Top 20 Healthy And Tasty Soybean Dishes

top 20 health and tasty soybean dishes

Soybeans are like that topper friend who seems good in everything. High in fiber and protein, low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free, lactose-free, a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, a source antioxidants, and high in phytoestrogens. But we don’t always like the toppers, do we? Similarly, consuming Soybeans can be a bit too tricky, and feeling pressured to eat them makes the food taste worse. So what to do? Stop eating soybean? Never! Everything can be made tasty with the Right recipes. Soya is a very versatile and nutritious food option so try our healthy and delicious soya recipes and both health and taste to your life. How about some recipes which are tasty and with the same health benefits!? We have got your back. Here are the top 20 delicious healthy soybean recipes.

1. Soya Fried Rice

Now fried rice is a guilty pleasure. But what if we make it? Is it so healthy that it doesn’t remain a guilty pleasure anymore!? It’s possible with soy-fried rice. You can enjoy your tasty finger-licking fried rice with no guilt. soya fried rice

2. Soya Kebab

How about the spicy, smoky flavor of tandoori kebab minus animal cruelty? Yes, it vegan and provides proteins and energy with a sprinkle of lemon juice slow-cooked on coal or wood-burning stove that will quickly quench all your cravings, plus all the nutrients you need to eat there. Soy kebab

3. Soya Florentine

As fancy as this dish sounds, it is a plate full of flavors that will quench your craving, plus the health benefits. Soya and spinach cooked in creamy white sauce. You can also add some cheese if it’s your cheat day. Soya Florentinee

4. Soya Stuffed Capsicum

How about the smoky and peppery zing with soft, flavorful soya chunks that are filling but Still going to leave you craving for more and more? That’s what this dish is. It leaves no way left to make your tongue happy.soyabean dish1868

5. Soya Chunks Pakora

Now, this is more of a simple snack than a meal. But its simplicity and adaptivity keep it high on our list. Soaked soft soya chunks of air or oil fried in any batter you like with the condiments of your choice can certainly be your favorite snack of all time once you try them.Soya chunks pakora

6. Soya Capsicum Fry

It’s crunchy, soft, peppery, and smells like your heartthrob. Literally, it’s a kind of dish. You will never get enough of it and thus comes at the eighth number in the list of top 20 healthy and tasty soybean dishes.Soya capsicum fry

7. Thai Soybean In Cabbage Cups

Thai soybean in cabbage cups stands in the seventh position on the list. It is soft, crunchy, spicy, sour, and hot. Get ready to devour. That’s all this dish is (what were you thinking about!). It’s a beauty with bean sprouts.Thai soybean in cabbage cups

8. Oats And Soya Pancakes

Now we all love pancakes as breakfast. Sadly all-purpose flour isn’t as nutritious as your first meal of the day should be. Well, no worries cause now you can have your sweet pancakes with all the nutrition you need and more with oats and soya pancakes.Oats and soya pancakess

9. Soya 65

What tastes almost identical to chicken 65 but is veg? Soya 65. The soft goodness of soya chunks slithered with all the mouth-watering spices is something your soul will thank.Soya 65

10. Soya Manchurian

Most of us love Manchurian. Many times it’s a lot more calories than nutrients. But not with soya Manchurian cause this beauty has it all both delicious flavor and uncountable nutrients.Soya Manchurian

11. Masala Soya Curry

If you love masala potato curry but think it’s too high in calories for you! Let us clear your misconception. If cooked healthily, it can be low in calories and high in nutrients, and tastes as good as ever.Masala Soya curry

12. Chilli Soya Nuggets

What tastes almost like chili chicken nuggets but is vegetarian? You guessed it right! Chilli soya nuggets because it’s surreally similar to it. It tastes great and is much healthier than your simple plate of chicken nugget chili.Chilli Soya nuggets

13. Soya Milkshakes

Now I see half of you fake gaging thinking about Soymilk saying that it is gross. That’s not true. If you follow the right recipe, you can make yourself a real treat. Use a trusted recipe and your favorite milkshake flavor and enjoy your tasty and healthy soy treat.soyabean dish4149

14. Soya Kofta

Now, who does not like creamy koftas? It takes just a few alterations of ingredients into soya to make a healthier version of this beautiful dish. This recipe is going to make your heart flutter with joy.Soya Kofta

15. Soya Keema Sandwich

Sandwich is a staple favorite for every kid and even adults. But sometimes it gets too unhealthy. Using raw Veggies as your sandwich filling kills the mood. What if we can make it as tasty as ever but add a lot more nutrients? Soya keema sandwich is here to help. It is a delicious dish with a spicy flavor that will make you dance.Soya keema Sandwich

16. Soya Coffee

How about sneaking nutrients into your daily dose of coffee that your mother scolds you for consuming loads every day? You can defend yourself by showing the nutrients you are getting every day just by having it with a substitute of soy milk or soy creamer instead of your regular milk and creamer and enjoy your favorite coffee. It also gives your body some extra nutrition points.Soya coffee

17. Soya chunks salad

Now we all have mixed feelings about salads. We all have heard that it’s healthy. But does it provide enough for our body? Is it tasty enough? Well, how about adding crunchy soya chunks to it? With high nutritional value, serve yourself a healthy delicacy.Soya chunks salad

18. Soya Chunks Roast

Who doesn’t like the smoky, Savory flavor of roasted food? What if we add a lot more nutrients and flavor to it? Soya chunks to your rescue as this roast is Going to make you fall in love with soybean but at the same time will also make your body grateful for the nutrients you will be getting.Soya chunks roast

19. Soya Bean Bhel

Spicy, savory, tangy bhel but 1000 times more healthy! Soya bean bhel is that Beauty cause this delicacy has both health and deliciousness and so is going to quench your guilty pleasures without any guilt.Soya bean bhel

20. Shahi Soya Sabzi

Creamy goodness seems like it should be on your cheat meals list. But it is a healthy option! It is Shahi soya sabzi, a royal dish made to make your soul at peace and your body as happy as it could be.soyabean dish2173