Top 20 Enchanting Sweets Of Gujarat


Gujarat is the 6th largest state in India. Gujarat is not only prominent for its beauty but also for its appetizing sweets. Desserts are the best part of the meal. You know why Gujaratis are called sweet??? Because they have a lot of mouth-watering sweets in their city. Tourists celebrates gujarati sweets with blooming stomachs. There are many sweets which are as sweet as sweets, few of the famous sweets are..

1 Adadiya

Adadiya Ladwa is a Gujarat delicacy. It has a softest texture with sugary taste. It frequently melts into the mouth in comparison of other sweets. It can be easily purchased from any sweet shop of Gujarat. People celebrate special occasions with this sweet.


2 Kansar

This sweet has a simple recipe with outstanding taste. It can be easily prepared by using wheat flour, jaggery, water, Ghee, Cardamom powder, sugar powder. It is lite in taste and contains so much of healthy vitamins. Gujaratis are die-heart lovers of this sweet so can easily get this sweet in near shops.


3 Sutarfeni

Sutarfeni is very popular sweet dish of Gujarat. Gujaratis loves to eat this sweet dish after lunch or dinner. It has yummy recipe of sugar, water and margarine. It can be served on every occasion to make guests happy. It has awesome flavours mixed with rose syrup. It has different variety such as Gulab Suterfeni, Kesar Suterfeni and Dry Fruit Suterfeni.


4 Mesub

An eccentric fragrance with toothsome tang has total control over Gujaratis hearts. Yes mesub is a dish which has frequent lovers. People celebrate this dish with every close people because it connects people from heart. It can be easily purchased in Gujarat. Mesub is a speciality of Gujarat. It is a mixture of healthy ingredients such as gram flour, water, sugar, butter and ghee.


5 Halwasan

Halwasan is a form of halwa. It is quite famous sweet of Gujarat. Gujaratis use this sweet mainly to worship god. It is mainly prepared during family puja or on special events. It is a signature sweet of Gujaratis. It has a unique combination of dry fruit, ghee, wheat flour, flavours, syrups and water. It can be excitingly served after dinner to bloom-happy stomachs.


6 Malpua

Though malpua can be found everywhere but it is a special sweet of Gujarat. It is prepared in sugar syrup with rose flavour. It is a pancake dessert served as a sweet dish after meal. It can be easily prepared with simple ingredients of rice flour, sugar and oil. It can be given a special flavour of coconut. It contains goodness of dry fruit but with bit of a fat. It is an unique sweet which can be adorn with fruits and mints. It can be served with malai as well to make it more delicious.


7 Basundi

Basundi is a major speciality of festivals. It is as sweet as chocolate. It gets melt into the mouth in a minute. Basundi is a very fascinating sweet dish of Gujarat which has demand among people. Gujaratis consume this sweet dish in their breakfast as well. It can be easily cooked by boiling milk and mixing stuffs in it. It can be garnished with saffron after preparing.


8 Keri No Ras

Keri No Ras, do you know which sweet dish it is?? It is a very popular sweet dish of Gujaratis which is also known as Aamras. It is served as a sweet in Gujarat and Maharashtra in marriages during mango season. Aamras can be derived as Aam means Mango and Ras means Juice with this its clear that it is a summer dish. Generally Aamras gets prepared with Alfanso mango but People use different variety of mangoes to make the delectable Aamras.


9 Ghari

Ghari sweets are made up of “Milk Mawa” which has goodness of proteins and calcium. It is a healthy sweet dish which comes from Gujarat to feed hungry stomachs. Ghari has a brief history behind people were consuming this dish to increase strength. It has enough of varieties to satisfy every stomach following varieties are pistachio, almond-elachi and mawa.


10 Ghevar

Ghevar is basically a Rajasthani sweet served in festival Teej. It is a round disc shaped sweet made from sugar syrup and flour. There are many delectable variety of this sweet such as plain ghevar, mawa ghevar and malai ghevar. Its main ingredients are flour, ghee, kewra, milk, butter, sugar, almonds, saffron and cardamom.


11 Soan Papdi

It is a very popular North Indian sweet. It has cube like structure which looks very elegant and cute. It is said that Soan Ppapdi has Indian origin from Punjab. It is such a mouth-watering sweet that no one can resist without eating it. It’s ingredients are sugar, gram flour, ghee, milk and cardamom.


12 Sukhadi

It is an inviting sweet dish with soft and crumbly texture, it gets melt into the mouth frequently and gives flavourful taste. It surrounds heart with happiness while eating. Its resourceful ingredients are clarified butter, flour, cardamom, dry fruits and pure desi ghee.


13 Mohanthal

Mohanthal is a dish which contains all healthy and Royal ingredients in its recipe such as healthy almonds, chickpea flour, ghee, sugar, milk and pistachio nuts. It is known to be a healthiest dish. It is basically served in the festival Diwali and Janmastami.


14 Gud Papdi

It is very quick and authentic sweet of Gujarat. It contains gud which is healthy for skin as well as for brain. It has three main ingredients ghee, wheat flour and jaggery. It has extremely delicious taste with richness of dry fruits. It is generally served on festivals like Diwali, Holi and Teej.


15 Peda

Peda is a sweet dish with cute name and healthy recipe. It contains milk, sugar, ghee and elaichi powder. All this ingredients provides health with taste. It is a healthy recipe for every age group people. It is soft in texture so that children can also consume it.


16 Barfi

Barfi is a sweet dish prepared from khoya and milk. It has different flavours such as chocolate, vanilla and mawa. Well, Barfi is a dish which can be easily found anywhere but Gujaratis finds it special and unique.


17 Laddu

Rava Na Ladva is a famous Ganesh Chaturthi sweet which is served as a prasad in puja. Laddu comes with a huge variety such as suji ka ladu, besan ka ladu, atte ka ladu etc. Laddu is a cute round shaped sweet which fills mouth with pure desi ghee and dry fruits.


18 Shrikhand

Shrikhand is an Indian sweet produced from strained yogurt. It is one of the most delectable dessert of Gujaratis and Maharashtrians. It is a pure yogurt dish served with elaichi on the upper layer. The name Shrikhand has been derived from “Shikharini” means curd adding sugar.


19 Shakkar Para

It is a North Indian sweet dish famous for its crispy taste. These fried crispies are also served during marriages. It is also called as Shankarpali.


20 Kopra Pak

With its rich taste and irresistible fragrance it can attract every sweet lover. This is a very famous sweet of Gujarat. It gets easily prepared by using grated coconut, milk, ghee and sugar. Sweets are the best part of festivals. It can be served anytime, anywhere to bloom empty stomachs. Sweets are meant to be celebrated together.