Top 20 Famous Dishes in Ayodhya


The food options in the Ayodhya may be quite limited because the food is vegetarian only, and the small town does not have many fancy restaurants. You will mostly find Aloo Tikki, Pani Puri, Kachori, Papri Chaat, Samosa, and many more that have the color and taste of the region.

1. Veg-Biryani

Whether you love rice or not, you are bound to stir up the excitement of your palate by the fragrance of a veg-biryani in Ayodhya. The infusion of spices and seasonings together with the Basmati Rice is a feast itself. Veg Biryani is made often with cooked vegetables and served with raita.


2. Chole Bhature

Crisp fried bhature and spicy gravy that are prepared to relieve the pangs of hunger. Add a butter dollop and a pinch of lemon juice to the gravy and to take the dish entirely on a different level. The scrumptious dish is served with pickles and onions. Chole Bhature, which originated in the North West, has developed into a favorite of millions throughout the country.


3. Rumali Roti

Rumali Roti has become part of the Indian grub. This is one of the most famous dishes that you will find at every corner of Ayodhya complimenting it with some gravy dishes.


4. Litti Chokha

Another delicacy from Ayodhya, which will make you want more, is a fine smoking litti, mashed potato, and brinjal bharta. The stuffing is made of sattu or powdered gram, chili, and achari masala, made from wheat flour dough, and screened inside balls. Once baked, the litti is served with chokha and chutney, preferably on an earthen stove.


5. Baigan Bharta

This simple dish can be enjoyed with the help of rice or rotis and is a favourite in the chilly winter. The aubergine is usually made with mustard oil and then grilled with carbon or firewood, over a red-hot smoking boiler or a steel stove. A smoky aura of the freshly roasted eggplant is an attractive sight, and the Bharta is covered in chilies and onion.


6. Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo involves the concoction of spices that give the dish a spicy taste; the baby potatoes are deeply fried up to golden brown. The main component of the original dish is a powder made of dried Kashmiri chillies or pepper chillies, but chillies are taken off and replaced with cassava-nuts or watermelon seeds.


7. Veg-Tikka

Veg-tikka is made by roasting the vegetables in tandoor, which is marinated with curd and mixed with spices, including cayenne and red chili powder. This is one of the tandoori delicacies.


8. Paratha

Without a paratha, Ayodhya’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be unfinished. The thin flatbread is a wholesome meal choice and can be enjoyed with pickle or curd. The most amazing thing about paratha’s is their generous stuffing. You can eat a variety of paratha’s according to your choice and preferences.


9. Rajma Chawal

The Rajma is slowly cooked in the gravity of a kettle of masalas and is soaked overnight. The dish moves to another level with a dollop of fresh cream added to the sauce. Rajma Chawal is a favourite dish of everyone and you can find it in every restaurant in Ayodhya.


10. Papad Ki Sabji

Either roasted or fried, the crispy papad can change the flavor of the whole dinner. It can be even your saviour when you decide on the menu for the night, or you want to quickly construct something for the famished and fussy children. The unsuspecting papad is twisted and served together with rice or roti in this recipe.


11. Sarso Saag

Sarso Saag plates blend all of Punjab’s fragrance on your table. Makki ki roti is a mixture made with maize meal flour, and Sarso Da Saag is made from the tender stalks of mustard leaves. The pungent mustard aroma is balanced with the ginger, garlic, and onion in the meal.


12. Dal, Baati, and Churma

This is a typical dish for your taste buds and your tummy. The Baati Dal is made of wheat flour dough and baked with coal or firewood in an earthen or brick stove, alongside a Dal with a variety of pulses. This wholesome and balanced meal completes the sweet Churma, which is made from coarse wheat flour, and Rava deeply into ghee with almonds and cabbages for garnishing.


13. Dahi Vada

This delicacy in Ayodhya has grown into the favorite snack of many Indians. The deep-fried vada is immersed in curd and is surrounded by imli or dhaniya. The Dahi Vada tastes tangy and is supplemented by a sprinkle of black salt or chaat.


14. Kadhi

Although curd is used in many recipes as an ingredient and even accompanies many dishes, this unsuspected food in the form of kadhi has a delicious twist. The curd mixed with grams of flour can be cooked, and the asafoetida pinch can work its magic. Add a couple of pakoras or papads, and the delicious kadhi is ready for consumption.


15. Rabri

Unlike other sweets, the stunning dessert which originated in Mathura and Ayodhya is also easy to prepare. A low flame brings to boil the milk mixed with sugar, and the cream layers are accumulated until the volume of milk is reduced to one-third of the initial. Many people like a little Kesar, which gives the sweet dish a lovely hue. The rabri can also be garnished with almond slivers.


16. Chaat

It’s Ayodhya’s favorite street food. It has a wide range of flavors, various toppings, and masala. The most well-known of all the variants are the samosa chaat, tikki chat, and matar chaat.


17. Kebab Paratha

Kebab paratha is one of the most favorite dishes of people in North India. Kebab is served with green and spicy chutney complimented with paratha. This one of the most loved evening snack.


18. Gujiya

Gujiya is made of cardamom-flavored mava and dried fruits and is deep-fried. They are a big part of the Holi color scheme series. It is one of North Indian culture’s favorite and essential dish. Whether an infant or an elderly person, everyone loves it.


19. Kulfi

It’s a well-known dessert, usually served in summer. It is made of cardamom and saffron, with churned milk combined with dried fruits. A thin, saffron-colored falooda is served in the kulfi.


20. Kofta

This platter is offered in both vegetable and non-veg food. Curry-based dish is soaked in meat or vegetable balls. A great combination of spices are added in the curry. It is served with chapati or rice.