Top 20 Eateries In Behala, Kolkata

top 20 eateries in behala kolkata

Kolkata is more than 300 years old, but there is also a part of it that is older than the city itself. It is one of the busiest and most chaotic parts of the city, where both the past and present coexist. The place is called Behala, and it has been thriving for the last 800 years. Until a while ago, eating Bengali cuisine outside of our household wasn’t that common. However, finding restaurants in Behala that specialize in delectable, authentic Bengali cuisine is no longer a struggle. The cuisine is dominated by fish, which would surely appeal to seafood enthusiasts. But for one to get the most out of one’s eating experience, one must remember how Bengalis eat to maintain subtle flavours: start with vegetable dishes, then fish, and finally meat.

1.Panna’s Kitchen Restaurant

The restaurant is a leading player in the category of Continental Restaurants. It is a well-known institution that serves customers both locally and from other parts of the city as a one-stop destination for Chinese, South & North Indian, Bengali, Pan Asian cuisines. The place is a family style restaurant, appropriate for large groups with a budget.

Must Try: Panna’s special biryani, Mutton Maharaja, Tangdi Kabab, Chicken Lababdar, Mutton Kosha and their delicious Rolls.

Pannas Kitchen Restaurant

2.Haji Saheb

This location is known for its wonderful food that can satisfy any appetite. It is home to some of the most well-known cuisines including Mughlai, North Indian, and Chinese cuisines. Every meal on their menu is made with the finest spices to provide the most authentic flavour. The place also offers an amazing array of the most delicious Rolls. It provides seating, take-away and delivery options. This place is one near to our hearts.

Must Try: Special biryanis, Chicken rolls, Mutton rolls, Reshmi kebab.

Haji Saheb

3.Hatari Restaurant

The establishment is known for its wonderful, budget friendly food that can satisfy any appetite since 2012. It is home to some of the world’s most popular cuisines, including Chinese. The place is very conveniently located on James Long Sarani Road. It is a perfect spot for large groups and families. It is also budget friendly and offers a very relaxing atmosphere.

Must Try: Mongolian fish, Red Wine Chicken, Pepper fish

Hatari Restaurant

4.Koshe Kosha

For more than a decade, Koshe Kosha has worked to restore the authenticity of Bengal’s culinary tradition while also adapting it to a more modern palate. The menu is quite simple and straightforward. Their famous Kosha Mangsho (mutton curry) with Luchi(puri), Echor Kalia (jackfruit curry) with Ghee Bhaat (ghee-rice) or any of the fish dishes are most sought after.  The food in general is nice, not overly rich, and well-balanced in flavour.

Must Try: Kosha mangsho, Chingri macher malai curry (Prawns in coconut infused curry),  Gondhoraj Murgi (Chicken cooked in fragrant lime gravy )

Koshe Kosha


This establishment is well-known for serving Chinese cuisine and for its excellent service. One will appreciate the reasonable costs and spacious ambiance. This location has a great vibe and gorgeous décor. The menu caters to the new generation of diners. Classics like kung pao chicken, crab meat rice, and roast Chilli pork are fine choices. But one can also try something new like their distinctive bestsellers, Crispy honey fried wontons loaded with chicken or prawns, or Prawns in mountain Chilli sauce.

Must Try: Crispy honey fried wontons, Sweet & sour prawns, Schezwan chicken



The Aminia Restaurant branch in Behala ensures a pleasant dining experience. It provides a highly appetizing cuisine menu with a modern-minimalist atmosphere. It serves North Indian, Mughlai, Chinese cuisines along with Rolls which are staple among the locals. The place is also quite popular for its desert items.

Must tries: Biryani, Mutton rezala, Rolls, Firni



This place specializes in Chinese cuisine. One can enjoy a pleasant time with their friends, as it is very affordable and pocket friendly. It is known for its delicious vanilla ice cream, chocolate praline, and brownies. This establishment is popular for its excellent service and pleasant employees. The place also offers attractive buffets.

Must Try: Hakka Noodles, Chicken fried wonton, Hot garlic chicken


8.Wow! Momo

The establishment was set  in the year 2014, on James Long Sarani Road, Behala. It has been a  top player in the category of momos centers in Kolkata since then. This well-known place acts as a one-stop destination servicing both locals and people from other parts of the city. It is usually a hit among school students.

Must Try: Schezwan Pan fried momos, Darjeeling momos, Fried chicken momos

Wow Mom

9.Wok Haven

For years, Wok Haven has been serving both Chinese and Indian cuisines. Every day, the establishment serves chef’s specialties. One can also make a customizable  meal for delivery across the city. The place offers an elaborate plus light on the pocket menu.

Must Try: Pan fried chilli chicken

Wok Haven

10.Bean’s And Cream Café

This café is a school goers plus youngsters favorite place to chill and relax. The cozy atmosphere, budget friendly prices and amazing quality of food are the key highlights of the place. The congested seating arrangements surely doesn’t deter its regulars from calling it their favorite café.

Must Try: Sweet Garlic Prawn, Chicken Spanish Sandwich

Beans and Cream Cafe

11.Azad Hind Dhaba

True to its name, this place serves and specializes in real North Indian delicacies. Established in the year 2014, this place is synonymous with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. The mood of the establishment  is modest, relaxing, and the setting is quite peaceful. Menu here is reasonable and economical.

Must tries: Chicken tikka, Butter naan, Fried rice, Chicken bharta

Azad Hind Dhaba

12.Wow! China

Wow! Momo’s second brand has revolutionized Chinese cuisine across the country and we have an outlet of the same on James Long Sarani, Behala. The place aspires to transform Indian Chinese culture. The menu is quite reasonable and the serving sizes are massive. The location does have indoor seating arrangement, take-away and delivery options.

Must Try: Fish in Schezwan sauce, Spring rolls

Wow China

13.Behala Café And Restaurant

One can stop by this quaint and minimalist café if they are looking for a place to grab a bite alone or in a company. This café can be just the right spot for them. It offers a great ambiance for chit-chat along with delicious servings of snacks and Chinese food. The café is easily accessible by all, thanks to its prime location in Behala Tram depot.

Must Try: Fish kabiraji, Crispy fried chicken

Behala Cafe Restaurant

14.Cafe’ Latte’

One notable café in the area is Café Latte in Behala. It serves delectable meals and is a perfect place to visit with friends or family. If one wants to satisfy his appetite with good, sanitary meals without burning a hole in wallet, this is the place to go. The café offers both indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements and is a hotspot among students and college goers.

Must Try: Lemonade, Platter, Sizzler, Chicken keema with egg fry

Cafe Latte

15.New United Café

New United Café in Kolkata was opened in 1983 and is still  known for its wonderful, authentic South Indian meals. It can satisfy any appetite and heart. This place is an old gem as the locals have been visiting the same location for generations now. Their quality of food and well behaved staff are the main reasons why this place still runs with all its glory. The place serves pure vegetarian food.

Must Try: Butter dosas, Idlis

New United Cafe

16.Kasturi Restaurant

This is a specialty restaurant that serves a wide range of authentic Bengali and Bangladeshi cuisine. The ambience of this place is both minimalist and classy. The items are reasonably priced and are ideal for those who enjoy eating Bengali cuisine. If one wants to save the hassle of making time consuming Bengali cuisine but at the same time wants to eat authentic Bengali food then this place is highly recommended for them.

Must Try: Special bengali thali

Kasturi Restaurant

17.Café Coffee Day

The very famous café chain, Café Coffee Day also has a location in James Long Sarani Road, Behala. The establishment dates back to 2012 and since then has been the attraction of many school students, youngsters and adults. It is the perfect place to chat, hang out and to reminisce about the good old days. The staff are very prompt, friendly and the menu is budget friendly.

Must Try: Oreo shake, Sizzle dazzle brownie

Cafe Coffee Day


 It is a specialty store that offers a variety of ice cream and cake desserts. It makes you crave and pamper your taste buds with their delectable treats. The brand started off as a tiny ice cream shop back in 2009 and since then has been thriving thanks to its loyal customers. The prices are quite reasonable.

Must Try: Brownies with ice cream.


19.Panna’s Pan Roll Ice Cream Parlour

The place serves amazing rolled and customizable ice creams. The brand is known for its tremendous quality plus taste. On a hot summer day this is the perfect location to chill and cool oneself down. Along with reasonable pricing it also provides slushies and waffles. It is a dream destination for anyone having a sweet tooth.

Must Try: Belgian chocolate rolled ice cream, Mango ice cream

Pannas Pan Roll Ice Cream Parlour

20.Prince Fast Food Centre

This eatery is quite popular among foodies looking for tasty fast food. It is one of the pioneer food joints in Behala, Chow Rasta. The place serves Bengali, Chinese and North Indian cuisine. The items are reasonable, and the restaurant is noted for its customer-friendly service.

Must Try: Chicken roll, Fish fry

Prince Fast Food Centre