Top 20 Kinds Of Edible Leaves

top 20 kinds of edible leaves
top 20 kinds of edible leaves

Leaves are essential parts of a plant and contain various nutrients. We use them in our daily diet in salads, soups, and vegetable curries. Green leaves have always been beneficial for the proper functioning of our bodies. However, various colors of leaves are equally helpful for us. We can make varieties of recipes using only leaves of different plants and consume them to stay disease free. When you know their nutrients, throwing away leaves will never be an option. You can readily make delicious pakoras and fries using these leaves. Leaves look alluring when we use them for filling or garnishing other dishes. Let’s see the edible leaves available.

1. Cilantro

Cilantro has a refreshing flavor. Freshly chopped cilantro leaves are a fantastic ingredient for garnishing our regular meals. Use them in refreshing cool drinks for their natural flavor. However, make sure to use them fresh because stale ones lack the flavors and impact of taste. Select the leaves carefully before consumption.

1 Cilantro

2. Fennel

Fennel leaves work as a fantastic spice. Their flavor will surely refreshen your taste buds. For a delicious appetizer, chop some fresh fennel leaves and use them in sandwiches, soups, and salads. They boost our immunity and give us good cardiovascular health. Don’t neglect your body’s needs.

2 Fennel

3. Watercress

We don’t use these leaves in our regular dishes, but they can improve health problems. They’re suitable for pregnant women, enhance thyroid function, and reduce asthma. They have a high amount of fiber in them and support brain health. Don’t forget to consume these leaves to make your immune system stronger.

3 Watercress

4. Celery

Eating leaves of vegetables can aid weight loss, and these leaves can help you lose some extra fats in your body. They help reduce cholesterol levels and take care of our cardiovascular health. They also aid digestion problems and keep us away from unwanted diseases. Try to incorporate them into your soups and salads.

4 Celery

5. Beet Greens

Beet greens are beneficial for the function of our bodies. Leaves are a fascinating part of the plant. They give us nutrients that our bodies can’t function without. They make our blood vessels, bones, skin, and teeth healthy. So many benefits in just consuming some leaves. Therefore, don’t overthink before choosing various leaves for your diet.

5 Beet Greens

6. Betel Leaves

We consume them primarily after our meals. However, they can lead to an addiction mixed with other ingredients and betel nuts. They aid digestion, good appetite, oral health, and clear acne. Try to use them in your diet to get unique skin benefits. These leaves work as an antiseptic if taken adequately.

6 Betel Leaves

7. Kale

You can Blanche some kale leaves and use them to make healthy smoothies and various regular curries mixed with other vegetables and local spices. You can use them in multiple salads for their distinct taste and flavor. Try different types of leaves to improve your health and reap their benefits. Wash the leaves thoroughly before consumption to remove unwanted germs and bacteria.

7 Kale

8. Collards

Collard greens help detoxify our bodies, prevent cataracts, and lower blood pressure. They also help us fight against cancer, and that’s a fantastic fact about these readily available greens. Boil them and mix them with olive oil and sesame seeds to reap their health benefits and keep yourself disease free.

8 Collards

9. Spring Onions

Spring onions can refresh your dull recipes and make them alluring for your dear ones. They are primarily available in the winter and give a fresh punch to your salads. They’re lovely substitutes for onions, and you’ll love their taste. Use them to garnish soups and curries. They help improve low blood sugar levels, viral infections, and bone health.

9 Spring Onions

10. Basil

These leaves are refreshing and cure our sudden headaches. They are also helpful in treating the common cold and sore throat. Use basil leaves to make nutritious tea that will soothe your mind and stomach. Avoid stress by consuming these leaves in an adequate amount daily, and you’ll notice their health benefits.

10 Basil

11. Asparagus

Hangovers can make our moods sour, give us painful headaches, and waste our day, leaving us frustrated. Asparagus treats stubborn hangovers, boosts our immunity systems, and helps to lose weight. If you’re someone who wants to shred some extra fat go for it without thinking twice.

11 Asparagus

12. Red Amarnath

Do you want to stop hair loss? Here is one of the fantastic edible leaves you can try for hair growth. It also looks after our bone and heart health. Please don’t neglect the leaves’ nutrients as they can keep us healthy for an extended period. Therefore, make sure you add them to your diet and consume one of any kinds of leaves daily to stay disease free.

12 Red Amarnath

13. Curry Leaves

We use them mostly to make South Indian preparations, but they’ve health benefits that will amaze you. They aid hair growth and improve digestion problems. You can readily grind them or use them in powered form for your recipes. Please include them in salads and soups for an authentic taste.

13 Curry Leaves

14. Lettuce

Need peaceful sleep and low blood pressure? For fantastic health benefits, include lettuce in your burgers, sandwiches, and salads. You can easily use them in smoothies and enjoy the freshness of vegetables to gain essential nutrients. Enjoy refreshing recipes and stay stronger.

14 Lettuce

15. Mustard Greens

Their distinct taste and flavor add spice to your dull recipes and salads. Don’t overconsume leaves that may harm your body. You can consume some raw leaves, and some need to be cooked before consumption to remove unwanted bacteria and viruses. Try to use fresh leaves to make your recipes healthy.

15 Mustard Greens

16. Cabbage

Cabbage porridge and curries are excellent recipes that will allure you into having more. You can make yummy pakoras with cabbage leaves for snacks and serve them with a tangy and spicy sauce. Don’t miss ours on leaves that can increase your diet’s overall nutritious quotient. They improve digestion and help reduce cholesterol levels.

16 Cabbage

17. Mint

Their refreshing flavor isn’t shocking for anyone as we use them primarily for garnishing our dull recipes and cool drinks to calm our stomachs. These leaves make our minds calm and refresh our bodies. They improve digestion, nausea, and depression and aid weight loss. You can readily use them in your smoothies and juices for a minty punch.

17 Mint

18. Parsley

Freshly chopped parsley can improve your overall taste. You can use them to make delicious smoothies and mix them in cool drinks to bear summer heat. Their refreshing flavor helps to uplift our moods. They detoxify our bodies and contain vitamin C and A. Consume them improves kidney and liver function.

18 Parsley

19. Fenugreek

Want shiny and healthy hair? Don’t forget to consume fenugreek leaves. You’ll love the results. They give our recipes a fresh spicy flavor and add a unique punch to their nutrition. It helps treat respiratory disorders, digestion, anemia, and diabetes. You can chop them and use them in your salads for a healthy snack.

19 Fenugreek

20. Spinach

We are all aware of the benefits of spinach leaves. You can make yummy vegetable curries and fries with spinach leaves. Palak paneer is a famous dish we all love to eat with parathas. They’re low in cholesterol and fats. They’ve iron and fiber in them. They improve blood pressure, eyes, and bones and control weight management.

20 Spinach