Top 20 Fusion of Indian and Foreign Foods That Will Make You Hungry

Fusion of Indian and Foreign Foods That Will Make You Hungry2ed-3

Indians like adding a desi twist to every food item, language, or clothes. As much as love various international cuisines, every dish is incomplete without an India twist. When you are confused about what cuisine you want to have, order the fusion of your favorite dishes. Here’s a list of all those items you want to have on your next order:

1 Tikka Tacos

Tikka Tacos is a fusion of Mexican dish Tacos and Indian dish Chicken or Paneer Tikka. Tortillas are just like Indian chapattis. You can add the Mexican taste by adding Salsa and Cotija Cheese.


2 Vegetable Manchurian

We love Indo-Chinese! No matter how many times we say it, it’s not enough! Manchurians are deep-fried balls filled with vegetables like cabbage, carrots, onions, and chilly dipped in soy sauce. It is every vegetarian’s favorite dish which makes them love Chinese cuisine more.


3 Masala Macaroni

Indians love adding masala to anything and everything. No dish is complete without it. Italian pasta; macaroni flavored with Indian masala will give a run for the money to all the traditional mac and cheese lovers. It can be made within minutes and eaten as a snack.


4 Couscous Pulao

Fusion of Persian and Indian cuisines gives us Couscous Pulao which will tantalize your taste buds without any second thoughts. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Pulao is rice, but in this dish, couscous is used instead of rice, added with vegetables and other spices.


5 Motichur Rabdi Parfait

Parfait is a famous French dessert, and no one would like to experiment with it because of its authentic taste. What if two Indian sweets – Motichoor Ladoo and Rabdi combine with Parfait? Well, our first thought would be about its taste but, worry not! You are going to love this one just like you love the separate sweets and desserts too.


6 Masala Coke

No Indian is satisfied with a single dish if it’s not accompanied with a coke. Simply adding lemon and black salt in a coke makes all the difference. It’s better to have this dish as it’s cheap as well as taste delicious.


7 Dosa Waffles

Dosa Waffle is a savory dish which is a treat for the taste buds. Indian dosa has been given an American twist which is simple yet innovative and can be prepared easily at home.


8 Pink Sauce Pasta

People say whoever invented pink sauce must have run out of red sauce and thought of adding white sauce to it to compensate for the taste. And, Voila! He must have wondered how great of a cook he is! Well, that guy’s experiment gave us Indians a dish to relish on for its heavenly taste.


9 Tadka Fussili

Adding tadka to dal is common but adding tadka to fussili? Plain fussili is a big no, so adding onions, tomatoes, chillies, and spices make the boring dish delicious and colorful. You should try this dish at home as it is easy to prepare.


10 Chilli Potato

When you don’t know what to order in a restaurant then, Chilli Potatoes come to the rescue. Adding an Indian tadka to any dish is a specialty of Indian when it comes to experiments.


11 Chilli Chicken

Chilli Chicken is an Indo-Chinese delicacy having ingredients like salt, pepper, soy sauce, and tons of chilli. You can adjust the hotness level of chilli according to your taste. Combine this dish with fried rice or noodles, and a perfect meal is ready.


12 Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

We can imagine Gulab Jamun with Rabri but not with any other dish. Similarly, we don’t want to experiment with the classic cheesecake ever! Dessert lovers can’t argue on what’s better – Gulab Jamun or Cheesecake. How about the combination of both? Loads of thanks to that person who invented this fusion. This is the best twist given to a traditional dessert and an Indian sweet.


13 Noodle Samosa

It’s time you get rid of the old classic samosa. Almost every samosa has a filling of potato and peas, but it’s time to switch to a different taste. You should try the deep-fried samosa filled with tasty noodles to satisfy your cravings.


14 Naanza

Nobody can argue over Naan. It’s clear that every dish is completed with Naan irrespective of its filling. But we love pizza too! What about when we can’t decide whether to have the main course with naan or pizza? Well, fret not! This fusion of Naan and Pizza is here to satisfy your cravings.


15 Paneer Tacos

Taco is a Mexican dish having meat as its core ingredient. Hardcore meat lovers would ditch their meat and get their hands-on paneer particularly, for this dish. Paneer taco has all the favorite ingredients like corn and capsicum which makes it all the tastier.


16 Bhel Puri Waffle Cone

We must have had bhelpuri once in our life. We even have had ice cream in a waffle cone too. How about having them both? The sweet and sour taste of bhelpuri, topped with lemon juice in a sweet crunchy waffle is a combination that must be included in your must-have list! How about you try it super soon?


17 Tandoori Momos

Momos have become a popular street food in every state. Be it paneer, vegetable, or chicken; nobody can say no to momos. If you want to try momos with an Indian touch, then you should try tandoori momos available in a variety of fillings too.


18 Spinach Chops

Having something tasty doesn’t always come with the option of it being healthy. What if we told you that a combination of healthy and tasty exists? Ditch the meat and add spinach to the chops. Cook it with lemon and garlic for a healthier option.


19 Tandoori Chicken Sushi

Tandoori Chicken in any form is a top favorite among people of all ages. You don’t need any chopsticks to have this sushi. If you don’t like classic sushi, then this your dish! It’s time to take someone to a Japanese restaurant.


20 Hakka Noodles

Hakka noodle is a perfect dish to satisfy your evening or midnight cravings. Long noodles added to all the spices and vegetables make everyone’s mouth water. No one is satisfied with a single plate of noodles!