Top 20 Foods You Must Try In Hyderabad!


“A well-fed man is a Happy Man.” Thus, there is no better place than Hyderabad as it offers a huge variety finger-licking foods from different cuisines which can be savored by all age groups. There is a reason why Hyderabad was declared to be the best city to live in, and of course food is one of the many reasons! Hence, to satisfy your insatiable hunger, here are 20 foods you must try at Hyderabad


 Of course, The world famous Hyderabadi Biryani. One of the centersof attractions of Hyderabad, Biryani should be the first item you try in Hyderabad be it Veg or Non-Veg! Be prepared to lose yourself into the scrumptious, zesty blend of spices that are perfectly cooked with long grain Basmati Rice and succulent Mutton/Chicken/Paneer pieces. Few places have been listed below and they don’t even cover 1% of the total number of restaurants that offer Biryanis all over Hyderabad.


Suggested Locations: Paradise, Bawarchi (Rtc x Road), Shah Ghouse,  Café Bahar, Hotel Shadab, Hotel Prince,  Kritunga, Sarvi, Punjabi Affair, MaaOoru Biryani, Tabla, Meridian Café, Hyderabad House, Grand Hotel, Silver Salt, Abhiruchi

2 Haleem

The first place that a search engine shows when searched for “Haleem” is, undoubtedly, Hyderabad. The famous Haleem, a slow cooked dish made of barley, wheat, meat (chicken/ mutton), along with herbs and spices which basically is a festival of flavors! Be it the roadside stalls or a grand 5-start hotel, a Haleem serving joint is usually crowded and why shouldn’t it be?

This magical dish is just available for thirty days a year, during the Ramadan season. The intoxicating aroma of ghee and meat will surely a test of one’s patience. Highly recommended for a Non-Vegetarian!


Suggested Locations: Pista House, Shah Ghouse, Café Bahar, Sarvi, Grill-9

3 Shawarma

Originated in the Midwest, Shawarma is a Levantine meat preparation where the meat is grilled for almost a day on vertical spits. This mouth-watering and tender meat is then blanketed with KubusorRumali Roti’s  that’s coated with a thick layer of Mayonnaise and other sauces, salads and finally is rolled and grilled. It is a great food for quick bites, filling and is reasonably priced. Many places do serve vegetarian Shawarma’s as well. (Commonly known as falafel)


Suggested Locations: Grill-9, Shawarma House, Limra, Friends Shawarma, Bhukkad, D Grill

4 Kababs

The tandoori grilled chicken hung vertically on rods outside stalls salivates the pedestrians as the aroma of Garam Masala and other spices rush to their olfactory receptors, enchanting the person. This pleasing creation has been admired among connoisseurs for centuries, originating from the very Mughal Royal Kitchen itself! And Hyderabad is no stranger to kababs. Home to a wide variety of kababs like Pathar ka ghost,Shami,Galouti, Kakori kababs etc. This meat coated with numerous spices, is usually served like an appetizer, with green chutney and salads.kababs

5 Osmania Biscuits

 This heavenly creation, is named after a Nizam ruler, Mir Osman Ali Khan. A flawless balance of the saltiness and sweetness, this magical creation is popularly enjoyed with Irani Chai that makes for a perfect evening snack. They are available in almost every tea stall in Hyderabad!


6 Irani Chai

Isn’t it great that even a simple cup of tea has a mysteriousand fascinating story behind its origin? And with every sip, you taste the culture, tradition and heritage of numerous societies and counties that spent years creating this. Irani Chai originated in Persia and brought to Hyderabad and is a very famous evening snack choice. It has a similar preparation like coffee. The tea leaves are boiled in a separate vessel and so is the milk. The tea solution and milk finally unite when served to a customer. They are Preferred usually with Osmania Biscuits; this tea will surely make your day!


7Karachi Biscuits

Touted as an iconic establishment that was the result of the partition of India and Pakistan, Karachi biscuits have been the primary attraction of Hyderabad for about six decades now. This pure – veg, fruity and nutty cookies or “Nankhataye”is widely enjoyed with tea and coffee. Osmania Biscuits are one of the many cookies that the Karachi Bakery makes.


8 Mirchi Bhajji

A vendor selling a Hot and spicy Mirchi Bhajji can be found almost in any nook and corner of a street in Hyderabad! This dish, made with juicy hot chillies coated with a batter made of gram flour and a few spices, and then deep fried, are a treat to your taste buds. Served with peanuts, onions and tamarind/peanut/coconut chutney dip on the side, Mirchi Bhajji is a very widely cherished delicacy especially during rains. It’s a South Indian street food, commonly consumed as an evening snack. Highly recommended for spicy food lovers!


9 Punugulu

Another South Indian street food, Punugulus are also very easily available at any street corners. Made from Rice, UradDaal, and a few other spices, this crispy yet fluffy snack served with spicy peanut/coconut chutney dip and onions is just AWESOME! As the rains come pouring down, the smell of wet soil ignites a Myriad of emotions in a person, followed by some involuntary food cravings. If this happens to you often, don’t worry! Just take a trip to the nearest South Indian SnackBandi or cart, and treat yourself with this delicious golden brown snack!


10 Dosa

If you have been living in India, then you won’t be a stranger to a Dosa! This crispy, golden brown, pristine dish is served usually with peanut-coconut chutney and sambar andis just pure magic. Simple yet magnificent, this scrumptious, crusty snack can be enjoyed at almost any time of the day. Be it for breakfast, lunch, snacks or even dinner!

Over the years, South Indian chefs have put their creative minds together and come up with a number of Dosa fillings like Paneer, Cheese, Onion, Corn, Mysore Masala, Butter Masala, Masala, and a plethora of other stuffings. Even a plain Dosa is appetizing! Dosa’s are available in every South Indian restaurant. But for those who want to enjoy different flavours and stuffing, the below mentioned restaurant is a strict go-go!


Suggest places: Ram Ki Bandi, Laxman Ki Bandi, Rk Tiffin Center, Pragathi Tiffin Centre, House of Dosas, Dosa Place.

11 Buffets

There are numerous restaurants spread all across Hyderabad that are famous for their lavish buffets. Serving North Indian, Continental, Chinese, Italian and various other cuisines, buffets are the place where one can find how different cultures come together to make your meal delectable, satisfying and worth remembering. It’s a brilliant site to find a plate that has pasta, Hakka noodles, a slice of pizza, some butter chicken, Naan, Biryani beautifully and uniformly arranged. Places like Barbeque Nation, Ohri’s, A’La Liberty, Bikanerwala, Mainland China etc. serve some of the best sumptuous buffets!


12 Cafe

Cafe, a place where youths can socialize and get together is a necessity in any city nowadays and Hyderabad is full of them. Be it enjoying a cup of coffee with your loved one’s or simply chilling in the remarkable atmosphere they offer, Cafés have become increasingly popular among the younger generations. Few of them also conduct occasional comedy shows, live bands etc. Places like Café Coffee day, Starbucks is popular anyways, but new coffee shops like The Coffee Cup, Obsessive Coffee Disorder (OCD), Central Perk, The Second Cup, Heart Cup, and many other places are getting popular day by day. So sit back, relax and enjoy a Hot and warm cuppa, or an icy, frothy cold coffee with your friends and family!


13 Hyderabadi Chaat

The famous white/green pea chaat can be found in almost every street. The HyderbadiChaat is an incredible combination of sweetness, sourness, saltiness, crispiness and spiciness. With a number of options available to the customers, like Samosa Ragada, Samosa Chaat, PapriChaat, Dahipuri, SevPuri, Masala purietc, one will surely not go hungry. It’s difficult for pedestrians travelling near the stall to stop their inner cravings as the street is filled with the invigorating aroma. Not to mention the world-class PaniPuri, served with Tamarind and Mint Water. A highly recommended snack !


14  Paya

Ever had the feet of an animal for food? Guess this is where we stand out. The roots of this delicacy originated in the northern borders of India but it is widely enjoyed in Hyderabad. Paya literally translates into hoofs or feet and mostly prepared using Mutton or lamb. It is cooked in a way such that it has the consistency of a soup. Known for its luxurious taste, this food is equivalent to a warm hug on a winter night.


Locations: Hotel Shadab, Shah Ghouse, Sahib’s Barbeque, Khan Saab, RayalaseemaRuchulu, Pi- Hotel Avasa.

15 Qubani Ka Meetha

A true to the heart Hyderabadi wedding is incomplete without this dessert. Qubani Ka Meetha is the king of sweets in this region. It is made from Apricots which are boiled until they turn into a compote. This sugary sweet has different toppings like Almonds, Malai, dry fruits, and Ice-cream.


Location: Sarvi, Hotel Shadab, Paradise, Cafe Bahar, Jewel of Nizam,Bawarchi, Minerva Coffee shop.

16 Double Ka Meetha

This dessert belongs to Hyderabad. It is made of the most easily and readily available ingredients like bread, sugar, and ghee. Also known as Shahi Tukda in North India, it is a famous sweet in the Mughlai cuisine too. The Double is indicated for Bread as Bread is known as Double-Roti in Hindi. The Bread is left to soak in a sugar syrup and topped with Malai, dry fruits, Almonds, and condensed milk.


Locations: Cafe Bahar, Paradise, Exotica, Bidri, Pista House, Sarvi.

17 Kheema

Minced meat as it is known is also the most popular meat dish in Hyderabad. This cut of meat can be cooked in numerous ways. It is most commonly made using Mutton and tastes best with a Pav or Roti. Kheema is also used as a filling in Samosas. The spices get well infused in the meat and the texture is grainy but the best part is that it does not require a person to chew hard to enjoy the meat.


Location: Absolute Barbeque, Paradise, Dhaba by Claridges, Punjabi Affair, SodaBottleOpenerWala, Sahadab, Ulavacharu, Cafe Bahar, Bawarchi.

18 Mirchi Ka Salan

The unsung hero, that made the Hyderabadi Biryani a world-wide famous delicacy is Mirchi Ka Salan, a chilli gravy served with Biryani. Don’t let it fool you with it looks, it might have a humble and innocent look but once you taste it, your mouth explodes a huge amount of flavours. A magnificent mix of spicy, salty, sweet and a touch of bitterness, this delightful gravy along with Hyderabadi Biryani will surely make your day!


19 Maghaz Masala

The word literally translates to Bheja Fry (Brain Fry). A famous lamb dish that will surely salivate you if  you are a non-veg lover. Juicy, tender, Spicy and thick gravy are the best words to describe Maghaz Masala.  A must try for all the Non-vegetarian lovers out there!


20 Pappu Dal

This sour dal is one of the most commonly served dal in most of the Telugu households. Appearance wise it looks like a regular dal, but as soon as you taste it, you certainly feel the kick of tamarind and tomatoes that burst into your mouth. A very taste and healthy dal that is widely enjoyed with Rice, and any other curry is a must have for food lovers!