Top 20 Dine-In Restaurants In Wayanad

Top 20 Dine-In Restaurants In Wayanad

A famous hill station in God’s Own Country known as Wayanad ranks among the top tourist places for Indians and Foreigners as well. It has picturesque mountains, beautiful waterfalls, wildlife, and much more in the Western Ghats. The exciting fact about Wayanad is apart from the natural and scenic beauty it holds, it even has delectable food. This city is also known for the authentic dishes which define Kerala and the flavours of Kerala. This article contains the Top 20 Dine restaurants of Wayanad every tourist must visit during their trip to Kerala.

1.Clay Hut

Situated in Kalpetta, this restaurant has an ancient look and gives a nostalgic feeling. The ambiance is unique, the interiors are pleasant, lighting and seating are pretty good. The best part of this restaurant apart from the food is its service. The staff is extremely friendly and treats their customers with love and respect. The food is made with hygiene and clean water is provided. The real taste of Malabar Spices, Authentic Kerala Food, Fish, crabs, Shellfish, and seafood is available here. Malabar Chicken Biryani is the star and tastes outstanding. Everything is made naturally without any additives or extra spices. It is one of the top and the tastiest restaurants that serves the tastiest food. It is a highly recommended restaurant.

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2.The Bungalow

Situated in Kalpetta, this restaurant has well-designed interiors and a pleasant ambiance. This restaurant has always been a choice for travelers because it is located on the highway. The seating arrangement is good. They have a vast choice of variety of food items and every item is prepared fresh. Hygiene is maintained. The taste is satisfactory and prices are affordable. This place is famous for appam and chicken stew. So, do not miss it out. Overall a good place for dinner and a meet-up.

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3.Wilton Restaurant

Getting a table here in this restaurant is quite a task because it is considered as one of the best restaurants in Wayanad. It serves the best chicken and beef sizzlers in town. Kunafa is the best seller in Wilton Restaurant. The restaurant is hygienic and has ample seating area with a good parking facility. The service is quick and the staff is very friendly. It is a highly recommended place. Do not miss it out.

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4.Jubilee Restaurant

It is known as one of the most famous restaurants in Sulthan Bathery. They are famous for their Porotta and Beef Curry. The place is crowded most of the time. They serve natural and flavourful delectable dishes. The food is well prepared. The service is good and is quite commendable. The staff is friendly and ensures you have a good time at their place. A parking facility is available. The bestseller is the Mandi. Do not forget to try it out. The ambiance and the interiors are pretty charming and have appealing decor. It is highly recommended and is totally worth it.

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5.Wayanad Restaurant

It is one of the best places for authentic Kerala Meals. It has ample varieties of vegetarian food too. The must-try food is the Kerala meals, cauliflower sambar, curumas, and mushrooms. They provide delicious meals at a very affordable price. The ambiance and the dining area are good. Hygiene is maintained. The quality of the food is top notch and there is no compromise in the taste. It is highly recommended restaurants try out authentic Kerala meals.

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6.WMO Qatar Bakery And Restaurant

Experience great service and delicious food with a picturesque ambiance at WMO Qatar. They have AC seating, Semi outdoor, and Outdoor seating. The restaurant staff is very friendly. The Bestseller of this restaurant is Fish Grill. The fish is fresh and well prepared. The ingredients and the spices used are of good quality. The restaurant is Hygienic. Overall, a good restaurant.

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7.1980’s A Nostalgic Restaurant

As the name, this restaurant is famous for its nostalgic setup. It is an old home which is now converted to a restaurant. This place has got many celebrity visitors on a regular basis. The ambiance is very unique and gives a rustic feeling. Try out their bestsellers like, Beef Fry, Fish Curry, and Sadhya. The hospitality is good and the service is great. They serve authentic cuisines. Hygiene is maintained. Overall a recommended place to try out the bestsellers.

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8.New Form Bakes And Arabian Restaurants

This is one of the most famous restaurants in Kalpetta. The restaurant has warm lighting. The ambiance is great and the food here is amazing. The Bestseller here is Kuzhimandi and Chick Broast. The Pepper chicken and Garlic chicken has a separate fan base. There are many more varieties of Veg and Non Veg food. The service is quick. The staff is friendly and quite helpful. The prices are affordable. Overall a good place.

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9.Good Food Restaurant

This restaurant is the go-to restaurant for every Wayand frequent visitor. They serve the best Chicken 65 and Porotta. The taste is unique. Hygiene is maintained. The service is great. At times, the owner himself serves food and he is very loving. The prices are quite affordable. The restaurant has a good ambiance and late-night services. There is a parking facility too. It is a highly recommended restaurant and must be tried.

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10.Mathai’s Restocafe

It’s a very aesthetic restaurant that serves unique and different styles of cuisine. The ambiance is good. There are some dishes which are found only in this restaurant. Hygiene is well-maintained. The Bestsellers include Arrow Prawns, Mango Fish Curry, Tres Leches Cakes, Tikka Platter, and Nool Paratha. The welcome drinks are tasty too. The atmosphere is good and the food is quite tasty. There are many options for vegetarians too. The customer service is good. Overall a good restaurant which is a bit pricey. But the price is worth it.

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11.Taste Mist

Situated in Kalpetta, it is a decent restaurant with a mountain view. It has ample parking space. The ambiance is good. The place is spacious and neat. The Bestseller includes Beef Dry Fry. It has a lot of visitors, especially for this particular dish. Hygiene is well maintained. The quality of the food is good. The products used are natural and do not contain any additives. It is a good place for family outings. Overall a great place and is highly recommended.

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12.Winbay Family Restaurant

Indian, Chinese, and Arabian Cuisine is available in the most authentic style. Every meal is flavourful and fulfilling. The restaurant is well maintained with proper hygiene. Service is decent. The staff recommends great dishes. The best-sellers are King Fish, Pomfret, prawns fry, Mandi, and more. The prices are adequate. It is suggested to avoid going on weekends due to huge crowds.

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13.Green Gates Restaurant

It’s a pretty restaurant with a lot of greenery in its surroundings. It has multiple cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, Asian, and Arabic. Every cuisine is made in a different and authentic way. The staff is friendly. They provided tasty welcome drinks too. The bestseller is their buffet which has a large variety of dishes and desserts. They serve delicious food. The prices are adequate and the ambiance is great.

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14.Mintflower Residency Restaurant

It has Indian and Asian cuisines. The meals include breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The bestseller of this restaurant is Beef items. The service is good and the prices are affordable.

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15.Food Lounge

Located in Kalpetta, this restaurant serves authentic Indian and Arabic cuisines. The bestseller of this place is the chef’s salad. It is customizable, you can include any kind of meat with any combination. The hygiene is well maintained. The food is delicious. The fish tacos have a separate fan base. It is a highly recommended place.

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16.Udupi Veg Restaurant

It is considered the best pure veg restaurant in Wayanad. They serve authentic Udupi food and have a lot of visitors on a daily basis. The Bestsellers include Soda Dosa and Ghee Roast. Do not miss out on their special South Indian meals. The staff is friendly. Service is quick. Prices are affordable.

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17.India Gate Restaurant Vythiri

Situated at Vythiri, this place serves the best chicken Chettinad. The ambiance is good. The quality of the food served is good. The service is quick. They even serve North Indian food. The atmosphere is good. The prices are affordable. The staff is really friendly. The restaurant is famous for Chinese and Mughlai cuisines. Do try it out.

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18.Spice Bowl

Situated in Vythiri, this place has a la carte and buffet options. The food is well prepared. They have a Live Music counter. The service is great and the staff is friendly. They recommend good dishes at your convenience. They have vegetarian options too. They have a kid’s play area and ample parking. The food served is delicious. The prices are adequate.

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19.Thoufeeque Hotel And Restaurant

This place is considered one of the top dining in Meenangadi. Their specialty includes sadhya, chicken biryani, and beef biryani. The service is good. The staff is friendly and the quality is good. The Ambiance is quite good with ample parking space. They prepare Keralite dishes using the authentic flavors of Kerala. The dishes are served hot and fresh. The prices are reasonable.

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20.Swami’s Aryabhavan

This place is known for serving the most authentic Sadhya. The place is cozy and is managed by a Kerala couple. They serve on a banana leaf. They serve various items and decorate the dish with delectable food. They serve Kerala rice with sambhar and that has a separate fan base. They serve ayasam at the end. It is served in a traditional manner. The owner is friendly and the staff is helpful. Do not miss out on this place during your trip to Wayanad.

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