TOP 20 Foods And Restaurants To Try At Malda, West Bengal


Malda is one of the largest districts in West Bengal and is located slightly far away from Kolkata. There are many top universities like Malda College in this area, and hence there are many students. Young people are lively and love to eat, sleep, and repeat. This place has wonderfully changed itself according to the students and it offers a wide variety of choices to the students and the locals. It has historical significance and one of the must-visit places once you visit West Bengal.

1Disco Tea

It is named after its location Disco More. It is one of the popular tea stalls among the locals. Their disco tea and snacks are their main attractions. The taste, aroma, and consistency is pretty good, and have to be one of the must-try foods in Malda.maxresdefault

2Abar Khabo

It is a very famous sweet here made with pistachios, raisins, and kheer. Abar khabo means to eat once again. The taste and texture of this place will make you crave for more and you would indeed say abar khabo after eating this.313_501318071


It is a popular sweet that you will find exclusively in Malda. It is a mixture of poppy, kheer, rasgulla. It is one of the attractions of Malda. The perfect combination of sweetness and crunchy texture will make you go gaga over this dish.Roshokodombo-2020


It is also one of the trademark dishes in Malda. It is lightly sweet, and, prepared with kheer. Cansat and roshokodombo are like the backbone of Malda sweets. The flavor and look give you a feeling of nostalgia.cansat

5Maldar Rajbhog

It is not the common saffron-colored rasgullas with pistachios stuffing. It is pretty different and prepared with kheer, and rasgullas. The kheer is dried and then dusted over to give it its characteristic flavor, appearance and texture.maxresdefault (1)

6Kosha mangsho

It is one of the most loved dishes in the whole of West Bengal. The preparations, taste, and color vary from region to region and district to district. Red, hot and spicy mutton cooked with lots of patience and love. It is sold in various pice hotels and even top-quality restaurantsKosha Mangsho Recipe (Bengali Mutton Curry) + Video - Whiskaffair

7Desi murgh

It is very different from standard poultry chicken. It is richer in flavor, taste, and meat portion. The curries which are made with desi murgh are at another level. It is prepared the best in traditional household and pice hotels. It has to be tried for sure.maxresdefault (3)

8Special paturi

It is a dish made with vhetki or ellish fish. The fish fillets are wrapped with a mixture of mustard, green chili. It is then steamed or fried. The delectable soft fish with a strong flavor of mustard is heaven in itself. It goes very well with steamed rice and polao.57018469

9Desi maach er kaliya

The fishes are cultivated from ponds and then cooked fresh. Similar to desi murghi, desi fish has its own charisma. It is an oily gravy made with mustard oil, barista, tomatoes. It is generally made with rui or Katla fish.00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200811162421924_COVER-01

10Dal Puri

It is a kachori filled with dal stuffing mainly of chana dal, some of them even use urad dal or sattu. It is served with a spicy potato curry which goes very well with it. It is one of the popular breakfast items and the highlight of every telebhaja shop.55051886

11Mutton Biryani

Kolkata biryani is quite different from other biryanis. They add potatoes in biryani which is uncommon, and the potato is cooked with onion, and mutton and hence give it a wonderful texture. Mutton biryani is something you can eat at any time of the day, and the feeling is just out of this world.maxresdefault (4)

12Chicken Tangri

It is one of the popular snacks of chicken where the leg pieces are coated with cornflour and spices. It is then deep-fried and tossed in various sauces. If you are a chicken lover, you will surely love this delicacy.DSC_0547

13Adda 24

It is one of the most exciting upcoming ventures in Malda. They serve a variety of top-quality continental dishes. Their pizzas and pastas are delicious. Malda is from rich heritage and background and for this café to do so well in here is a wonderful achievement.maxresdefault (5)

14Pardesi dhaba

It is also one of the latest shops serving good quality multi-cuisine food. Their polao and chicken kosha are their signature dishes. The ambiance and support staff are pretty cool. This place can be tried once whenever you get a chance to visit Malda.103_507000117


It is a very rich and flavorful dessert made with milk. It is cooked thoroughly so the texture is quite dense and creamy. It is one of the popular sweets in India, but the malda version is slightly more authentic and flavorsome.jpg

16Hotel Silver Arcade

It is one of the premium hotels in Malda. They have proper parking and internet facilities. Their restaurant is also pretty good and the hospitality they provide is fantastic. Their fried rice and chili chicken are the most recommended items.7dad8442cec411e78ae00224510f5e5b

17Nan puri

It is a very different type of bread eaten with ghugni or spicy potato curry.Please don’t confuse it with naan because it is deep-fried and very close to bathuras. In Malda, it is eaten with chana masala, which is indeed delicious.maxresdefault (6)

18Chana masala

It is a spicy preparation of chanas, cooked with lots of onions, garlic, and spices. It is readily prepared in telebhaja and sweet shops as a breakfast option.IMG_4307-1-e1530627607423

19Sukanta More Dosa Centre

It is a popular south Indian food joint in sukanta more. It sells quality dosas and idlis. It is pocket-friendly and viral among school and college-going students.vyhe87si81jsrtnow12e

20Mango Leaf restaurant

It is a fine dining multi-cuisine restaurant. The ambiance and food quality are very good. Tandoori Chicken butter masala, paneer stuffed naan, fried rice and chicken rahara are some of its famous dishes.