Top 20 Foods To Keep Skin Hydrated During Summers

Top 20 Foods To Keep Skin Hydrated During Summers

Skincare has become a source of income for many people. Plus, it is an essential factor for many people. During summer, people tend to lose their skincare routine. One cannot follow the winter routine for summer. Hence, they are always on the lookout. In the summer, our body needs more hydration. We are exhausted by high temperatures, and it requires a lot of frequent refreshments. Similarly, it is essential to keep our skin hydrated. There are many ways of hydrating skin during the summer. People know just a few ways to keep their skin hydrated. Hence, in today’s article, we will discuss the top 20 foods to keep skin hydrated during summer.


What is better hydration than water? It has got all the minerals your body needs to have. Furthermore, it is present in abundance. You can add some flavors to your water and make it more interesting. Also, you can use the measurement bottles to make water drinking more fun.

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Cucumber has ninety-six percent of water. Having it during summer will give your skin a lot of hydrations. You can consume cucumber all alone or make a salad out of it. This food will provide you with Calcium your body required during summertime.

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We all know that watermelon is a waterish fruit. It is a delicious way to keep your body hydrated in the summer. It has about ninety-two percent of water. Plus, it will give you other nutrients to deal with the summer heat. It has a few refreshing agents too.

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You must have started consuming more tomatoes in this heated season. Tomato is an excellent way to get rid of summer. They have ninety-four percent of water. Furthermore, you can make many refreshing juices and shakes recipes coming up using tomatoes. Do give it a try.

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None of us like to eat broccoli. It is one of the most hated foods. Practically, it is a great way to hydrate your skin during the summer. Try having boiled, spiced broccoli. You can add it to your pasta. They act as a hero ingredient there. It has nine-two percent of water.



This food is the period to eat a lot of Kimchi. Lettuce is the main ingredient in Kimchi. It has a lot of potassium, Vitamin C, and yes, water. These contents will keep your skin hydrated. It will make your skin capable of handling the heat and the damage happening during summer. It contains around ninety-six percent of water. So, try some kimchi this summer.



No, Zucchini is not cucumber. Both are different veggies. They have their specialties and nutrients. Zucchini contains ninety-four percent of water. You can add them to salads, pasta, sandwich, rolls, burrito, and other dishes. They are one of the great foods to have in the summer.

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Do you like Strawberry? They are difficult to find during the summer. However, if you get do have it. Strawberry will give you ninety-two percent of water. Moreover, you can eat everyone’s favorite strawberry ice cream too. It will relieve during the hot summers.



Coming to fruits peach is one of them with higher water content. It is a tasty fruit to eat. Furthermore, it is rich in iron and Vitamin C too. Hence, you can take a peach shake during the summer afternoon. Furthermore, it will give you around eighty-nine percent of water.



Do you like Radishes? Well, I don’t. They are one of the most hated foods in the world. However, they can give you the required amount of hydration easily. If you have a habit of eating it then you are at benefit. If not, please start eating it.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An apple a day gives you eighty-four percent of water. It is an excellent food to consume in the morning or before sleeping. It helps with digestion issues too. Hence, an apple a day can help with many other things.

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We know orange is one of the watering fruits. You can have orange juice or eat it raw. It will have a seed that will develop into a tree in your stomach. Just kidding.!!! You can consume a lot of oranges during summer. That will even give you lots of Vitamin C.

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13.Bell Peppers

If you check for foods rich in Vitamin C, have a good contain of water too. Hence, you can eat all the fruits rich in Vitamin C to keep your skin hydrated. Furthermore, bell peppers have around ninety-two percent of water. Hence, you can start including them in your summer diet.


14.Plain Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in Calcium. Plus, it has high water content too. It gives a soothing effect too. It will provide high refreshments to you during the summer season. It has around eighty-eight percent water contained. You can have a cup of plain yogurt everyday day in summer.

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We have come back to the veggie section of the article. We include celery in the top 20 foods to keep skin hydrated throughout summer because it has ninety-five percent water. It can go with your sandwich. Some people even consume it raw. It depends on you how you like it.



We know that pineapple is another water fruit. It is a great option to have in the tropical summer. Many people take pineapple drinks during summer. Furthermore, you can make your version of a pineapple drink. You can try some recipes from the net. Do consume some pineapple this summer.

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Carrots have a lot of Vitamin D. Furthermore, it has eighty-eight percent of water. You can make some great dishes using carrots. I personally love Gazar ka Halwa. It is a sweet and healthy dish to eat in the morning for breakfast. It enlightens the whole day.

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Summer should be all about fruits. Kiwi is great for the eyes. It can even provide around eighty percent of water. They are one of the delicious fruits. You can eat them raw or make some shakes. Some people make Kiwi ice cream too. You can try that and let us know how it is.

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I won’t say they are one of the waterish fruits. They are waterish. You can just put some in your pocket this summer. They will give you the required amount of nutrition and hydration this summer. They are filled with Vitamin C too.

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The last fruits we have on the list are Blueberry. They are available during summertime. They have a great content of other nutrients too. Furthermore, they provide around eighty-nine percent of water to the body. That is an excellent food to add to the top 20 foods to keep skin hydrated during summer.

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