Top 20 Foods To Eat When You Have Tooth Pain

top 20 foods to eat when you have tooth pain

Do you know that tooth pain is among the most painful physical sensations a human being can have? Tooth pain is the second most painful thing the human body can endure after childbirth. Tooth pain affects how you eat or speak and can have a debilitating effect on your life. Toothaches can happen due to caries, infection, or even dental scaling.The only way to deal with tooth pain is to visit the dentist’s office. The doctor will prescribe you pain medication while treating the cause of the pain.You might also resort to home remedies like clove oil to temporarily numb the pain. But do you know that certain foods can help reduce the aching until you take yourself to the dentist’s office? Here are the top 20 foods that can help you manage tooth pain.

1. Milk

The star ingredient to solid teeth, milk is a superfood that you can sip on when dealing with a toothache. As children, we have all been nagged by our mothers to drink milk, and for good reasons. Milk is rich in calcium and strengthens bones and teeth. So, keep a jar of it handy when you are suffering from a toothache.


2. Cheese

Cheese is a delicious food item that we all love. Be it on our pizzas or pasta, most people love eating cheese. This soft milk product will save you on days you are dealing with a toothache. Munch on it, and your bad teeth won’t even notice, let alone feel pain.


3. Yogurt

A nourishing milk product rich in good bacteria, this food will provide you with all the nutrients you need; without hurting your teeth. Yogurt improves gut health and is easy to eat when dealing with toothache.


4. Soups

Soups can be equal parts nutritious and filling, serving as a complete meal. You can add vegetables, spices, condiments, and just about anything to rustle up a soup that is both filling and hearty without hurting your teeth.


5. Muffins

They are much softer and fluffier than cakes, and will not hurt your aching teeth when you eat them. They can also be a great mood-lifter when you are dealing with discomfort.


6. Puddings

These soft, gooey desserts need no excuses for consumption. But when you have a toothache, that is your excuse to feast on these. You will gobble them down without batting an eyelid.


7. Ice-Creams

When dealing with a toothache, it is essential to eat something that will soothe your pain. Ice-creams, and any cold foods, help ease discomfort in the mouth. Dentists even recommend having them after any oral surgery or extraction. Ice-creams can help you deal with the pain before you reach the dentist’s office.

7.Ice creams

8. Pancakes

There are a variety of pancakes, both sweet and savory, that are eaten all across the world. Mostly seen as breakfast items, they are soft and chewy, and won’t hurt your teeth when you munch on them.


9. Pasta

When dealing with a toothache, it is advisable to eat foods that melt in your mouth and don’t require much chewing. Pasta is one such food item that is soft and can be comfortably eaten with a toothache. Bonus, it is delicious.


10. Seafood

Soft fish can be great on days you are battling a toothache. Treat yourself to tuna or salmon, and you have a full stomach without traumatizing yourself!


11. Mashed Vegetables

A toothache should not stop you from getting your daily dose of nutrition. And what better way to nourish your body than eating vegetables? But hold on, you cannot have them whole. So, you can cook and mash them, so that it does not hurt your teeth. That way, you can eat all you want without damaging your teeth.

11.Mashed vegetables

12. Pureed Meat

On the same lines as mashed vegetables, pureed meat can be a great alternative to whole meat when you have a toothache. If you are a meat lover and craving some, but your toothache is restricting you, consider eating it in the form of a puree.

12.Pureed meat

 13. Smoothies

You love to sink your teeth into a juicy apple or tangy guava but cannot because you have a toothache. A great way to eat all the fruits you love without hurting your bad teeth is to add them to a smoothie. Mix everything, and you have a nourishing concoction.


14. Scrambled Eggs

When battling a toothache, you cannot possibly have hard-boiled or poached eggs. So, an excellent way to have eggs is by scrambling them. Scrambled eggs would not hurt your teeth, and you can eat them safely.

14.Scrambled eggs

15. Paneer And Tofu

These are nourishing food items made by fermenting milk and soft foods. They are easily chewable and will not hurt your bad teeth. They also have high nutritional qualities.

15.Paneer and Tofu

16. Hummus

This is a Middle Eastern dish made with chickpeas and lemon juice and is both tasty and healthy. Since it is a mashed dish, you can safely have it with a toothache. Pair it with softened bread or tortilla.


17. Souffle

Your toothache is the perfect excuse to enjoy this delectable dish. It is a French dish that can be either sweet or savory and made with eggs. It has a soft, gooey texture that melts in the mouth and will be a savior during a toothache.


18. Applesauce

This is pureed apple, often sweetened and spiced. Applesauce is a nutritious food item that helps in lower blood cholesterol levels and keeps your heart healthy. It is soft and won’t hurt your teeth.


19. Mashed Potatoes

Buttered and herbed mashed potatoes are a complete dish. It is both filling and tasty. You can enjoy it even with a toothache, as you can eat them without even noticing.

19.Mashed potatoes

20. Risotto

This is an Italian dish. Rice is cooked in either meat or vegetable broth until it turns mushy. Herbs, condiments, and cheese is added to it. It is a prevalent and common dish. You can enjoy it without causing any discomfort to your hurting teeth.