Top 20 Places Where Biryani Lovers Should Go In Kochi


Someone has rightly said that “You can’t buy happiness with money, but you can buy Biryani because that’s exactly the same thing. ’’ Biryani is probably one of the food which almost everyone on Earth likes. So, this article is for all the Biryani lovers out there in Cochin.

1. Pandari’s Biryani

One of the best Beef Biryani in Cochin is served here in Pandari’s. They use the long rice grains to prepare their biryani which makes their biryani different from the rest. There are 2 outlets of Pandari’s in Cochin. The prices are low and, a crazy biryani lover will love the food here.

Address:  1. Food court, Central Square Mall, Rajaji Junction, MG Road, Kochi

2. Near Hotel Regency, Kakkanad, Kochi


2. Kayees Biryani

If you want the Best Mutton Biryani in Kochi, then you should go to Kayees. They are famous for using saturated vegetable fat in their biryani which makes their biryani one of the tastiest biryani here. They have two outlets.  The price is less and affordable. If you love Mutton then bud, this is your place.

Address: 1. Durbar Hall Road, Near Ernakulam Temple, Pallimukku, Kochi

2. Rahamathulla Hotel, Mattancherry, Kochi


3. Al Reem

Want to have Kuzhi Mandhi? Then this place is worth giving a shot. ‘Kuzhi Mandhi’ is an Arabic Biryani in which they chicken is baked in a pit without using any oil and much spices.  In Al Reem, they serve this type of Biryani with garlic –mayo paste which makes it very tasty. They have two outlets. The price is reasonable. So all Kuzhi Mandhi, do visit this place.

Address 1. Hotel Al Reem Kottayi Road, Nedumbaserry, Kochi

2. Mahakavi Vailopilli Road, DD Village, Thammanam,   Vytilla, Kochi


4.  Jeff Biryani

Jeff Biryani gives you one of the most mouth-watering Buhari Biryani in Kerala. This is the reason why they give a different biryani experience. The thick gravy and the long grains make it tasty. The price is not too high. If you want to try buhari biryani, then this is the right place.

Address: B.O.T Thoumpady, Kochi


5. Haji Ebrahim Restaurant

You’ll find mouth-watering Shawarma Biryani at this place. The aromatic taste of the hot chicken makes it amazingly delicious. The price is affordable. So, whenever you want to eat Shawarma jump into this place.

Address: Edapally, Kochi


6. Barbeque Nation

Want to burst yourself with food, then Barbeque Nation is your destination. It is the best hotel in this city where every food tastes delicious.  No doubt, the biryani here is just yummy. The ambience of this place also attracts the people and the Biryani obviously does. Even though the price is high, it is worth spending.

Address: 6th Floor,Imperial Trade Centre, MG Road, Kachirepady, Kochi


7. De Cafe Canopy

The place is very small but still the cafe is always crowded, and the reason behind it is that they make  great Biryani at a very affordable price.  This is the ideal place for a person who wants to eat biryani, at a very affordable price.

Address: NH Bypass, Pulinchodde junction, Aluva, Kochi


8. Paragon

If you are not in Kozhikode and you still feel like eating the Kozhikode Biryani, then welcome to this place. Their biryani is famous because of their authentic way of preparation of the biryani. The restaurant is located in LuLu Mall. The place is very spacious with a very excellent staff but a bit  igh in price. So hit this place whenever you want to eat ’” The Kozhikode Biryani.”

Address: F 82- 83, Level 1, LuLu Mall, NH – 17, Entrance Road, Edapally, Kochi


9. Sethi Da Dhaba

One of the best Punjabi Biryani is served here in this place. The spices, ghee, and butter in the biryani make it luscious. The ambience makes us feel that we are in Punjab. The price is a bit high. If you want to eat Punjabi Biryani, then definitely it’s your place.

Address: 61, Subash Chandra Bose Road, Jawahar Nagar, Kadavanthara, Kochi


10. Slice of Spice

It is one of the best places where we can get Biryani with excellent chicken. The chicken in this place is said to be very juicy which makes it taste amazing. They have about four outlets with the price being not so high. If you want to bless your taste buds with the juiciest chicken biryani, you should surely visit this place.

Address: 1. Market Road, Opposite Saritha Savitha Theatre, Kacheripady, Kochi

2. Gazebo Building, Info Park Expressway, Rajagiri Valley, Kakkanad, Kochi

3. 659, Bridge Road, Periyar Nagar, Aluva, Kochi

4. Pallithazam, North Paravoor, Vypin, Kochi


11. Dhe Puttu

Come to this place to taste the most amazing and unique dish they make “The Puttu Biryani” which is yummy.  They have only one outlet which is usually flooded with people because of their divergent Biryani. If you are a person who likes trying new and unique things, then you should surely visit this place.

Address:  NH Bypass, Edapally, Kochi


12. Ceylon Bake House

With almost six outlets in this city, Ceylon serves one of the best Chicken, Mutton, and Beef Biryani. They are famous for their ambience and their mouth-watering biryani which has an affordable price. With small rice grains and fewer spices, the biryani is prepared. So whenever you want encounter the best Biryani, you must come here.

Address:  1. Near Guest House, Broadway, Marine Drive, Kochi

2. SRV high School Cross, Ernakulam, Kochi

3. Pallimukku, Kochi

4. Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Elamkulam, Kochi

5. NH Bypass Road, Vytilla, Kochi

6. Civil Lane Road, Padivattom, Kakkanad, Kochi


13. The Rice Boat – Taj Malabar Resort & Spa

They have amazing dishes which include Biryani with Fish Biryani being on top of the list. The beautiful ambience and the great taste of the aromatic Fish Biryani will make your day if you go there. Though, the price is very high but it is a must try. So oblige yourself by trying the biryani of this extremely alluring place.

Address: Taj Malabar Resort & Spa, Willington Island, Kochi


14. Aangan – Downtown Multicuisine Restaurant

The most famous dishes which people try when they come to this place is chicken biryani. They serve biryani on a Banana leaf which keeps it hot and fresh for a longtime. The price is high, but the biryani tastes good, because of which people prefer to come here. If you come here, then your expectations for a delicious biryani will surely not break.

Address: 32/1180C, Civil Lane Road, Palarivattom, Kochi


15. Cafe Dubai

It offers one of the tastiest biryani served with superb pickle and impassable salad. Cafe Dubai serves Arabic Biryani which is not so common everywhere. The ambience is not so great, but the taste of the biryani gets people here. The price is low and they have only one outlet.

Address:  Kaloor – Kadavanthara Road, Kaloor, Kochi


16. Gokul Oottupura

All the vegetarians who are craving to have biryani can come here enlivened and enjoy the taste of the Veg Biryani of Gokul Ottupura. It is purely a Vegetarian Restaurant and is famous for its biryani. The price is a little high. They have four outlets. The biryani prepared with ghee makes it gratifying. So all the herbivores, give this place a shot.

Address:  1. Opposite Ernakulathappan Temple, North Gate, KT Koshi Avenue, Marine Drive, Kochi

2. Near Akshya Hospital, Kadvanthara, Kochi

3. Itty’s, Main Avenue, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi

4. 34/550, NH-47 Bypass, Padivattom,  Kakkanad, Kochi


17. The Thai Pavilion – Taj Malabar Resort & Spa

Biryani lovers can hit this place if they want great ambience and great taste altogether. The restaurant is known for its Biryani which is prepared using the finest spices. They have only one outlet, and the price is a bit high. So whenever you visit the Willington Island, don’t forget to give this place a try.

Address: Taj Malabar Resort & Spa, Willington Island, Kochi


18. Arippa

If you want to try finger licking Fish Biryani then Thai Pavilion is the place you need to hit. The fish biryani is served with a slice of Neymeen with spicy rice. This place serves the tastiest biryani in Kochi at a low price. They have only one outlet with not so great ambience, but this place is always buzzing with people because of the amazing biryani.

Address: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Jos Junction, Pallimukku, Kochi


19. Lagoona by The Dunes Cochin

It is said to be the hidden treasure in MG Road. This place serves all kinds of Biryani which tastes good but it is known more for the ambience as they play delightful music for its customers. They have excellent Biryani but as compared to other restaurants it is not so good. The price is low, and they have only one outlet.

Address: Hotel Pearl Dunes, Doraiswami Iyer Road, MG Road, Kochi


20. Zaatar Arabic Restaurant

Zaatar has been everyone’s first choice when it comes to Arabic Biryani. The most famous biryani here is chicken biryani which is toothsome. They serve the Biryani with a tangy savoury chutney, and salad and they make the biryani in ghee which makes it delectable.

Address:  HB – 17 Main Avenue, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi