Top 20 Dishes You Can Have In DumDum

Top 20 Dishes You Can Have In DumDum

1Paneer Tikka Sofiyani

Paneer tikka Sofiyani is one of the famous Mughlai snacks which get ready in no time. You must taste this dish in Dum Dum and try it in your homes if you loved it.  Simply imagine soft and juicy chunks of Paneer marinated in Curd and baked (or fried as per your choice), isn’t it super yummy? The taste is simply amazing. To enhance the taste of the Tikkas simply add Mint Chutney to it.paneer-tikka-sofiyani

2Bhatti Ka Paneer

The taste of Bhattika Paneer is simply amazing. The Paneer in the dish is so soft that it melts in your mouth. The Paneer is well spiced up with lots of spices. The addition of Ginger Garlic in the Paneer dish simply makes it yummilicious.  You must taste this dish in Dum Dum and try it in your homes if you love it. The recipe of the Paneer is very easy.


3Murgh Pallu Kebab

There are a number of Kebab dishes you can taste in Dum Dum, but the taste of Murgh Pallu Kebab is simply scrumptious. These succulent Tikkis are amazing in taste. They are made of Chicken Mince and assorted Masalas. Also, the Chutney served with the Tikkis or Kebabs is simply yummy. The Chutney is very famous for its taste. It is sour and spicy Yogurt Chutney. You can also have the Kebabs with sweet Date Chutney.


4Murg Dum Ki Kebab

For all Indians (the nonvegetarian ones), chicken is very special. This Kebab is Bengali specialty for all kebab lovers. The Kebab is made up of chicken.  You can add veggies also. The Kebab goes well with mint and chili chutney. The chicken kebab lovers can’t afford to miss such an amazing dish.


5Angara Chicken Tikka

The Tikka is super yummy as it is flavored with Yogurt and Spices. The roasting of Kebab makes it tastier. The Tikka goes amazingly well with Naan. I know it sounds weird as Tikka comes under snack category, but the specialty of Angara Chicken Kebab is that you can have it as gravy dish or dry dish with Naan and Chapatti.


6Chicken Three Way

Don’t you love to have three varieties of Chicken in a single dish? In case if you also love varieties just like me then you can have these Chicken varieties in every restaurant in Dum Dum.


7Irani Fish Tikka

The taste of Irani Fish Tikka is simply scrumptious. The Irani touch given to the dish is simply amazing. How you can afford to miss Fillets of Fish marinated in a mixture of Yogurt, Ginger Garlic Paste, Cashew Nuts. The dish is flavored with green Cardamom. The grilled Fish is all you need to taste in Dum Dum if you are a Fish dish lover.


8Nawabi Jhinga

The taste of the dish is simply finger licking well. The taste of the dish is same its name, simply royal. If you are in Dum Dum, then please taste this yummy dish.


9Paneer Anardana

The Paneer dishes are always yummier than any other dish. Paneer Anardana is simply scrumptious dish. The addition of Capsicum simply enhances the taste of the Paneer dish. The special part of this dish is that Anardana powder is added in the dish. For making the dish extra yummy Anardana is added to the dish. To make the dish tastiest of all add lots and lots of Cream in the dish.


10Veg Darbari Dal

Veg Darbari dal is simply scrumptious Dal to have. Veg Darbari Dal with Rice is best to have when you are very hungry. Without Rice and Veg Darbari Dal, Dum Dum dinner menu is incomplete. On every occasion in Dum Dum, Veg Darbari Dal is a must, without this the occasion menu is incomplete. This dish is very healthy and tasty as well.


11Aloo Gobhi Adraki

Aloo has extraordinary quality everyone knows this fact.  Every dish in which it is added it enhances the taste of the dish. This Aloo Gobhi Adraki is also known as Aloo Gobhi with Chinese touch as tangy Gravy loaded with lots and lots of Adrak paste is added in boiled, and mashed Potato and deep fried Gobhi. This dish is very yummy and goes well with Poori. It is well garnished with chopped Coriander leaves.


12Gobhi Matar Masala

Gobhi Matar Masala is different from our general Gobhi Matar Sabzi as it has Punjabi touch in it. The dish has a peppery taste and is spicy as well. It goes amazingly well with Jeera rice. You can have it with Naan also. Here also you have two choices; one is to have it dry; other is have it in Gravy form. Both taste well.


13Kashmiri Aloo Dum

Kashmiri Dum Aloo is very famous Punjabi dish with a Kashmiri touch. Just imagine the taste of deep fried Potatoes dipped in peppery Tomato Gravy, isn’t it taste amazing? The dish is very well garnished with Curd and Coriander leaves. The dish is served especially in Dhaba. The dish is very very yummy. This dish is very famous in Dum Dum. All Dhaba’s menu has this dish on the top.


14Khumb Matar Hara Pyaz

This dish is very special for all Matar lovers. The dish Khumb Matar with Hara Pyaz is not only tasty but is healthy as well. The Khumb Matar is very well garnished with finely chopped Coriander leaves and Parsley leaves as well. The addition of Hara Pyaz simply enhances the taste of the dish.


15Murgh Peshawari Masala

This Dum Dum dish is very yummy. It is very famous in Dum Dum. It is on the top of all restaurants’ menu. It is well garnished with chopped Parsley leaves.  The specialty of this dish is the addition of Peshawari spices. This dish is Mughalai dish, but the Bengali touch given to this dish makes it the specialty of Dum Dum. Lots of Capsicum is added to this dish which gives it a special taste as well.


16Chicken Bharta

Chicken bharta is a special kind of Chicken dish that you can have in Dum Dum. Please try it once. After tasting this dish, you are going to be crazy for its scrumptious taste. The dish is very beautifully garnished with Mint leaves.


17Mutton Chaap with Buttermilk

You can have this dish in two forms; one is in dry form, and other is to have it in gravy form. The addition of Buttermilk along with all the Spices makes this spicy gravy dish tasty and creamy as well. We all know the specialty of Buttermilk as it simply makes any dish tastier. Mutton Chaap made with amazing Buttermilk is simply yummy, and it has mouth watering quality. This dish is a very famous dish as Buttermilk is very famous.


18Chicken Chaap

The dish needs no explanation as we all know the taste of Chicken Chaap. All chicken lovers are crazy for this dish. Just imagine yummy crispy Chicken Chaap dipped in spicy, tangy Gravy. Isn’t it amazing in taste?


19Murg Kali Mirch

Murgh Kali Mirch is nothing but peppery Chicken in desi style. We all know the special taste of peppery Chicken and the desi touch given to it is simply yummylicious. I am definitely going to have it when I will visit Dum Dum.


20Dhania Ki Roti

The Roti sounds weird but is very famous in Dum Dum. The Roti is simply amazing in taste.  For making this Roti what all you need to do is simply add Coriander and Chili paste into the Dough and knead well. The recipe is same as that of any Methi, Bathu Parantha.