Top 20 Flowers Used For Cooking

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Flowers and leaves have been used for cooking since an earlier period. Using flowers to make recipes is a unique way to include their fragrance and flavor in the dishes we make. They are readily available and can be planted at home to create organic and healthy recipes that strengthen our bodies. They also give a distinct color to our recipes and make them look with a unique taste. Varieties of flowers are available in the marketplace, which we can use for making our regular meals. We shouldn’t overlook the nutrients we get from flowers. Let’s see some unique flowers used for cooking varieties of meals.

1. Dandelions

Have you ever considered using these bright yellow flowers for cooking other than decorating? They are highly nutritious and contain antioxidants. They can be included in salads, brewed into wine, and used in tea. Make delicious thick jelly from it. The roots, stem, and leaves can be eaten, too, with the flowers.


2. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a commonly available flower mostly planted in gardens in our homes. Use these flowers in salads and teas. Hibiscus has a mildly sweet, and acidic flavor. Use them in a cocktail for their unique taste. Try recipes including this flower, and you’ll love the results.



Don’t these purple-looking flowers allure you into believing they’re made for staring? We can readily include them in our healthy diets. Rich in nutrition, they can be included in tea, champagne, ice cream, mocktail, and cakes for unique flavors. Use them in your recipes to notice the difference they can make.

Lavender Ice Cream


They’re not that widely available at home, but we can buy them from a nearby market. These tiny flowers can amaze you with their minty and grassy flavor. Add them to your salads and summer drinks, and cocktails. Use them as cream cheese spreads. Choose healthy to lead a disease-free life.

3. Rose Milk

5. Roses

Roses are among our favorite flowers and allure us with their various colors. Use their fruity scent and floral flavor in soups, jams, tea, salads, and popsicles. Try out multiple beverages, including roses, and keep trying them. Consume adequately for health benefits.

Rose Milk 1

6. Sage Flowers

The softness of these flowers will surely allure you to decorate your house with them. However, consuming them will give you health benefits you cannot think of. Their sweet flavor adds a beautiful shade of pink and purple to our dishes. Use them as a sprinkling agent in eggs and popsicles.

5. Sage 1 2

7. Honeysuckle

These flowers are filled with sweet nectar. Its sweet taste is used in tea, lemonade, yogurt, and syrups. It is a promising agent for substituting sugar from our dishes. Add these flowers to your recipe for healthy living. Their distinct flavor will keep you longing for more. Use your creativity to elevate regular meals.



Its slightly peppery flavor makes it among the most used flowers for cooking. It increases the spiciness of the dishes. Use these bright yellow and orange flowers as garnishing agents in pastries, cakes, and salads. Their leaves are edible too. It would help if you used them for a natural spicy flavor in your dishes.

18. Cauliflower Steaks
9. Chamomile

How often have you consumed chamomile tea? These flowers are known for their specific scent. They give the dishes a sweet earthy flavor. Make baked goods, syrups, and smoothies using these tiny flowers. Use them to elevate the taste of your desserts. Don’t miss out on unique recipes.

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10. Marigolds

Marigolds are mainly used for decorating and religious purposes. With its orange and yellow color, it has a distinct citrus flavor which can make your recipes alluring in taste. It is primarily used in salads and instead of saffron. Try different recipes, including these flowers, and you’ll love them.


11. Sunflowers

How often do these long bright yellow flowers attract you? These flowers are edible, and their nutrients are good for our health. Sunflower oil is made from these flowers, which keeps our hearts strong. Don’t miss out on the benefits of consuming these flowers. Use them in salads for a tempting treat.

Sunflower Seeds

12. Violets

These bright flowers can be a garnishing agent in your daily recipes. They make our dishes look alluring and keep strengthening our bodies with their nutritious values. Don’t overconsume as it may harm your body. Use them in salads and popsicles

14. Pizzeria Fratelli Roselli Turin

13. Gladiolus

They are mainly used for gifting and decoration purposes. It is edible and can be used in cake decoration, wine, and candies. The petals of these flowers are sweet and can be used in making varieties of desserts. Chartreuse, a French liquor, is made using the petals of these flowers as one of its magical ingredients.

Carnations Restaurant

14. Gladiolus

Use these flowers for cooking purposes after removing their anthers. Use them in making mousses and sweet, savory spreads. Their petals can be used in our regular salads to elevate their tastes. Use them in your recipes for a unique flavor, and you’ll love the differences they can bring to your recipes.

gold table flowers

15. Lilacs

Lilacs have their varieties of flavors differing from plant to plant. They taste slightly bitter, but their smell will surely allure you. Its unique lemony taste makes it a fantastic ingredient for salads. Try incorporating these flowers into your diet and gain their nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.

19. Rose Kettle Restaurant

16. Mint Flowers

They’re mainly used for their medicinal properties for elevating our regular recipes. They can cure nausea, headaches, and digestion problems and enables weight loss. Use them in smoothies and summer drinks. Use them in making mint-flavored ice creams. Try them for their cooling effect.

4. Mint 2

17.Cilantro Flowers

Cilantro flowers have a refreshing flavor that can elevate your dish’s taste. Make sure to use them immediately to keep their flavors intact. Use them as a sprinkling agent in salads and our regular curries. They have a sweet and spicy taste that will amaze you when you taste them.

1Mint Cucumber Raita.

18. Ginger Flower

These white flowers can be eaten raw or cooked. Use them for making varieties of aromatherapeutic oils for their medicinal properties. They can reduce pain and swelling if consumed adequately. They have a solid gingerly smell and flavor, which makes the recipes unique and delicious.
16. Chicken Pilaf With Mint Yogurt

19. Pumpkin Flowers

They’re used in our regular curries and can be made into crunchy fries for snacks and served hot with a spicy chutney. They’re low in calories and overloaded with vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium. Don’t miss the health benefits of these flowers. Stop throwing them away.


20. Basil Flowers

They have a mild flavor and can be used in salads and varieties of dishes for garnishing. They have a range of colors like white, pink, and purple. They contain flavonoids and antioxidants, which are beneficial for our bodies. Try making various recipes, including them, and you’ll love the results.