Top 20 Must Try Seafood Dishes


Being foodie is one of the good things, especially if you are a Seafood lover. First of all, Seafood gives you the essential nourishment which is necessary for our daily life. Also, Seafood is mouth-watering and tastes good, also there are varieties of Seafood dishes you can try. As there is a saying which says, “There are a lot of mysteries in the ocean.”

So here are the Top 20 Must try Seafood dishes for a Seafood lover:

1. Angel Cutlets

Angel Cutlet is a pleasant and appetising snack for all the Seafood lovers. It is mainly a combination of potato and other vegetables to increase more distinctive quality. Angel Cutlets are cooked in hot fat and can be served with tomato ketchup or egg-yolks for better taste.


2.Seafood Pizza

Combined set of Pizza and Seafood is a worth having combination one can experience. The Pizza is made with Seafood as the main part. There are numerous types of Seafood parts, the most ordinary being Angel, Salmon, Fish, Prawns. Some of the restaurants in India only serve Seafood dishes for their customers.



Number of people who love Seafood portion have deep affection for Prawns as they are indeed good in taste and very easy to consume as Prawns have no bones. We can just chew it in and enjoy! Prawns are primarily mixed with required flavors of garlic and butter dissolves which make even tastier. You can also have it with a layer of tomato sauce or even ghee.


4.Fried Fish Chips

Chips and Fish is a meal which should be eaten when the meal is hot. It had its origin from England and composed of cooked and deep fried Fish and Chips. It is pretty much of old fashion. Chips and Fish are now also obtained in different restaurants in India. Chips and Fish are a complete meal for a combined lunch and breakfast. It is also very easy to make at home as it is just Fried Chips and Fried Fish.


5.Prawn Pope

Well many people in India, have the knowledge of the famous dish of “Prawn Pope “.For the people who love Seafood, Prawn Pope is a delight of the meal called Prawns.  Prawn Pope which usually is just like Fried Fish Chips tastes even better as they have the combined flavour of Prawns. You usually get them in all regions of India. It is just another perfect breakfast for all the people who love Seafood. One must try it once.


6.Fish Biryani

In India, Hyderabad state is very well known for its Biryanis. The mixture of rice, fish, and spices is just a perfect form for the people who love Biryani. The Biryani is a combination of gravy, rice and fish. It tempts the taste buds and is by all means one of the must have meal for all the people who love Sea Food.

7.Fish Cake

Fish Cakes are one of the exceptional dishes from the country of Mexico. Fish Cake is one of the most enjoyed cakes with a fish filling customary of Basa or Salmon mixed with different vegetables and different sauces. Fish Cake makes complete appetizers once can have for dinner and lunch. If you like Fish Cake or a lover of Seafood then you should try Fish Cake; they definitely won’t let down your expectation.


8.Burgers/Fish Burgers

Burgers are the additional way of taking pleasure of the food of your quality and mixing them with different sauces for a fast bite. Fish Burger always comes with a mouth-watering Fish Patty and salads of onion, cucumber, lettuce and tomato. Fish Burgers can be formed even tastier just by adding a layer of sauces like mustard, tomato etc. Cheese is also sometimes added to the Burger for a good food observation.


9.Prawn Salad

The perfect dessert for dinner is Prawn Salad. Prawn Salad is good in taste and a healthy food and good way of taking pleasure of Seafood. A Prawn Salad is a salad made with boiled vegetables and boiled Prawns such as corn, carrots and raw vegetables like onion, fried vegetables as coriander and cabbage and a layer of tomato sauce. Usually, it is very easy to cook, and one can also have it at different Seafood restaurants.


10.Fish Momos

Momos are hot dumplings in which no oil is used. Fish Momos are one of the healthiest foods. Fish Momos are a perfect way to take pleasure of fish in the healthiest way. The Fish Momos filling can be of various choices and as per the taste.


11.Fish Skewers

Fish Skewers are one of the must try for people who love Seafood. You can take pleasure of all types of fish which gets cooked on the grill like Prawns, Fish and Salmon. The hot flavour with the layer of tomato sauce on the fish mixture tastes amazing.


12.Crab Curry

Seafood is not just about Prawns and fish, it also has crabs. Crab Curry is prepared with light aroma. Crab Curry is easy to digest and very light and it contains the coconut flavour in the curry which makes it very delicious.


13.Lobster Curry

If you are a Seafood lover, then you should try this meal which is good with flavours like pepper, ginger, garlic, chilly. The coconut which is used in this dish makes it  perfect.


14.Fish Egg Rice

Fish Egg Rice is made out of yolk of fish’s egg. It is a hot dish with huge flavours like garlic, ginger and chilly. It tastes better with lemon and onion salad, and chutney.


15.Fish Soup

Fish Soups are a good way to take pleasure in the form of fish in a liquid. The Fish Soup is the best way to start the dinner and can be ordered for lunch or dinner. The fish used for the soup can be made as per your quality, and you also have different flavours. It is also a good medicine to eat when you are not in good health.


16.Fish Pickle

Pickles are one of those tasty side meals which we take pleasure with our meals. Pickles are very easy to make and can be stored for years.
Fish Pickles are made with butter fish, prawns, seer fish, sardine.


17.Malvan Fish Curry

The famous Malvani fish curry has its specialty which uses good flavours like lemon, tomato and tamarind. Malvani Fish Curry is usually eaten with chutney. They are sometimes served with pickles.


18.Fish Noodles

Fish Noodles are quite famous and loved by everyone. Fish Noodles have great taste as the deep fried flavours give you the good taste which makes you have it again and again.


19.Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes taste same as Fish Cakes, but crab is used instead of fish. Crab Cakes are good in taste, and they are a good way to start off the dinner. Crab Cakes are mixed with yolk and ghee. Crab Cakes taste good even with tomato sauce.


20.Fish Roll

Fish Rolls are one of the most liked dishes in India. They strive to be a good starter. They are just like Egg Rolls with their fried and crispy taste, but the filling of fish makes it unique from the other Seafood. They are served with chutney and sauce.