Top 20 Namkeens Of Gujarat

Top 20 Namkeens Of Gujarat

Gujarat is the land of development and economic independence. When you visit that place you realize what exactly our country should be like. All cities in Gujarat are so well furnished and clean that we desire to shift to that place and spend our rest of our lives there. Along with the magnificent buildings crowding Gujarat that place is also known for its delicious food and spicy ‘namkeen.’ If you are a traveller then you are bound to pack loads of salty delicacies prepared locally in Gujarat for your family. The good part about these is that they are yummy and not even unhealthy. So you can have them to your heart’s content.

Following is guide which will guide you about the top 20 ‘namkeen’ dishes which are famous in Gujarat and without which your trip to Gujarat will remain unfulfilled.

1. Farari Chavana Namkeen

This type of namkeen is the most commonly available namkeen in Gujarat. You will find every vendor selling it on the roads. It is a highly nutritious namkeen. Even though it is fried to some extent but the rich taste and the exotic aroma of the namkeen adds to the charm of this dish. Also it is made up of semi granules of potato and dried vegetables like peas with a lot of spices mixed with it.


2 Methi Puri

This is a dish which is found only in some shops selling traditional and authentic Gujarati namkeen. It is deeply fried bread also called ‘puri’ which is made from dough of wheat, jowar and fenugreek (also called methi). The taste of this dish is amazing. Though it is a little spicy however eating it with some pickle or ‘chutney’ will enhance the taste to an extreme level.


3. Sev Mamra Masala

This particular namkeen is produced by some adroit professionals as it requires great care to be produced. Professionals use highly advanced machines to produce this dish so that there is hassle free supply to the consumer. This is one namkeen which is devoid of preservatives and chemicals and is made using just natural ingredients which enhances the taste of this dish.


4. Sabudana Mamra Masala

This namkeen is available at every nook  and corner of Gujarat as it is very famous amongst the locals there. It is a healthy snack and is viable for every age group to have this. Sabudana is mixed with certain spices and is served with green chilli and lemon extract. The lemon adds to the flavour of this dish. However, it is very spicy.


5. Roasted Wheat Chatpati Nimki

This is essentially a snack which can be readily consumed by all age groups and at all times. Usually this is enjoyed in the morning or in the evening with some tea or coffee by the locals. As it is roasted, it is extremely healthy for people with heart problems. Also it has sort of a tangy taste which is enjoyed by people. It is a nourishing and tasty snack and you should try it out surely.


6. Sing Bhujia Namkeen

This is an extremely unique namkeen and is relished only by some people as its taste might seem a little offbeat to some. The water figs are peeled off and they are deeply fried and are then added to some batter of spices and herbs and are again fried. So these are extremely unhealthy and spicy. However, you should try it out once if you are visiting Gujaratfor the first time.


7. Khakra

This is the most famous snack found in Gujarat and is found very easily at every vendor on the street. It is so light and healthy that you cannot stop after eating one. There are various types of these as well from methi to plain to organic to handmade and the list is never ending. You should get a lot of these packed so that you can enjoy them later as well. Also their taste is enhanced when you have it with some pickle or chilli.


8. Ratlami Sev

This particular snack is basically made of chickpea flour or gram flour also called as ‘baisan.’ The flour is thickened by using milk or other dairy products which results into a batter and then they are placed in small designer moulds. After that they are roasted or fried and they result into this particular namkeen. These are bland in taste however it a filling snack when you have it with tea or coffee.


9. Chewda

This namkeen is readily available in some parts of Gujarat as to make and produce this at a particular temperature is required. It can only be prepared at a temperature little higher than normal one. It is very healthy for the body as it helps to fill you up and ease the digestion process. It is basically a mixture of rice puffs and peanuts and a lot of spices along with it.


10. Jeera Khari

It is a special snack available only in Gujarat. It resembles a rice and wheat puff with certain flakes coming off however it is made of dough comprising of flour and baking powder. The base which is created is not very healthy however because it is roasted with some oil it adds to the nutrition quotient of the same. Also it is infused with some cumin seed also called jeera enhancing its flavour.


11. Khandvi

This is a popular Gujarati snack and is usually eaten in the breakfast along with other tasty snacks. It is made up of a batter of chickpea flour and curd or milk. Later the batter is made into extremely thin sheets which are then rolled up to make one khandvi. They are then decorated with coconut or other spices which add to the flavour of this snack.


12. Khaman Dhokla

This particular side snack is not only popular in Gujarat now. It is found almost everywhere in India. It is a steamed cake which is made up of rice flour usually and is extremely healthy for a person on a strict diet. This is again made up of chickpea flour and is yellow in colour. Also it is garnished with chillies and some cilantro which enhances the aroma and taste of this dish.


13. Handvo

This particular dish is also somewhat like the Khaman Dhokla however it is made using different ingredients. It is a steamed cake made using dough of rice flour. Also it is healthy as it is made with beans and yogurt and bottle gourd. The taste of the calabash makes the dish a little bitter and salty so only few people tend to like this dish as it has a very different flavour.


14. Muthia

This dish is extremely famous in Gujarat and is eaten as a savoury or as a snack in the evening. They are basically steamed dumplings made up of rice flour, chilli powder, fenugreek, salt and some turmeric. The turmeric provides it a beautiful yellow golden colour and as they are deep fried they tend to be eaten when they are sizzling hot.


15. Murruku

This dish basically originated in Tamil Nadu however the maximum population which eats this are the Gujarati. This is a beautiful twisted fried snack and its shape is something which is admired by people the most. It is made with a mix of gram flour and urad dal flour mixed with certain other spices and herbs. They are made into spiral or coil shapes either by hand or by a mould.


16. Locho

This dish is widely eaten in the Surat city where it was originated. It is usually made up of gram flour. As the name suggests it has a loose consistency and an irregular shape somewhat like dumplings. It is often season with cumin seeds, oil, butter, spices or coriander. Also there are various types of Lochos available like the Garlic Locho, Butter Locho etc.


17. Undhiyu

This is a traditional Gujarati dish and is very famous amongst the locals there. It is basically a vegetable curry and is very healthy and provides nourishment to the body. It is made with a melange of vegetables like brinjal, potatoes, surti papdi and other ingredients salt, oil, methi and bananas at times. Also this particular dish is served in earthen pots in the traditional setting.


18 Bardoli Ki Khichdi

This is a very famous dish in Gujarat and all over India. It is that Gujarati delight which one should not miss if they are visiting Gujarat. It is prepared with rice tossed in with dal, potatoes, peas and other vegetables as well. The most important and unique ingredient in this is that raw mangoes are used to enhance its flavour giving it a tangy flavour.


19 Thepla

It is popularly known as thepla in Gujarat otherwise it is basically fine Indian bread which is kneaded together with many spices and ingredients. Whole wheat flour is kneaded with chillies, herbs, coriander and a dash of sugar in it. The sugar highlights the taste of the dish giving it a very different yet likable taste.

20 Dabeli

This particular dish is eaten by the locals on certain occasions. It is basically a dish wherein spicy and salty namkeen mixture is stuffed in bread which is also called pav and then it is either roasted or grilled. This dish is extremely spicy because of the mixture so people who cannot stand chillies, they should stay away from this dish.

dabeliThese were the top 20 dishes or namkeens which you should surely try out while visiting Gujarat as all of them though spicy are amazing in taste. Also the plus point is that they are cheap and will be easy in your pocket.