to paneer is simply out of this world. The name of the dish is mughlai shahi paneer korma, with ‘shahi’ meaning royal, and it tastes as royal as its name. The royal Mughlai touch given to the dish is impressive, and scrumptious to taste.


9 Paneer Tikka Pizza

We are all aware of The Pizza’s own specialty. We are all also aware of the taste of a normal paneer pizza. The paneer tikka pizza however, is yummiest of all paneer pizzas. What you need to do is simply add small cubes of paneer tikka instead of normal paneer.


 10 Paneer Manchurian Dry with Tangy Sauce

We all love eating paneer, and also we all love Chinese dishes. This dish is none other than the combination of yummy and special paneer and Chinese cuisine. The Chinese touch given to paneer, by making Paneer Manchurian and adding Schezwan sauce, is simply mouth watering.


11 Paneer 65

We all love chicken, gobhi and mushroom dishes. All vegetarians must be aware of the dishes- Mushroom 65 and Gobhi 65. The non-vegetarians must be aware of the taste of Chicken 65. The taste of Paneer 65 is the best of all. The special touch given to paneer by making Paneer 65 is simply amazing.


12 Paneer Kulcha

Chole kulche are very famous everywhere. The Paneer kulcha has a special taste. The kulcha adds to the taste of the paneer. Soft kulchas stuffed with paneer and served with spicy, tangy chole, can you imagine the taste? Yes, it simply fantastic.


13 Kalakand

The scope of paneer is not limited to gravy and snack dishes. You can make desserts also. Can you imagine the taste of sweets made with paneer? If paneer can be made into such amazing gravies and snacks, then how just how good will the sweets taste? Yes, you guessed it right, they’re fantastic. The taste of the sweet dish made of paneer is the best of all sweet dishes. The sweet made with paneer is simply yummy.


14 Malai Ladoo

Also a yummy sweet dish is a ladoo made with paneer (among other ingredients). The ladoo created is simply yummy.  The recipe for Malai Ladoo is very easy, and the ladoo tastes scrumptious. Paneer based ladoos are yummiest of all ladoos.


15 Matar Paneer Sandwich

We all love having Matar Paneer with a naan loaded with butter. This dish adds a special sandwich touch to the combination of paneer and matar, which is simply yummy. This is a snack that anyone can have. Here you have two choices, one is to make sandwiches, and other is to make toast. According to me, the toast is yummier than the sandwich.


16 Paneer Kolhapuri

The kolhapuri touch given to paneer touch is simply fantastic. The dish is very well garnished with chopped coriander leaves as well as boiled peas.


Palak Paneer17

Lucknow Style Palak paneer is very yummy. It is a combination of taste and health as well. The dish is rich in iron content. The Lucknowi feel is given to the dish with the addition of dry fruit paste that not only enhances its taste, but also its healthiness.


18 Shahi Paneer Banarasi Style

The Banarsai aspect is created in the Shahi Paneer by adding lots and lots of ghee, which makes it scrumptious. The dish tastes mouth-watering.


19 Kadhai Paneer Bangalore Style

The Bangalore style of cooking Kadhai Paneer is full of coconut oil and peanut paste. The Bangalore touch to Kadhai Paneer is simply fantastic in taste. The dish is well garnished with cream.


20 Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

The Paneer Bhurji is very yummy in taste, and the sandwich aspect makes the Paneer Bhurji simply yummy.

paneer-bhurji sandwich