Top 20 Mouth-Watering Variations of Gujiyas You Must Try

20 Mouth-Watering Variations of Gujiyas You Must Try

When we think of any festival, the first sweet that we can think of is Gujiya. The traditional gujiyas are made of maida, mawa, khoya, coconuts, nuts, and other spices. Here are some mouth watering variations of Gujiyas that you should prepare during festivals.

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1 Rabdi Gujiya

Just the thought of filling gujiyas with Rabdi is mouth watering. Rabdi is prepared by cooking the milk until it is reduced to half and becomes thick. To make it more binding, you can also mix it with khoya, and add elaichi and cardamom with dried fruits and nuts. Serve it to your guests and win their hearts.


2 Dark Chocolate Gujiya

Dark Chocolate is one of the best sweet additions for desserts. Add melted baking dark chocolate to give a bittersweet twist. It is great for people who like to keep their desserts with balanced sweetness.


3 Crumbled Boondi Gujiya

Sweet Boondi is a great option for filling the gujiyas. Go for it if you like to make your gujiya extra rich and extra sweet. The boondi gujiya are crunchy and crispy from the outside, and sweet and gooey in the middle. Boondi Laddoo lovers can rejoice!


4 Anjeer Gujiya

Anjeer, also known as figs, is another fruit that feels homely with desserts. Anjeer is full of calcium which makes gujiyas more nutritious. The filling consists of anjeer, sugar, almonds, cashew nuts, cinnamon powder, and cardamom powder.


5 Apple Gujiya

Make your gujiyas healthy by adding chopped apples with khoya and spices. Apples are tasty and sweet and allow you to add more nutrients to the gujiyas. The filling includes apples, cashew nuts, almonds, sugar, khoya, raisins, pistachios, and green cardamom. You can also add pears or pineapples instead of apples.


6 White Chocolate Gujiyas

If you don’t want to compromise on the sweetness, then add white chocolate to the gujiyas. Since it is made up of milk solids, it blends well with other ingredients of gujiya. The filling has ingredients like desiccated coconut, jaggery, almond, white chocolate, and green cardamom powder.


7 Gulkand Gujiya

Gulkand is the most common ingredient in Paan and other Indian desserts to give the rose flavor to them. Adding them to the gujiyas give a flavorful and beautiful twist. It has ingredients like chironji, mawa, coconut, saffron, gulkand, and cardamom.


8 Jam Gujiya

Just the mention of Jam evokes sweetness and happiness in our minds. Jam isn’t just used to spread on bread that we used to take in our lunch boxes. If you wish to make your gujiyas sweeter, then try adding jam. Don’t overdose yourself with this sweet delicacy as we know you won’t be able to manage more than one.


9 Bhaang Gujiya

Gujiya and Bhaang are usually associated with each other during Holi. Holi is the only time where Indian people are allowed to consume cannabis. Include it in gujiyas along with khoya to give a fun twist.


10 Chocolate Gujiya

Give a complete makeover to gujiyas by adding chocolate chips. The mixture of chocolate chips and khoya topped with chocolate syrup makes it a sinful experience with a never-ending love for chocolates.

Chocolate Gujiya Recipe in Hindi

11 Nutella Gujiya

We all know that Nutella tastes best with everything. Adding it to the gujiyas enhances the taste and adds richness to the dessert. The filling has ingredients like banana slices and nutella.


12 Halwa Gujiya

This is one of the unique varieties of gujiyas that you must try. Be it any halwa, like sooji halwa, moong dal halwa, or carrot halwa, this filling of gujiya is bound to taste best. The recipe is quite simple, you just need to make a halwa of your choice, and just add to the gujiyas. Deep fry them or bake them, the choice is entirely yours!


13 Desi Coconut Gujiya

Desi Coconut Gujiya is probably the most loved variation of Gujiya loved by all. This variation can be made better by adding sweetened coconut with flakes of mixed nuts. Usually, the traditional coconut gujiya includes mawa, khoya, coconut, and pistachio. These are then deep-fried and dipped in the sugar syrup. They have a longer shelf life than other gujiyas.


14 Fresh Fruit Gujiya

Freshly cut fruits or baked make one of the best fillings for Gujiya. Crunchy and crispy outside and melting on the inside make a tempting combination. You can use a combination of fruits like apples, pears, pineapples, and more.


15 The Baked Gujiya

This variation of Gujiya is baked having a filling of milk solids and dried coconuts along with nuts. It is made with semolina and wheat dough. The filling also includes raisins and almonds. They are baked until golden and then dipped in honey. This dish is a life savior for diabetic people as it is low on fat and sweet count.


16 The Colorful Gujiya

No matter what the filling is, these colorful gujiyas appeals to many. Just add edible colors to the dough and get ready to spread the joy of colors in Holi in true sense.


17 Chocolate Hazelnut Gujiya

Chocolate Hazelnut Gujiya is another delicious variation of Gujiya prepared by many. You just have to prepare the dough with extra rice and add the filling of chocolate and hazelnut to end on a delicious note. People of all age group will love this dessert.

Sweets Gujia

18 Baked Oats Gujiya

Here, the gujiyas have a filling of oats along with raisins and dates. Instead of maida, one can also use whole wheat flour. You can bake them instead of frying to give them a healthy twist. They taste best when they are savory instead of sweet.


19 Matar Gujiya

Matar Gujiya is a traditional Maharashtrian Gujiya made using fresh peas. Green peas along with coconut and other spices are added as filling, and then deep fried until golden brown. They are generally served as tea snack, but you can make their mini version and serve as starters.


20 Moong Dal Gujiya

Moong Dal Gujiya is a delicious flaky pastry having a filling of spicy, sweet, and sour moong dal filling. You can serve this as a tea time snack along with green chutney.