Top 20 Food Items Which Are Accidentally Vegan


1Duncan Hines Creamy Homestyle Frosting

For all the cream lovers out there. I was startled for the very first time that this item is vegan. This is the most loved frosting by the kids and since it’s vegan it has reduced the insecurity of the parents about it being unhealthy for the kids.


2Jell-O Instant Pudding

This pudding is basically made with the help of milk. So, to veganize this pudding use a bit of nut, soy or coconut milk as a substitute.


3Duncan Hines Cake Mixes and Frosting

Yes, you heard right. Cakes and the frosting are vegan on this item. This is completely vegan-friendly. If is bizarre to think that a cake can ever be vegan. But we have this cake with the ingredients which are 100% vegan. Someone, please hand me a spoon. My mouth has started watering already. This cake is a perfect blend of all the substitutes of the ingredients which are vital for making a cake.



These are the most common Halloween candies which are either known as rockets or smarties. It all depends on where you live which leads to the difference in name of this candy. This candy is a blend of most of the vegetables that we might have heard of. The best part is these are candies, on top of it vegan candies make it perfect to munch on.


5Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

This syrup is made with cocoa and it doesn’t have any dairy products. This syrup contains all the ingredients that show a green light for veganism. Hershey’s chocolate syrup is our new favorite thing amongst the list of items which are best for vegans. Chocolate syrup can also be vegan, life is good.


6Smucker’s Marshmallow Toppings

As we know most of the marshmallow products contain gelatin which is made from cow hooves, which is something not for vegans. But this marshmallow topping is purely gelatin free. Hence, makes it a perfect fit for vegan’s consumption.


7Original Cracker Jack

The caramel used in this Original Cracker Jack is not prepared with the common butter ingredient that the other caramels are prepared with. This caramel is coated with peanut and butter. Moreover, this is amongst the most favorite food item in this list.


8Nature Valley Crunch

The ingredients which are used in nature valley crunch are completely eggless and free of dairy products. A consolidated and filled with nuts is what you need to make your day. Can someone get me some of it?


9Saralee Apple Pie

This pie is made predominantly without the help of egg and butter. Sounds great, a pie without egg. This pie is very famous amongst the vegans because other bakery stuff is mostly prepared with the help of egg. But something like this is a must have and a must try.


10Ritz Crackers

These Ritz crackers give a buttery taste and a sort of a flaky texture but is prepared with the help of vegetable oil. There is utterly no usage of dairy stuff and whatsoever.


11Pillsbury crescent rolls

People mostly love the butter taste which Pillsbury Crescent Rolls give but the bizarre fact is that there is no butter at all. This makes it perfect for the consumption of the vegans. Hence, we love the fact how these things are prepared that gives the most different taste but are made from different ingredients.


12Keebler Ready-made Crust

How interesting is it to make a jello pudding oreo pie completely vegan. This Keebler ready-made crust is completely made free of dairy products. This luscious chocolate ready-made pie crust is my craving of the day.


13Reese puffs

This is eaten as a breakfast by the vegans keeping in consideration the due fact that these puffs are not prepared with the help of any animal product. Hence, makes it apt for the consumption of vegans.


14Sour patch kids 

It is assumed generally that candies contain a lot of gelatin because all candies predominantly prepared with the help of gelatin. But this candy hampers the use of gelatin and makes it purely plant based.


15Bisquick original pancake mix

You need to check the ingredients before labeling this product as vegan as the ingredients differ from country to country. These pancakes differ from country to country and so the ingredients and the variety of this pancake.



Like, they’re still sugar-laden cookie. As some companies use cross contamination of milk so make sure you read the label before making the purchase. This America’s favorite cookie is a pure vegan. Moreover, there is a need to be taken into consideration the cross contamination of milk.


17Taco Bell’s Cinnamon TWISTS

Different offerings at Taco Bell like beans, tortillas, rice etc. are all prepared completely animal free. So basically anything can be made vegan. It’s hard to digest that whatever we’ve been thinking for so long that this can’t be vegan is vegan. Apart from this, there are severally other food items which are being prepared by Taco Bell are vegan.


18Chipotle Sofritas 

So our favorite food item sofritas is an approved vegan. Apart from being vegan, it is highly nutritional and healthy for consumption. Despite being free from animal products, it is still healthy and nutritious to eat.


19Nabisco Graham Crackers 

So the problem that occurs with this product is that it is usually prepared with the help of honey. But some vegans have a problem with eating honey too. If the graham cracker is prepared without the help of honey then it’s great and a perfect to have. We can also use graham to make pie crusts.


20Strawberry Unfrosted Pop Tarts 

Tarts are always vegan but excluding the ones which are covered with the frosting because they add gelatin to it. Gelatin is prepared with the help of animal hooves. So that is the reason it can’t be covered in the category of vegan.