Top 20 Family Restaurants In Goregaon, Mumbai

top 20 family restaurants in goregaon mumbai

 Mumbai, known as India’s largest city, is not only famous for being the heart of the Bollywood film industry but also for its famous foods. We all know about Faluda, Ragda patties, Chicken Mayo Roll, Bhel Puri, The Bombay Sandwich, Batata Vada being one of the most prominent and many more. Goregaon, known for its food restaurants as well as the well-known Film City, is one of the suburbs that remains popular and busy. Here are the top 20 restaurants you should check where your favourite TV actors or actresses have dined:

1. Udipi Vihar Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

This Pure Vegetarian South Indian-themed restaurant is for all the vegans out there. The restaurant has a variety of South Indian foods such as veg thali, many types of dosas, which also include paneer, Chinese-based items, and many more. You are guaranteed to enjoy your time here with the lovely customer care provided by the staff.

1Udipi Vihar Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

2. Sai Veg World

Here is another vegetarian restaurant for all the vegans. This restaurant is often quite busy due to its location being near the railway station. It serves a large variety of foods and is a two-story restaurant with a comfortable setting that will make anyone fall in love.

2Sai Veg World

3. Gaon Gajali

The restaurant is small but bright, consists of Thali with seafood and chicken, as well as Chinese dishes. You will surely fall in love with the food. This restaurant is popular among the locals, so it is usually crowded at night. The Konkani Fish Thali is the star of this restaurant, which you should try.

3Gaon Gajali

4. Image

This place is flawless in its cuisine and service. On weekends, be prepared for an hour of waiting due to how crowded it gets due to its popularity, but don’t worry; after all, the wait is worthwhile. The restaurant also has a service for Veg/Non-Veg Buffet systems. Most of the customers have fallen in love with the ambience and comfort of this place and keep on coming back. I am sure you will too.


5. Picasso

This restaurant has been standing for more than 10 years, which accounts for the quality of food that they have and the experience of the staff. The food reminds you of your home and has a fantastic ambience that comforts you when you are dining alone or with family and friends.


6. Pop n Dine

It’s a typical, spacious restaurant offering Indian and Chinese food and a fantastic place to enjoy quality food in a peaceful and serene environment. The family section and non-family sections are separated, which makes it more convenient so you can enjoy alone time with your family with no disturbances.

6Pop n Dine

7. Shabari Pure Veg

This restaurant has a hard-working staff that brings you your food at a quick pace, so you can enjoy your dinner quickly and satiate your food cravings. The food here is of many types, ranging from South Indian food, vegetarian food, and typical street food, to hot and tasty beverages and foreign food. One of its best qualities is its cheap food, so you can grab a quick bite for no money at all.

7Shabari Pure Veg

8. Hotel Visava

This is the only seafood restaurant that is great and authentic in taste. You can also enjoy a wonderful outside view and a beautiful night view outside. The waiters also offer friendly food options for you. You may bring your liquor there and pair it with your food in a separate section so you can enjoy uninterrupted time with your partner or family.

8Hotel Visava

9. Satyanarayan Lunch Home

Being established for more than 70 years is this place with delicious food that can satiate all types of food cravings. It is home to some of the most appreciated cuisines, which include North Indian, Chinese, and Konkan. Satyanarayan Hindu Lunch Home located in Goregaon East offers a great food experience by serving highly palatable food.

9Satyanarayan Lunch Home

10. Persia Darbar

Persia Darbar is one of the finest restaurants to satisfy your never-ending chicken cravings. It is mainly a to-go type restaurant but is also quite spacious for the customers to have room when they are waiting for the food. The service is relatively fast, and the waiters are very kind.

10Persia Darbar

11. Indi kitchen

Indi Kitchen is a well-known food outlet for its varied starter items and other unique dishes. The delivery is delivered properly with good packaging and is always on time, never being late. Their loving way of preparing the food is what makes the dishes delicious. It is always delivered hot and fresh. Hygiene and other precautions are also well maintained.

11Indi kitchen

12. Freshmenu Goregaon 

The outlet is a delivery kitchen that serves the best food you can find and is always on-time delivery. The restaurant is said to have a variety of food menus which they keep upgrading on a regular basis, and all the sweet tooths should try the deserts such as rainbow pastry, death by chocolate mousse jar, very berry oats bar, and more.

12Freshmenu Goregaon

13. Spukies – The Veg. Sigree

This is another pure veg. hotel containing delicious North Indian food. It is one of the most reliable food outlets to order food from. They provide tasty, pure vegetarian mouth-watering food at reasonable prices with good quality and prompt delivery services. They have a wide variety of food items available, including North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, and quick bites.

13Spukies The Veg. Sigree

14. Lalit Fine Dine

This restaurant is a beautiful place to dine. It is located a few minutes’ walk away from the Goregaon Railway Station. This is suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The ambience is classic and wonderful, the food quality is out of this world, and the staff are polite and friendly, giving a sense of comfort.

14Lalit Fine Dine

15. Ratna Veg

Established in the year 1971, Ratna Veg Restaurant in Goregaon West is a top player in the category of North Indian Restaurants in Mumbai. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination for customers both local and from other parts of Mumbai. It is known to provide top service in the following categories: North Indian Restaurants, Restaurants, Home Delivery Restaurants, Multicuisine Restaurants, Pure Veg Restaurants, Indian Restaurants, and Punjabi Restaurants.

15Ratna Veg

16. Magnum Delhi

Magnum Delhi is a restaurant and a bar directed towards bachelors and married couples as it is perfect for couples. They have a ground floor and another floor. They’ll generally rush you to the first-floor family room if a lady is accompanying you. One of the oldest bars and restaurants in Goregaon. You will always be finding this bar a bit crowded on daily basis.

16Magnum Delhi

17. Hotel Jay Prakash

One of the best places to spend time. It is a good restaurant in a good location and has fantastic service. The best part of the place is its food, as it offers an excellent quality of food with drinks. You can choose from an open garden or sit inside to enjoy your meal. Although it’s a bit on the expensive side, it redeems itself with its fantastic food quality and taste. It’s close to the railway station and the market nearby, so it’s easy to grab a quick bite when you are in a hurry.

17Hotel Jay Prakash

18. Raj Restaurant 

This restaurant has food that can satiate all of your food cravings. It is home to some of the most appreciated cuisines, which include Tandoori, North Indian, Chinese, and Mughlai. It occupies a favourable location in Goregaon West. They are able to cater to a large number of customers.

18Raj Restaurant

19. Sizzling China

One of the best Chinese restaurants in Goregaon is simply outstanding. Sizzling China will offer you great Chinese food with a wide variety of cuisines. With the perfect ambience and polite staff, it’s a must-visit for Chinese food lovers.

19Sizzling China

20. 180 Degrees

A restaurant serves the best buffet in the area. Excellent food and exceptional service make this one of the hidden gems in the suburbs. It is a must-visit for people in the suburbs. This restaurant is spacious and can handle many customers at the same time, so there is no need to worry about not getting a table and you can enjoy a hearty meal anytime you want.

20180 Degrees