Top 20 Items To Try At Jugaadi Adda, Mumbai

Top 20 Items to Try at Jugaadi Adda Mumbai
Top 20 Items to Try at Jugaadi Adda Mumbai

Jugaadi Adda is a brand that gives you the perfect combination of VADA PAV with a quirky twist. It is a jugaad of Mumbai’s authentic street food ‘Vada Pav’ with a blend of different types of exotic sauces. It is a desi snack with a videshi twist in it. Here’s a list of 20 items to try at Jugaadi Adda:

1 Jumbo Vada Pav

One of the basic yet staple snacks loved by all- ‘JUMBO VADA PAV’. The vada is served inside a bun with garlic and mint chutneys along with some spicy sukhi chutney.Jumbo Vada Pav

2 Jungli Vada Pav

As the name suggests, this vada pav is not your basic snack. The Vadapav is served with a hint of mayo along with fresh veggies like lettuce, tomato, capsicum, and onions.Jungli Vada Pav

3 Achari Mango Vada Pav

This vadapav gives a punch of homestyle achaar aka pickle. It has a sweet-n-sour tangy flavour. A perfect combination of achaar and mayo for your vadapav.Achari mango vada pav

4 Machayenge Vada Pav

Machayenge Vada Pav has a tagline that says, ‘jo nahi khata usko teekha khilayenge’ giving it a Gully Boy vibe. A superb mixture of spice and tanginess.Machayenge vada pav

5 Vip Vada Pav

A proper blend of orange cheese with tandoori base and a hint of BBQ sauce with onions, tomato, capsicum, and lettuce. Truly gives you a VIP feel.VIP vada pav

6 Schezwan Vada Pav

Another desi Chinese snack that is prepared by using its homemade hot-n-spicy schezwan chutney to tempt your taste buds. Do try this one if you are a desi Chinese lover!Schezwan Vada pav

7 Jain Jumbo Vada Pav

Mumbai’s very own burger now created in Jain style! Vada Pav is part and parcel of everybody’s life. The vada is made just like our normal vada using raw bananas. Do not miss out on this one!Jain Jumbo Vada pav

8 Godfather Vada Pav

The Godfather vada pav is the cheesiest vada pav but spicy at the same time. The sauce is a combination of chilli garlic, cheese, and tandoori sauces.Godfather vada pav

9 Indi-Italiavada Pav

Your desi burger combined with pizza sauce, onions, tomato, capsicum, and a blob of liquid cheese with jalapenos. This will surely give you Italian feel.Indi-Italiavada pav

10 Peri Perivada Pav

We all love peri peri fries, but this vada pav will make you forget those videshi chips. This is a blend of spicy peri peri in a vada pav.Peri perivada pav

11 Jantar Mantarvada Pav

Jantar mantarvada pav is a pack of three secret sauces along with some liquid cheese and BBQ. It is combined with fresh veggies that will surely make your hands messy.Jantar mantarvada pav

12 Jain Schezwan Vada Pav

Another jain vada pav with teekha schezwan sauce that will get you salivating. What are you waiting for? Head to your nearby adda now!Jain schezwan vada pav

13 Harrisavada Pav

Harrisa sauce has a very peppery, smoky flavor. It also has a strong garlicky flavor which will satisfy your taste buds. This vada pav is a blend of mixed herbs, cheese and harrisa sauce.Harrisavada pav

14 Cheese Vada Pav

Vada pav with liquid orange and white cheese. A combo of cheese + vada pav, tempting right? You will love this one for sure!Cheese vada pav

15 Tandoori Vada Pav

How does a smoky tandoori flavour on your vada pav sound? Well, you can try this scrumptious snack with an outburst of tandoori sauce.Tandoori vada pav

16 Bbq Vada Pav

Who doesn’t love BBQ sauce? This is a sweet and spicy sauce applied on the pav layer along with a piping hot vada. Do this out this one!BBQ vada pav

17 Tangy Sunny Vada Pav

Tangy Sunny vada pav is a burst of tangy flavour in every bite. Enjoy this snack with your college buddies.Tangy sunny vada pav

18 Jain Mayo Vada Pav

Everybody’s favourite vada pav served with lots of mayonnaise. It has a spicy hot vada with a creamy texture of mayo.Jain mayo vada pav

19 Jain Peri Perivada Pav

Jain vada pav with a peri peri twist. This will be your favourite Jain snack. You can enjoy these hot snacks with your family on a rainy day.Jain peri perivada pav

20 Chocolate Samosa

Crispy Samosa filled with chocolate fudge and topped chocolate sauce and served hot as the chocolate melts in your mouth on the first bite itself. It has a crazy amount of chocolate that will make you fall in love instantly. This chocolate samosa will end your day on a sweet note.Chocolate samosa