Top 20 Feasts From East Godavari

Top 20 Feasts From East Godavari
Top 20 Feasts From East Godavari

East Godavari is the most versatile place on the planet. They are never content with the existing food menu, and they always try something new with their culinary skills. This inspiration of theirs gave birth to many lip-smacking and healthy foods. Today, some of these foods might be available to you at your nearest stores. Thanks to globalisation! But trust me, eating the recipe at your store and eating it at its origin are entirely different experiences. The next time you visit any part of East Godavari district, along with their love, Taste some of these savouries too.

1.Ambajipeta Pottikkalu

Indian cuisine concentrates on health at the same time, does not compromise on taste. This recipe is another illustration of that. The uniqueness of this dish is that we steam the batter in jackfruit leaf- baskets (panasa buttalu). It derives its healing properties from jackfruit leaves.


2.Annavaram Prasadam

Annavaram is a famous shrine of Sri Satyanarayana Swamy in East Godavari. That is why this prasadam is also called Sri Satyanarayana Swamy prasadam. Its main ingredient is Godhuma Ravva or cracked wheat and high-quality jaggery and ghee. It is famous for its unique flavour and taste.

Annavaram Prasadam


This drink completed its 100 years journey. Yet another soft drink was not able to replace its unique taste. It started when the world was busy fighting World War II in the premises of Ramachandrapuram.  It began its journey with the cola flavour. Now many flavours like Grape, Orange and Lemon found their place in the market.


4.Athreyapuram Putharekulu

Usually, Indian sweets are very heavy. We do not prefer to eat more than two. But you will be amused knowing how light this sweet is. Putharekulu is also known as the paper-sweet due to its paper-thin consistency. It is a unique product of East Godavari. This delicacy comes with ghee and sugar and makes it a great sweet delight.

Athreyapuram Putharekulu

5.Bendapudi Bellamjeedlu

For the 1970’s people, Bellamjeedlu is synonymous with today’s chocolates. They are even tastier and healthier too. Often they are seen coated with a layer of sesame seeds too (called nuvvula jeedi candy). We can savour them on special occasions, especially like village fairs (or theerthas).

Bendapudi Bellamjeedlu

6.Bobbarlanka Kobbari Undalu

This coconut-based dessert is made with grated coconut and jaggery and topped with dry fruits. People also know it is the name of the kobbari louse. Kobbari undalu have their origin from bobbarlanka in East Godavari district.

Bobbarlanka Kobbari Undalu

7.Kakinada Khaja

As Rasagulla is for Bengal, Kakinada khaja is for the East Godavari. Seeing it, we may think that it is just another sweet. But once you take a bite of it, your tongue has a blast of sweetness and later find out that your arms are full of sugar syrup. So, never judge a book by its cover!

Kakinada Khaja

8.Kathipudi Karakajjam

The katthipudi is a village in East Godavari that is famous for a unique sweet called Karakajjam. The prime ingredient of this sweet is bhoondi mixed with a thick sugar syrup made of jaggery and sugar. This sweet is crispy and serves as a great snack with added dry fruits like Kaju.

Kathipudi Karakajjam

9Konaseema Nagaram Gaarajee

You might not be familiar with the word Gaarajee. This delicacy is prepared only in Konaseema using special rice and sugar syrup. Many Local Muslim marriages have this dish on their menu. If you want to taste it, you must visit Konaseema.

Konaseema Nagaram Gaarajee

10.Konaseema Rajugari Kodi Pulao

Chicken is one of the most loved nonveg genres of many people around the world. This recipe is a blend of rich spices and flavours. Every bite of it would give your taste buds a blast. Dear chicken lovers, this recipe gives you wings. That is a promise.

Konaseema Rajugari Kodi Pulao

11.Godavari Thati Rotte

Thati rotte is another unfamiliar dish for you. They make appealing delicacy with the pulp of palm fruit. The batter made of this pulp can also make Idly, Garelu or Dhibbarotte. The Thate rotte has a matchless sweet taste.

Godavari Thati Rotte

12.Mamidada Mamidi Thandra

It is also called Mamidi Thandrai, mango jelly or Aam papad. They prepare it with mango’s pulp and sugar solution and then sundry for a couple of months. It has a long shelf life. It has a unique taste in the East Godavari, even though it is available in many places of India.

Mamidada Mamidi Thandra

13.Mandapeta Bellam Gavvalu

Bellam gavvalu are the delicious sweets coming from Mandapeta. These conch shell-shaped sweets had blown away the mind of any random person who ate them. Milk, jaggery, and rice flour are prime ingredients. These are both cost-efficient and time-efficient.


14.Mukkamala Minaparotte

Mukkamala’s Minaparotte, also known as dhibbarotte, is popular among its inhabitants. This savoury is best when eaten with Palli chutney or chana chutney. Many people carry it during train journeys.  Those who feel that idly is boring can try this tiffin.

maxresdefault (2)

15.Mukkamala Pappuchekkalu

People from Andhra cannot make their meal without a side dish, be it Vadiyalu, appadalu or any other savoury. Pappuchekkalu also serves as a side dish as well as a teatime snack. Mukkamala, a small town, is famous for making the best pappuchekkalu in Andhra Pradesh.

mukkamala pappuchekkalu

16.Koorada Thokkudu Laddu

This special laddu enchants everyone with its smooth layer and creamy texture. It renders just as you put it on your tongue. This is often confused with Bandar laddu, but the taste and texture are entirely different. This special laddu is the main prasad of the Ainavalli Vinayaka temple in East Godavari.

Koorada Thokkudu Laddu

17.Rajahmundry Gangaraju Palakova

If there is a dish adored as much as putharekulu, It is Gangaraju Palakova from Gangaraju dairy. This dairy product is also known as Dhoodh peda in other parts of India, but its taste is one of its kind. This delicacy is being prepared for decades. Seeing its craze, we can expect it to run for centuries together!

Rajahmundry Gangaraju Palakova

18.Rajahmundry Rose Milk

It is a re-energising drink prepared with chilled milk, rose syrup, and some other ingredients. It is the most loved drink for people in and around Rajahmundry. It also has antioxidants due to which brings our skin a healthy glow. This is often confused with falooda, but their tastes are somewhat different.

Rajahmundry Rose Milk

19.Thapeswaram Madatha Khaja

Madatha khaja is related to Tapeswaram, that when searched on google, shows khaja along with it. It is also dipped in sugar syrup which gives it a unique taste.

maxresdefault (1)

20.Vadisaleru Chegodi

These crunchy side dishes are prepared using Rice flour, moong dal and some Carom seeds. These are the most loved anytime snacks since the day they were invented.

Vadisaleru Chegodi