Top 20 Pizza Places In Cochin


1. Roma

Roma is one of the best Italian restaurants in Cochin. Pizzas and Steaks are famous serves of the place served with a good collection of wine. One may feel the menu to be quite simple but with different flavors. This place is part of the Holiday Inn.


2. Pizzeria

This place is ideal for quick bites like pizzas and Italian cuisines. Even Indian flavors are worth a trying here with this crust appearance at a low budget price and you may also find it quiet place with nice ambiance and decor.


3. Lulu International Mall Food Court

Lulu Mall being the largest shopping complexes in India offers you the best pizzas through its food court with much more varieties of fast foods and desserts. It is one of the best places to chill out especially for people after their exhaustive shopping.


4. Domino’s Pizza

The name itself justifies on pizzas of this place. This place is a sole stop for all pizza lovers. It also offers local South Indian dishes and non-vegetarian items like chicken, meat, crabs, lobsters, fish and many other options.


5. Pizza Xpress

A place to chill out with friends or colleagues with quick and reliable service is Pizza Xpress. People prefer this food stop for quick bites in their busy schedule as time is observed as a crucial factor over here.


6. Mamma Mia Food Court

This food court is one of the first expensive restaurants providing fast service in an elegant style and allowing people to have a memorable dining experience. It offers all kinds of cuisines with International delicacies at cost effective price. The ambiance and interior decor of this place will make you fall in love with it as you enter the place.


7. Sidewalk Cafe

The Sidewalk is a pit stop for all pizza lovers in Cochin, and with an average budget, you can get delightful orders. The specialty of this place is that oven baking pizzas are made up of bricks, unlike other cafes! People also find a nice ambiance and peaceful environment.


8. Itty’s

This restaurant sits on a place of many wonderful restaurants and this being one amongst them when talking about the customer satisfaction with a full tummy. The menu includes ethnic Kerala non-veg dishes and even South Indian dishes.


9. Canosa Pizza

Italian style of Cuisine with handmade pizzas and a part of a restaurant chain serving homemade pizzas is what Canosa Pizza specializes with. It is also famous for many kinds of fusion dishes the place offers. Even being famous for their pizzas, people also their beef burger with Alfredo, Canneloni and Calamari.


10. Favorite Pizza

It is a place where you can get Italian food and all your favorite kinds of pizza with all dishes having a great base! Also, the overall package is quite convincing too.


11. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut provides you the American-Italian Cuisines. It is an International franchise with its origin from The Unites States. They even serve salads, pasta, and breadsticks. The location in Lulu Mall gives an edge as it is quite accessible for all who comes for shopping and also has fame for serving tasty and delicious pizzas.


12. Pizza Italia

This place is an Italian cuisine restaurant, which is designed as a Cafe in Kochi suitable for breakfast and home delivery with an affordable budget. People love the pizzas, calamari, prawns and that one thing everyone recommends is the Pizza with tuna.


13. Papa Milano

Papa Milano is a crowded place for some, their quick and reliable service which does not make you wait no matter how much rush is there. The place also has affordable prices in comparison with the neighborhood places offering some good pasta and soups too.


14. SFC Plus

It is an International food chain serving you various kinds of Cuisines originating from many countries and also famous for the fabulous pizzas and pasta with friendly service and pleasant atmosphere.


15. Cake Hut

Cake Hut serves you wide variety of pizzas and cakes in all shapes and flavors. The specialty of this place is that they prepare cakes with regard to all kind of occasion in a satisfactory manner. It is the place for birthday parties with pizzas as additional ones.


16. Fort House Restaurant

Aside the sea location has an added advantage of this place, where you can have a nice dining experience with the sound of the waves hitting the stones and the sea breeze giving you a chilling and shared experience. Prawns are preferred for the starters. One can even have the privilege of having a candle light dinner here with your loved one.


17. Mary Kitchen

This place gives an essence of a homely place with all homemade dishes and the waiters offering you a kind service and not treating you like a stranger at all and hence suitable for all families. It sits on a rooftop surrounded by trees and suitable for all nature lovers while having food in peace.


18. Pizza Max

This Pizza joint in Thekkady catches everyone’s eye and is only in this region to serve Italian pizzas and even fried chicken. We recommend you to not make an impression before you try this place. A free Wi-Fi facility over here could be an added advantage in this trending Smartphone generation. Here the staff is very co-operative offering you American fast foods like nuggets and mouth-watering pizzas.


19. Golden Dragon

It is a casual dining spot offering Chinese food at reasonable prices with their consistent taste. The ambiance is appealing with an antique look of decor and furniture. Even you’ll find their service to be quick and appealing to all the customers.


20. Primate Raw Food Restaurant

Here you have the freedom of enjoying their specialties with an exotic look of interior decoration and nature oriented seating. Their concept is raw food and has varieties coming our way like pizzas or biryanis uncooked and raw. To your surprise, the food tastes delicious and also has a justification of their approach.