Top 20 Easy and Quick Sooji Dish Recipes You Can Make at Home

top 20 easy quick sooji dish recipes
top 20 easy quick sooji dish recipes

Sooji is additionally called Rava. It is ordinarily used in Indian culinary art. It’s employed in both the North Indian and South Indian dishes. In our country, Sooji is used to create several dishes like halwa, kheer, upma, dhokla, and plenty of more. In South Asian countries, Sooji is employed to create varied breakfast recipes like idli, rava dosa, rava uttapam, kesari, kichadi, and upma. You’ll use sooji in some ways like for coating or whereas cooking vegetables. Most of the Sooji recipes are simple and fast to create and style glorious. So here are the top 20 easy and quick sooji recipes you can make at home:

1.Sooji Toast

We would require half a cup of sooji, one-fourth cup of yogurt, two pieces of bread, two tablespoons of onion, tomato, carrot, and capsicum, one tablespoon of garlic, butter, and green chilies, and salt according to taste to make the toast. Now take a bowl, add sooji, yogurt, and some water to form a paste. Add your vegetables, and then add salt. Add it to the bread. Now serve it hot with the sauce.

2.Sooji Idli

A Sooji Idli is incredibly light, soft, and tasty idli. As an Idli and Dosa lovers, we never say no to the different varieties of Idli available. With a perfect combination of ingredients, we can make these tasty cakes that are soft, moist, fluffy, and delicious.

3.Sooji Dosa

Sooji dosa is a quick and famous variant of dosa from South Indian cuisine. It is crispy. It is made with Sooji, rice flour, and many spices. These are easy to make. It does not require grinding or fermentation.

4.Sooji Uttapam

Sooji Uttapam is an easy, quick, and tasty breakfast cuisine made with Sooji. Sooji Uttapam is a quick non-fermented variation of the traditional Uttapam is made with Idli Dosa batter. We can make them plain or use onions, tomatoes or mixed vegetables. For making this delicious breakfast, we will need fine sooji. Most of the recipes like this, which do not require fermentation, use yogurt.

5.Rava Pongal

We can make many dishes with the help of Sooji like Sooji uttapam, Sooji chilla. It is not quick to make as we require to cook moong dal first. It tastes excellent when combined with coconut chutney or just served alone. In this recipe, some vegetables and green peas can also be added.

6.Sooji Cheela

They are delicious pancakes made from gram flour or other lentils. Here the chilla is made from sooji or cream wheat. These are soft and easy to prepare. It is one of the easiest breakfasts or snacks that can be made quickly. It has a different taste from the chilla made from Besan or Oats. They taste more like Sooji uttapam. It can be served with green chutney, red chutney, or ketchup. If you like coconut chutney serve it too.

7.Tomato Upma

This is the tastiest upma among the varieties of upma. The reason is a lot of recipes made with tomatoes taste better. The tang from the tomatoes tops up the overall texture in any recipe. The  same is with this upma. It is tangy and spicy.

8.Oats Uttapam

You can add vegetables like carrots and beetroots. If you do not have any vegetables, you can make them without vegetables. But when we use vegetables the taste is better. You can prepare oats uttapam not only for breakfast, but also as a snack.

9.Butter Sooji Dosa

It is one of the easiest recipes that can be prepared by anyone. It is a Crispy dosa with butter that tastes excellent and is simple to make. We use butter in this recipe instead of oil. We can use both salted or unsalted butter. Taste with salted butter is better.

10.Sooji Khichdi

It is a khichdi which is made with sooji. So we can call it sooji khichdi. It is a South Indian breakfast. The vegetables that can be added to this dish are capsicum, beans, peas, and carrots. If you do not wish to add vegetables, you can leave it.

11.Kele Phodi

Vegetables fritters are called phodi in Konkani . The vegetables are cut into pieces and marinated with spices, then they are coated with sooji and then deep-fried. The spices which are added to this recipe make it slightly spicy.

12.Sooji Laddoo

Sooji laddu is a sweet made on festivals with Sooji, sugar, ghee, dry fruits, and many more. It is a famous Indian sweet. It is made during festivals. Basically these are sweetened Sooji balls.

13.Sooji Cake

This recipe requires fresh coconut, but if you do not have desiccated coconut can be used. Sooji is also added. Use fine variety of Sooji for the recipe. Different varieties will also work, but then we need to add some more milk to make the batter perfectly.

14.Sooji Modak

In this modak, fine sooji is used to make the outer covering. The filling is made of coconut and gud. Its taste is similar to the modak made from rice flour. It is a easy method because it takes less time. It requires less time as there is no need to steam.

15.Sooji Kheer

It is easily digestible and is even good as baby food. If you do not want to add chopped dry fruits, then add ground dry fruits powder. Add less sugar than what is there in the recipe. You can add extra ghee while making. You can reduce the amount of ghee. When you add ghee, kheer becomes more rich and flavorful.

16.Sooji Vada

As they are made from Sooji they give a good crispy texture and are tasty. There are many kinds of Vada that are available in South India, and this one is the tastier. While making the mixture, it depends on how much yogurt you need to add.

17.Milk Kesari

It is easy to make and requires less time than other sweets. Also, a person can not be so wrong while making a halwa. It is made up of milk and not water. It is more rich and flavorful. The recipe serves 5 to 6 servings. You can halve the ingredients according to the number of people.

18.Mango Kesari

The amount of sugar depends on how much sweetness you like, and then you can add accordingly. You need to add sugar as you like. You can add jaggery instead of sugar as it’s a healthier option. If you want to add sugar, then you can give prefer unrefined cane sugar.

19.Khara Bath

The special ingredient in this recipe is the vangi bhath masala. If vangi bhath masala is not available, you can choose to add bisi bele bath masala. In the case you do not have both vangi bath masala powder or bisi bele bath masala powder, then you can add simple red chili powder.

20.Sweet Shankarpali

It is a sweet snack. It is generally made during festive seasons like Diwali in Maharashtra. These are crispy. It melts in the mouth. They are a good snack. You can eat these with tea. It is famous in Western India.